Akari Sayuri "Tiger Lily"'s page

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Full Name

Akari Sayuri ("Tiger Lily")




Crossblooded Sorcerer 10




4' 7"



Special Abilities

Realistic Likeness (+Sleeves of Many Garments = Doppleganger Light)






Absolom (Formerly Goka)


Common, Tien, Celestial, Sylvan... and a few others


Pathfinder Diplomat, Trader, Wanna-be Aristocrat

Strength 5
Dexterity 12
Constitution 12
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 10
Charisma 30

About Akari Sayuri "Tiger Lily"

A short, slim Tian-Min woman with a light complexion and long white hair, Lily is leaning forward on the armrest of an expensive reclining couch, her chin resting on her folded hands and a wry grin on her face. She is dressed exquisitely, a orange-black tiger lily flower tucked into her hair above her left ear; she is adorned in gold and gems, wearing a yellow dress with black trim crafted of the finest silks that leaves her right arm and leg completely exposed. Her bare shoulder reveals a black tattoo that seems to be of vaguely magical script, although not in a language anyone has ever recognized.

Hi! I'm Akari Sayuri, and for those of you who aren't from Tian Xia, remember, we give our family name first, and our given name second. Although really, outside of formal negotiations, people just call me Lily or Tiger Lily - means the same thing, and they don't butcher the accent that way! I come from a clan of merchants in Goka, and after a... falling out... with the rest of the family, I found myself in Absalom, starting my own merchant company, The Ninth Secret Trading Company, running caravans out of Absalom.

Of course I just handle the negotiations and the money, I got into this industry precisely so that I didn't have to do extra physical labor, so it leaves plenty of free time, and as much as I enjoy wasting away the days sipping wine and watching the bards perform at the Ivy District playhouses, visiting the Starstone Cathedral, or performing my daily devotions at the Calistrian temple, I have magic in my blood, and I joined the Pathfinders as an outlet for that. Not the biggest fan of having to deal with Marcos and his demands of physical activities (I'm a sorceress, I have magic for that stuff), but otherwise, it's been well worth the trouble, as the resources provided by the Pathfinder society have done much to help me grow in the power I know I am destined to obtain.