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Male Human Inquisitor 1 | HP 14/14 | AC 19 | T 12 | FF 15 | CMB+3 | CMD 15 | Fort +4 | Ref +2 | Will +4 | Init +4 | Perc +6 | Sense motive +7

About Ali Asaidi

Name Ali Asaidi

Race Human

Classes/Level 1st level inquisitor

Gender Male

Size Medium

Age 30

Alignment Neutral good

Languages Common, Abyssal

Strength 16
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 14
Charisma 13

Hit Points: 14
Init: +4 = +2 (DEX) +2 (WIS)
Speed: 20 ft

Class features, Feats, Traits and Racial Traits:

Sun (light) domain:
Blinding Flash (std act, 20’ radius, if less than hd then blinded for 1d4 rnd if fail fort save, if save dazed for lvl/2 rounds 5 /day)
Judgment (1/day, swift action, until combat ends)
Monster Lore (add WIS mod (2) to identify monster weakness, etc.)
Stern gaze (lvl/2 on intimidate and sense motive)
Cunning initiative (add WIS mod (2) to initiative)
Detect alignment (at will, detect good/evil/chaos/law)
Track (add 1/2 lvl to survival follow tracks)

Judgment Surge

+1 skill point per level
extra feat
+2 on ability

World traveler: +1 on diplomacy and class skill
Touched by divinity: Endure elements(1/day)


Level 0, unlimited, 4 known, DC=12
Create water
Detect Magic
Disrupt undead

Level 1, 3/day, 3 known, DC=13
Cure light wounds
Protection from evil

AC, Saves, Attacks, Damage:

AC: 19 = 10 +5 (scale mail) +1 (heavy shield) +2 (DEX)
Touch: 12 = 10 +2 (DEX)
Flat: 15 = 10 +5 (scale mail)

Fort: +4 = +2 (base) +2 (CON)
Ref: +2 = +0 (base) +2 (DEX)
Will: +4 = +2 (base) +2 (WIS)

Melee (scimitar): +3 = +0 (base) +3 (STR)
Melee Damage (scimitar): 1d6+3, 18-20, x2

Ranged (dagger): +2 = +0 (base) +2 (DEX)
Ranged damage (dagger): 1d4+3, 19-20, x2, 10'

CMB: +3 = +0 (base) +3 (STR)
CMD: 15 = 10 +3 (base) +2 (DEX)


Skills (only those with ranks or special shown)
Diplomacy +6 = 1r +1 trait +1 (cha) +3 (class)
Disguise +5 = 1r +1 (cha) +3 (class)
Intimidate +6 = 1r +1 (class ability) +1 (cha) +3 (class)
K.planes +5 = 1r +3 (class) +1 (int)
K.religion +5 = 1r +3 (class) +1 (int)
Perception +6 = 1r +3 (class) +2 (wis)
Sense motive +7 = 1r +3 (class) +2 (wis) +1 (class abil)
Survival +6 = 1r +3 (class) +2 (wis)


scale mail
heavy shield
dagger x3
Sarenrae holy symbol
normal adventuring stuff

Ali pic

Appearance, Background, Personality, and NPCs/Hooks:


A native from the southern deserts, it’s clear that Ali is a foreigner in the Worldwound. He is an imposing figure, standing almost 6 feet tall, with thick, corded forearms. His tanned skin makes him stand out and his attire does nothing to blend him in the crowd. Ali likes to wear bright yellows and oranges in his armor and clothing. His short, dark hair is hidden underneath a turban and metal cap. The inquisitor wears scale mail and his round shield and scimitar are close by and ready for use. Ali’s attire rarely changes, even in the northern winters. The man seems comfortable no matter what the temperature, something he attributes to his Goddess.


Lazy summers in the Oasis Estate. Tutors and servants for every whim. Young ladies eager to please him. Young men trying hard to be his friend. That was growing up for young Ali, the only son and heir of the Asaidi Merchant House in Katheer, Jewel City of Qadira.
His father, too busy trying to forge a lasting Merchant Empire, failed to see the vices in young Ali, failed to see his dependency on hard drink and opiates and failed to see his disdain for those ‘beneath’ him. And so it was that Ali’s father could only stare with an open mouth when a drunk Ali gave mortal offense to the visiting Satrap, Xerbystes II. It took all his father’s influence and good part of his fortune to spare young Ali’s head from being served on a platter to the Satrap right there and then.
Instead, he was exiled to the deep desert and told not to return on pain of death. His first couple of days in the desert are still a blur to him and even today, Ali is not quite sure how he survived. He was soon caught up by a band of slavers. Not knowing what else to do, Ali pleaded for his freedom, renounced his past sins, and begged for a second chance. The slavers laughed and told him that only the Dawnflower redeemed people; they were in the business of selling people. As the whip came up and Ali screamed, a flash of white light engulfed the scene. The slavers fell to their knees and clutched their eyes. At Ali’s questions, all they did was point west towards the open desert.
Ali, now bathed in a nourishing light, headed deeper into the desert. Guided by the sun, a couple of days later Ali was before a white-washed monastery dedicated to the Dawnflower. He was quickly ushered inside and spent the next couple of years learning about the passion that had woken in his heart. It was there that it was explained to him how he was redeemed. It was there that the love for the Dawnflower flourished. It was there that he would find a way to pay her back. Ali spent the next couple of year deep in the desert of Qadira; he came out a much different man than the foolish youth that shamed his family.
His training was not easy. Ali always admired the dervishes, their subtle moves and deadly fighting skills. He trained hard, practiced every day but his thick body just lacked the subtlety needed to twirl and jump with any sort of grace. After a couple of months, it was clear that he would grow up to be a thick, muscled brute.
His lack of finesse also showed in his healing touch. Where most in his order would provide healing that soothed, Ali’s hands left scars after an intense but thankfully brief pain. The scars resembled burn marks and Ali was certain that it was a sign of his Goddess.
The lack dancing skills and healing touch didn’t deter Ali who continued to practice and pray, asking for a way to serve his Goddess.
Then one day at dawn a vision came to him. It told him to head north and bring the searing light of Sarenrae to the darkness that threatened to engulf the entire world. It was then that the young man headed north and soon found himself in Kenabres.

NOTE: I’m not sure how long we can assume that the PCs have been in Kenabres. If long, then I’ll write something about Ali’s time so far and the contacts (NPCs) he’s already met.


Ali is a serious man and speaks with a heavy accent. He speaks slowly and often pauses between sentences as if he took his time to think before he spoke. The inquisitor has a piercing gaze and he looks like he’s trying to see inside your soul. Most people tend to look away or become visibly nervous when under his scrutiny.
All his serious demeanor seems to get to him every once in a while as he bursts out laughing for no apparent reason. He is a man that had all the riches but did not appreciate them. He now notices and cherishes beauty and goodness in small things, whenever he finds them.
Like all of his order, he carries the Dawnflower’s holy book “The Birth of Light and Truth”, with a few extra blank pages which he hopes to fill in with the time he spends in the Worlwound.
He still remembers the shame he brought upon his family by losing himself in vice so he has sworn never to lose control again and is very wary around those that still partake in vices and haven’t learned this costly lesson.
He strongly believes in second chances given his own experience and the Dawnflower’s teaching so he is much more interested in bringing light to misguided and/or ignorant people than to just kill them. However, his travels have also taught him to be careful so he remains vigilant, albeit with hope in his heart for redemption.
Ali’s happiest when under an open sky and a shining sun. He often stares at the sun far longer than recommended and swears to see words when he finally closes his eyes. He swears this is the Dawnflower’s way of talking to him.
He has never given up on dancing and can be seen practicing at dawn and when no one seems to be looking at him.


a) Ali has never gone back to his family, who assume that he died in the desert. Perhaps Ali’s sister Seraphine, a dancing dervish, has gone to the Worldwound to give her sword to the cause.
b) Some in Xerbystes II entourage were not happy with the ‘banishment’ and wanted Ali’s head. The satrap’s headstrong ministry.
c) Ali made the last part of his trip escorting a small trader family. He became fond of the man’s children, whom he regaled with tales of the desert.
d) Someone saw Ali dancing in the cold mornings with little more than robes and suspect possession. His foreign looks/manners/speech don’t help him either.
e) I’ll add other NPCs/hooks if Ali has been in Kenabres for any length of time (see last part of Background above).