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In a quick scan, I didn't notice the question, so I'l put it out there:
if I wanted to run a group of bandits, but will the other bandits in my group get the attacker flag if they come in and attack the guy who wouldn't pay me? We are a group, after all. Do we all have to hope our numbers intimidate them enough that they'll pay us? Is there a joint payment through the mechanic? and do we have to deal with debuffs if we don't get paid directly?

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What we know, can infer and don't know......

What we Know:

Bandits need to be Chaotic in alignment to fly the "Outlaw Flag"

Hideouts will grant the bandits the ability to see a target; see his equipment; and know his relative strength.

Hideouts will allow bandits to pull a traveler out of fast travel.

Bandits have several options:

1. Attack without warning (full alignment and reputation consequences if traveler is not PVP flagged). If target is also PVP flagged then the consequences would be different or perhaps lessened (Inferred).

2. Give up surprise attack and offer a Stand-and-Deliver (SAD). If the target accepts it, they pay and move on. The Bandits will receive a portion of the loot and gain double reputation. The target will then have a 20 minute flag identifying them as having been victimized. If attacked by the same group within that window, that bandit group will lose double reputation.

If the target rejects the SAD offer, the bandits may freely attack without any negative consequences to alignment or reputation.

3. Bandits can just let the traveler pass by, without challenge. Or can release the traveler, even after a rejected SAD has occurred (inferred).

If a bandit group after rejected SAD says, O.K. you may go now, the only reason for that is that the bandits are not confident they could beat the traveler in the fight. If I were the traveler in that situation I would attack immediately, certainly during the 1 minute attacker flag duration.

A bandit group in the above situation had their bluff called. Should fight, even to their own death, rather than try the "Skulk and Sulk"wimpy admission that they had bit off more then they could chew.

There is daring and then there is stupidity, and a very fine line between the two.


Grouping is a mechanic, and all in group are flagged "attacker" or "Involved" depending on who attacked whom first.


I certainly hope so. It has been written or said somewhere that there may be a color coded system used to show relative strength of a target. I'm hoping that they tie this to a Perception skill / roll. This would allow for inaccuracy in that evaluation of a target.

Intimidation could work like a disguise, in that you are modifying your projected relative strength upward. You appear more dangerous than you are. This may affect the target's decision to accept the SAD or to fight.

Like many things, there should also be a skill that counters or does the opposite. Projecting weakness is also a valuable tool. Again, acts like a disguise, and requires a Perception skill/roll to be effective.

Distribution of Loot:

Just send all of your loot to me and I will make sure you all get your fair share.. ;D

Joking aside, I would imagine your typical group loot mechanism will be in-game. Set my the group leader.

What I hope they don't use is the damned "Need, Greed, Pass" system.

If I were a group leader, I would have all loot come to me and then I would distribute it to group. This would require either no BOP (Bind on Pickup) or the ability to toggle that off in the Group Leader's Options Menu.

Looting mechanics really requires a whole thread on its own, and I'm sure that will rival the contentiousness of any alignment thread!

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Well said Bludd.

Aizom, are you looking to start your own Bandit gang, or are you shopping? If shopping, might I recommend The Unnamed Company? We are always looking for those that like to do crimes, though any profession is welcome honestly. ^.~

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@ Aizom

Greed is correct. If you are looking to be a bandit, why not join the most established and dedicated Bandit company in PFO?

The UnNamed Company

And how does one join?

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There is an apply button at the mid left of web page below membership.

It's sad that I missed that.

Are you sure you want someone who has that low a perception in real life?

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Aizom the Tiefling II wrote:

It's sad that I missed that.

Are you sure you want someone who has that low a perception in real life?

Oh!!! I am so tempted... =P

go ahead. you have my blessing.

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