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Noble-Born Assasin (FP1/2; W11/11)

About Allrianne

Allrianne Constantine
Noble Born Assassin

WS 42 (32)**
BS 35
S 38
T 32
Ag 41 (31)**
Int 34
Per 38 (28)**
WP 22
Fel 44

Wounds: 11
Fate: 2

Insanity: 2

Acrobatics (Ag)
Awareness (Per)
Chem-use (Int)
Ciphers (underworld) (Int)
Climb (S)
Common Lore (Underworld) (Int)
Concealment (Ag)
Contortionist (Ag)
Deceive (Fel) +10
Disguise (Fel)
Dodge (Ag) +10
Forbidden Lore (Cults)
Inquiry (Fel) +10
Interrogation (WP)
Literacy (Int)
Medicae (int)
Pilot (Civilian) (Ag)
Scholastic Lore (Chymistry) (Int)
Security (Ag)
Shadowing (Ag)
Silent Move (Ag)
Sleight of Hand (Ag)
Speak Language (High Gothic)
*Speak Language (Low Gothic)

Etiquette: +1 Charm, Deceive & Scrutiny when dealing with high authority or formal situations.
Supremely Connected: Peer Nobility talent + Peer Underworld
Vendetta: TBC: Powerful Enemy, another noble family?
Wealth: Double starting cash, Noble for income purposes.

Melee Weapon Training (Primitive; Power)
Thrown Weapon Training (Primitive)
Basic Weapon Training (SP)
Pistol Training (SP)

Catfall: Agility test when falling, each degree reduce distance by Ag bonus (4m)
Heightened Senses (Sight, Hearing): +10 on Tests involving this sense
Leap Up: Stand up as a free action
Peer Nobility: +10 Fellowship dealing with Nobility
Peer Underworld: +10 Fellowship dealing with Underworld.
Rapid Reaction: Act normally when Surprised or ambushed with a successful Ag roll
Swift Attack: As a full attack action may make 2 melee attacks on your turn.
Unremarkable: Attempts to notice me in a crowd or describe me in detail suffer -20penalty.

Starting Gear: Hunting rifle and 16 rounds, sword, knife, 10 throwing knives, 3 doses of stimm, charm (corpse hair), black bodyglove (Common Quality Clothing).

Synskin (2500) - 2AP; +10 concealment/silent move invisible to infra-goggles/dark-sight
Power Blade (1750) - 1d10+3E; 6 Pen; Power Field
Multi-Key (150) +30 Security tests to open locks

3 doses: Powdered Maidensfoil (200ea) (1d5hours onset, T or stunned for d10 mins or unconscious for d5 hours if fail by 3+ degrees)
3 doses: Tox-Jack (50ea) (instant onset, T-10 or suffer 1d10dmg, ignoring T & A)

Thrones: 1450

1.62m 57kg, Dark Skin and Hair. 32 years old.

Allrianne grew up among the gilded nobility, wanting for nothing, her family had little to do with her, she was the fourth child and third daughter, so she was left in care of the Governess and an array of servants.

As an unlikely heir she was allowed to pursue what she would like, as long as it did not shame House Constantine, initially she revelled in this, and pursued the combat arts, but over time she grew bored of such simple activity so redirected her abilities. If she would have no power over her family, perhaps she could aid them from the shadows. Thus her career as an Assasin was born. She trained in the silent kill, the art of disguise, learned poisoncraft and chem-use, and she still continued to learn how to fit into noble society, better to learn who to target.

Her masters took her for field trips down to the Underhive and she hunted and killed the scum and the creatures there that could barely be called men. She toyed with the servants, setting them up and testing the various poisons and mind-altering toxins, learning the reactions... and how to dispose of the occaisional body from a misjudged dose.

This all changed. Vangelia, her elder sister had been dabbling in darker forces, and one fateful night she dove to far into forces she didn't quite comprehend. If Allrianne thought the men of the underhive were barely human the creature that her sister was when she tried to kill her was a league apart, wearing her sister's body like a glove it moved quicker and more powerfully than anything she had faced. Allrianne barely managed to survive the encounter, and would be dead if not for the arrival of Inquisitor Marr.

Inquisitor Marr issued his sanctions to the family - warning them that they would be watched for further corruption, and their line purged and title stripped should any more consort with with Daemons be uncovered.

As to Allrianne, Marr was impressed at how long she had held out, against her possessed sister, he sponsored her indoctrination into the Ordos Sicarius. After a year of refining her skills and intense tutalage up she re-enters service in the Inquisitors name.

Notes- Advances:

Sell-Steel (0-499) (500)
Inquiry (100)
Catfall (100)
Heightened Senses (Sight) (100)
Pilot (Civilian Craft) (100)
WS advance (100)

Shadesman (500-999) (1000)
Security (100)
Heightened Senses (Hearing) (100)
Common Lore (Underworld) (100)
Acrobatics (100)
Ag advance (100)

Nighthawk (1000-1999) (2000)
Chem Use (100)
CIphers (underworld) (100)
Silent Move (100)
Climb (100)
Dodge +10 (100)
WS advance (250)
Per advance (250)

[Ordo Sicarius Initiate] Secluse (2000-2999) (3050)
Deceive (100)
Deceive +10 (100)
Disguise (100)
Shadowing (100)
Forbidden Lore (Cults) (100)
Concealment (100)
Ag Advance (250)
Swift Attack (200)

Assassin (3000-5999) (4400)
Contortionist (100)
Leap Up (100)
Inquiry +10 (100)
Melee Weapon Training (power) (100)
Perception Advance (250)
Rapid Reaction (100) Act normally on Ag test when surprised or ambushed.
Medicae (200)
Sleight of Hand (200)
Scholastic Lore (Chymistry) (200)