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Great news! I like to see Paizo stuff is getting best people there... Waiting for more cool stuff ...always

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I'd like to see more:

1) Scenarios oriented to social/skill characters (Dissapeared, Library of the Lion, Throaty). My players sometimes are too cautious, sometimes too lawful and they tend to search for fight-less solution in many cases. Everytime, I can support that, I do.

2) Scenarios that gives benefit for mounted characters and allow to shine in 3d. There are scenarios, that are focus on tight group and close quarter fights. I'd like to see scenarios, where paladin & cavalier might use their mount, bows win over crossbow because of range increment and other rare stuff.

3) I'd like to see a specific scenario, which can be played only by low-level dead character. In developing area, it takes time to fully upgrade a character to point it can be raised dead. Having some "Unrested agent" which completes a secret mission in Boneyards of Pharasma (or small garden of other gods) to help his living friends would be totally awesome. Upon completion of such mission, character might become a guardian angel and keep on waiting for more "Unearthed" scenarios.

More interparty drama, please. I liked personal faction goals because they made characters care of getting prestige point for completing them. I'd like to see more faction mission, that actually demand characters to forge an alliance: The Exchange character's has objective to acquire item for Dark Archive character for research. But, item has evil nature and Silver Crusade is willing for item to be destroyed. And then, it is possible for them to arrange that item is researched and documented by DA agent.

As about Golarion regions, I think Ustalav, Rahadoum, Nirmathas, Molthune and more Varisian missions would be great.

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Hmm wrote:

How do you get involved with playtests? Do you have to have GM credit, or is this something anyone can do?


You just "sign up" by downloading book, creating a character and playing it. You may use your GM credit to create character above 1st level and try more complex features. Remember to report your experience in Playtest Thread.

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Looking for a chance to grandfather my Occultist. Have already very interesting background for him, some ideas on how it may look like. Still struggling between human and elf. Extra feat/skill always handy, but +1 AC sometimes worth extra 3hp.

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@FranKc, yes, I'm planning to attend Ropecon in May, 2015.
Hopefully, I get approval to catch all of it, otherwise I will travel only for Saturday and Sunday.

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Ok, this is my second chance to do a first impression.

I've been involved in Pathfinder Society for more than 4 years now. I've played previously, started GM privately last year and earlier this summer, I started organizing open games in the area. Now I have other guys, who are ready to become GMs and I want to advance more and bring more people into hobby I like.

We have Facebook group setup for our internal communication, event coordination and sharing different sources.

I plan participating local convention and bring more GMs, than just myself in 2015. As well, I'll be visiting my local PFS mecca - Ropecon to catch up with great guys there.

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Congratulations, Matt!

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Hello, everyone!

Thanks Mike for your trust and I will work hard to justify that.