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Current Campaigns

Ambitious Hearts: Tales from the Forgotten Realms

The Avalon Chronicles

This is a high level rules light game set in a school for magical kids, kinda a mash-up of Soul Eater, Harry Potter, and X-Men. :)

The Fourth Crusade

The Fourth Crusade is a high-level adventure tied to the Worldwound and Mendev in the Golarion setting.

The Harbingers

Based in Golarion, players will take on the role of Azlanti pure bloods who are part of an orginization known as The Harbingers. They set off attempting to rewrite history and bring forth the Age of Glory.

Guardians of the Moonwhisper Heir (inactive)

The Baron Maximillian Moonwhisper's Neice has lived through a cursed birth, and because of her shadow tainted curse, cultists of Lamashtu desire to sacrifice the young girl and spread madness over Golarion.