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HP 48/48 I AC 19 I F +9 (T) R +9 (T) W +8 (T) I Perception +8 (T)


Male Elf (Woodland) Ranger (Precision) 6 I HP 72/72 I AC 23 I F: +11 (E) R: +14 (E) W: +12 (E) I Perception +12 (E), Low-light vision I Speed 35 ft I Conditions: Trackless Step

About Allandír Dinúvriel

Allandír Pelanor Wyvaron Beltirion Dinúvriel


Beltirion Dinuvriel (as his immediate family know him) was born some 50 or so winters ago in Kyonin. As a child heading into adolescence, he adopted the name Wyvaron - partly in homage to the many drakes and dracoform creatures that inhabited the local woodlands, partly out of youthful bravado - although the recollection of ever having chosen that name makes him wince, now.

On leaving Kyonin to spend some time in the world, he adopted the name Pelanor; and that is the name by which he is known by those who fought alongside him in the Goblinblood Wars. Although the wars (really little more than an almost endless series of protracted skirmishes) lasted less than half a decade, a life of near-constant battle took its toll. After all, it is difficult to rest when fighting enemies who can see perfectly in the dark.

On settling in Breachill, he adopted the name Allandír, and that is how he has been known for almost twenty years now. A peaceful woodcarver, both of utilitarian planks and beams as well as more decorative pieces, he has whiled away the time quite happily, despite not originally intending to stay for very long. His old set of leather armour and his longbow have been stowed away, gathering dust; until perhaps six months ago, when he took them out of storage for their usual regular maintenance - and didn't put them away again.

Instead, they stayed out, in plain sight, evidently on his mind... but it is only in the last week that he has decided to attend the next session of the Call for Heroes.


The stories tell of elves: tall, dark and elegantly handsome. Allandír is two for three: lean and rangy, with hair the colour of inky shadow; but his skin is sallow, despite having spent much of his life outdoors - and his face has never fully recovered from the injuries he suffered in the Goblinblood Wars. The crookedly-broken nose and the uneven, shattered teeth are what most people immediately notice.

Allandír doesn't mind. Softly-spoken almost to the point of monastic silence, he was always more at home surrounded by woodland rather than people - and even after almost 20 years in a small town there are maybe three or four people he knows to talk to, beyond the usual customers in his woodwork shop. Whether you want the curved pieces to make a barrel, elegantly carved beams to build a house, or something decorative to please a friend or sweetheart, Allandír is your elf. He also crafts bows, although he hasn't done so in years: few around here have the time or patience to master the bow. Also, once you have a bow, you rarely need another one. At some point, Allandír intends to find a vintage piece of yew and craft himself a proper longbow with true propulsive power, but so far he hasn't. After all, he has considerably more tomorrows still to come. Urgency is hard to come by.

Not especially religious, Allandír nevertheless has time for Shelyn, Desna and Calistria, roughly in that order. He appreciates peace and art and beauty; his own carved pieces of art are pleasingly abstract, full of curves and spirals that follow the grain of the wood and bring out its natural wonder. He rarely carves from life, even if requested: the texture of fur, the curve of a bird's wing, are beauty incarnate, poetry in motion - how can you set that down in wood?

Desna is the goddess he calls upon during his wanderings, and Calistria - ah, he hasn't had need of the goddess of vengeance in over a decade. But she is ever there, ready to call on. Allandír's soft speech and good nature hide a relentless focus; and woe betide any who fall on the wrong side of his temperament.

Male Elf (Woodland) Ranger (Precision) 6

Local Scion (Dex, Con), Crafting, Specialty Crafting, Lore (Breachill)

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Deity: Pantheon (Desna, Shelyn, Calistria)

Languages: Common, Draconic, Elven, Goblin


Speed: 35 feet

Str 16 (+3); Dex 19 (+4); Con 12 (+1); Int 14 (+2); Wis 14 (+2); Cha 10

Class DC: 22

Perception: 12 (Expert)


Hit Points: 72 (6 Ancestry + 60 Class + 6 Con)
AC: 23 (10+ 4 Dex/Cap + 8 Trained + 1 Item)

Saving Throws

Fortitude 11 (1 Con + 10 Expert + 0 Item)
Reflex 14 (4 Dex + 10 Expert + 0 Item)
Will 12 (2 Wis + 10 Expert + 0 Item)


Melee Strikes

Longsword +13 (3 Str, 10 Expert, 0 Item)
Damage d8+3 S (3 Str, 0 Specialisation, Other)
Weapon Traits: Versatile P

Dagger +14 (4 Dex, 10 Expert, 0 Item)
Damage d4+3 P (3 Str, 0 Specialisation, 0 Other)
Weapon Traits: Agile, Finesse, Thrown 10 ft, Versatile S

Ranged Strikes

+1 Composite Longbow +15 (4 Dex, 10 Expert, 1 Item)
Damage 2d8+3 P (3 Str, Striking)
Weapon Traits: Deadly d10, Volley 30 ft, Range Increment 100 ft


Acrobatics 12 (4 Dex, 8 Trained)
Athletics 11 (3 Str, 8 Trained)
Crafting: artistry 10 (2 Int, 8 Trained)
Crafting: woodwork 10 (2 Int, 8 Trained)
Lore: Breachill 10 (2 Int, 8 Trained)
Lore: Elves 10 (2 Int, 8 Trained)
Medicine 10 (2 Wis, 8 Trained)
Nature 12 (2 Wis, 10 Expert)
Stealth 12 (4 Dex, 8 Trained)
Survival 12 (2 Wis, 10 Expert)



Special 1st Low-light vision: You can see in dim light as though it were bright light, and you ignore the concealed condition due to dim light.

Heritage 1st Woodland Elf: You’re adapted to life in the forest or the deep jungle, and you know how to climb trees and use foliage to your advantage. When Climbing trees, vines, and other foliage, you move at half your Speed on a success and at full Speed on a critical success (and you move at full Speed on a success if you have Quick Climb). This doesn’t affect you if you’re using a climb Speed. You can always use the Take Cover action when you are within forest terrain to gain cover, even if you’re not next to an obstacle you can Take Cover behind.

Feat 1st Nimble Elf: Your muscles are tightly honed. Your Speed increases by 5 feet.

Feat 5th Woodcraft: You have a innate familiarity with forested areas. When in a forest or jungle environment, if you roll a critical failure on a Survival skill check to Sense Direction, Subsist, or Cover Tracks, you get a failure instead, and if you roll a success, you get a critical success instead.


Background Specialty Crafting (woodworking): Your training focused on Crafting one particular kind of item. You gain a +1 circumstance bonus to Crafting checks to Craft items of that type. If you are a master in Crafting, this bonus increases to +2.

2nd Level Battle Medicine (2nd): You can patch up yourself or an adjacent ally, even in combat. Attempt a Medicine check with the same DC as for Treat Wounds and provide the corresponding amount of healing. As with Treat Wounds, you can attempt checks against higher DCs if you have the minimum proficiency rank. The target is then temporarily immune to your Battle Medicine for 1 day.

4th Level Natural Medicine: You can apply natural cures to heal your allies. You can use Nature instead of Medicine to Treat Wounds. If you’re in the wilderness, you might have easier access to fresh ingredients, allowing you to gain a +2 circumstance bonus to your check to Treat Wounds using Nature, subject to the GM’s determination.


General 3rd Feather Step: You can Step into difficult terrain.


Feature 1st Hunt Prey: When you focus your attention on a single foe, you become unstoppable in your pursuit. You gain the Hunt Prey action. You designate a single creature as your prey and focus your attacks against that creature. You must be able to see or hear the prey, or you must be tracking the prey during exploration. You gain a +2 circumstance bonus to Perception checks when you Seek your prey and a +2 circumstance bonus to Survival checks when you Track your prey. You also ignore the penalty for making ranged attacks within your second range increment against the prey you’re hunting. You can have only one creature designated as your prey at a time. If you use Hunt Prey against a creature when you already have a creature designated, the prior creature loses the designation and the new prey gains the designation. Your designation lasts until your next daily preparations.

Feature 1st Hunter’s Edge (Precision): You have trained to aim for your prey’s weak points. The first time you hit your hunted prey in a round, you also deal 1d8 additional precision damage. (Precision damage increases the damage you already deal, using the same type, but is ineffective against creatures that lack vital organs or weak points.) At 11th level, the extra damage increases to 2d8 precision damage, and at 19th level, the extra damage increases to 3d8 precision damage.

Feat 1st Hunted Shot: You take two quick shots against the one you hunt. Make two Strikes against your prey with the required weapon. If both hit the same creature, combine their damage for the purpose of resistances and weaknesses. Apply your multiple attack penalty to each Strike normally.

Feat 2nd Animal Companion: You gain the service of a young animal companion that travels with you on your adventures and obeys any simple commands you give it to the best of its abilities. When you Hunt Prey, your animal companion gains the action’s benefits and your hunter’s edge benefit if you have one.

Feat 4th Companion's Cry: You can urge your companion to do its utmost. You can spend 2 actions to Command an Animal instead of 1 when commanding your animal companion. If you do, your animal companion uses an additional action.

Ability 5th Trackless Step: When you move through natural terrains, you are difficult to track. You always gain the benefits of the Cover Tracks action in such terrains, without moving at half your Speed.


Cash 64.45 gp

Bulk 6; 6L (Encumbered 8; Maximum 13)


+1 Striking Longbow



Leather Armour (2 gp, 1)

40 Arrows

Moderate Darkvision Elixir
2 Moderate Alchemist's Fire
2 Moderate Frost vials

Adventurer’s Pack
Explorer’s Clothing
2 additional Waterskins

Artisan’s Tools

Bruynarth, bear companion:

Small Size

Speed: 35 feet

Str +3; Dex +2; Con +2; Int -4; Wis +1; Cha +0

Perception: 8 (Trained)


Hit Points: 48 (8 Ancestry + 30 Class + 10 Con)
AC: 19 (10 + 2 Dex + 7 Trained)

Saving Throws

Fortitude 9 (2 Con + 7 Trained)
Reflex 9 (2 Dex + 7 Trained)
Will 8 (1 Wis + 7 Trained)


Melee Strikes

Jaws +10 (3 Str, 7 Trained)
Damage d8+3 P (3 Str)
Weapon Traits: None

Claw +10 (3 Str, 7 Trained)
Damage d6+3 S (3 Str)
Weapon Traits: Agile


Acrobatics 9 (2 Dex, 7 Trained)
Athletics 10 (3 Str, 7 Trained)
Intimidation 7 (0 Cha, 7 Trained)


Bear Hug: [A] The bear’s last action was a successful claw Strike. The bear makes another claw Strike against the same target. If this Strike hits, the target is also grabbed, as if the bear had successfully Grappled the target.

Support Benefit: Your bear mauls your enemies when you create an opening. Until the start of your next turn, each time you hit a creature in the bear’s reach with a Strike, the creature takes 1d8 slashing damage from the bear. If your bear is nimble or savage, the slashing damage increases to 2d8.