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Hearing you guys are at least looking at the project, is AWESOME! Now, if we could get James some Oompa-Loompas to help out on his work load...or at least make him food and feed him, so we can eliminate that pesky lunch break in his work day.

Seeing how the Pathfinder Kids Track at Gen Con has grown over the last 4 years (which has been absolutely awesome to watch!!!!), I think this product would really help families (parents DMing for their Children...I personally know 6 families who do this, including my own).

Think of the children! Tee hee

The Beginner Box is such an amazing product (the other game system BB's I've picked up are terrible compared to Pathfinder's BB), I'd love to see another product building on it following a similar product design. Here's to hoping for it to see the light of day.

I would LOVE this product and buy it in a heartbeat! My daughter and I have been Beginner Box pushers in the worst way. 1 for ourselves, 2 for her high school game club, another 2 for 2 different family friends of ours.

All this because in 2013, we played in the Pathfinder Society Kids Track at Gen Con. Since the 5 of our group did that, we've grown our Gen Con Group to 16 and all of them played multiple Pathfinder events at the 2016 Gen Con. 3 of those 16 had never done Pathfinder before and ended up buying books at least 1 Beginner Box and one of them is planning on starting a local Group and going to GM.

I know if the business side numbers don't work, they don't work. However, the interest in this (as seen by how long this thread has been alive) is definitely there. I know pretty much for every BB my little group has picked up there would be a corresponding Sandpoint Box sale.

So what do you say? Any chance it'd get on the schedule? Event at a price point of $40 or $50, I'd pick it up without thinking twice.

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Well just so you know Katana ("A fashionably late 5"), Rowan (the psychotic trap making kobold...don't do trust falls with her) and Libby (the one who tossed me into the sewer're still on my list for that one!) have been working on something special just for you. Muahahahahahaha. Errr...I mean, hopefully we'll be able to get it to you this summer.

Thanks again for having such a positive and lasting impact on my daughter. It's been a lot of fun to see what has come from our encounter last year.