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This seems to indicate that the powers that be, answered this question in the negative. HOWEVER, Based on Original Intent, it actually looks as though, ALL Monk Weapons that are capable of being used with a FoB's, they should be proficient with. Why? Because, unlike EVERY other base class in the Core rule book, the Monk is not proficient with a set class of weapons or more, such as simple, or Martial. Instead they have a very specific set of weapons that they are proficient with. EVERY ONE of the weapons that they are proficient with, can be utilized with Flurry of Blows. That being the case, it seems to suggest that IF a weapon can be used with Flurry of Blows, that it belongs to a special 'Monk class' of weapons, and since EVERY Monk class of weapon in the Core book they are proficient with, it seems to indicate that the two ideas (proficient and use with FoB's) are one and the same. I would guess, that the FAQ was written after the fact, by different writers than the ones that wrote the original game, and so in any home game, I would run it that way.