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Question pertaining to the general economy of the game: Can we hire npcs to gather resources for/with players? It seems to make sense from the perspective of being able to do anything we could do in the TT, but it seems to destabilize the easy acquisition of power to people who can afford to hire a handful of workers to drag a cart around for them and gather resources for/with you. If the purpose of the game is to get players to work together over long periods of time to forge items and kingdoms and what-have-you, it seems like the gatherers have a leg up compared to the rest of the professions in that their tasks can be easily outsourced to some guy with a pick or axe. An alchemist can't have some npc right by him brewing the same potion he's making, nor can a blacksmith have some npc duplicating his efforts. Even if you could, the level of cost would have to be increased for them to have the level of crafter required, when gatherers only need menial laborers swinging tools and pushing carts, etc.

Then there's the leadership skill, which essentially give you free helpers. This one could be ok if the workers had to be applied to just settlement stuff in some ways, but it seems unrealistic to not be able to recruit them as workers from the simple logical perspective of that's what they are supposed to be there for.

Just some thought, kinda curious about other's opinions.

I'm not totally against the idea, I can just see issues stemming from it.

In a quick scan, I didn't notice the question, so I'l put it out there:
if I wanted to run a group of bandits, but will the other bandits in my group get the attacker flag if they come in and attack the guy who wouldn't pay me? We are a group, after all. Do we all have to hope our numbers intimidate them enough that they'll pay us? Is there a joint payment through the mechanic? and do we have to deal with debuffs if we don't get paid directly?