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Aizel Catsoul:

Male Eldritch Guardian Mutation Warrior Fighter 2/ Steelblood Primalist Bloodrager 11
Chaotic Good Medium Humanoid (Orc, Human)
Initiative; +4 Perception +19

AC 26 touch 14 flat-footed 22
hp 120/158
Fort +13, Ref +7, Will +4

Speed 25 ft.
Bite + 20 (1d6+7 damage, x20 Crit)

Bloodrage, Arcane Strike
Bite + 25 (1d6+16 damage, x2 Crit)
Claw 1 + 25 (1d8+16 damage, x3 Crit)
Claw 2 + 25 (1d8+16 damage, x3 Crit)

Bloodrage, Arcane Strike, Enlarged
Bite + 25 (1d8+18 damage, x2 Crit)
Claw 1 + 25 (1d10+18 damage, x3 Crit)
Claw 2 + 25 (1d10+18 damage, x3 Crit)

Level 1 Spells - 3 per day -
- Prestidigitation - Allows simple magical tricks.
- Long Arms - Increases reach by 5ft.
- True Strike - Adds a +20 to one attack.
- Magic Missle - Fires 5 1d4+1 magical darts.
- Mount - Summons a Horse for 2 hours per level.
- Sheild - Creates a floating shield of Force, adding +4 to AC and stopping Magic Missile attacks.
- Ray of Enfeeblement - Reduces one target’s strength score.

Level 2 - 2 Per Day
- Blood Armour - Blood from Wounds increases AC.
- Glitterdust - Coats everything in area in magical glitter.
- See Invisibility - See invisible creatures.
- Versatile Weapon - Allows a weapon to count as a different material for the purposes of damage reduction.
- Bull’s Strength - Adds +4 to Strength.

Level 3 - 2 Per Day
- Haste - You move faster, gaining an additional attack, increases to damage and attack and reflex saves.
- Fly - Can fly magically at a speed of 40ft.
- Water Breathing - Allows target to breath in water.
- Burrow - Burrow through the ground at a speed of 10ft.


Str 26 Dex 18, Con 18, Int 12, Wis 13, Cha, 16
Base Atk +13; CMB +19; CMD 33

Bonus Feats
Endurance - Gain bonuses to swim checks to remain swimming, running, marching and holding breath. It also allows the user to sleep in light and medium armour without becoming Fatigued.
Power Attack - Trade the chance to hit for additional damage.
Toughness - Gain an additional hit point each level.
Eschew Materials - Cast spells without a spell component pouch.
1st - Keen Scent - Gain the Scent special ability.
3rd - Improved Familiar - Gain a more exotic Familiar.
5th - Improved Natural Attacks (Bite) - Increases the damage inflicted by bite attacks.
7th - Arcane Strike - Enfuse an attack with arcane energy. Adds +3 to damage.
9th - [Broken Wing Gambit - Grants a bonus to an attacker. If they take it, they provoke an attack of opportunity from allies with this feat.
11th - Extra Rage Power - Gain an additional Rage Power.
13th - Outflank - Increases the bonus for Flanking to +4 if a partner has the same feat.

Extremely Fashionable - Adds a bonus to Diplomacy, Bluff and Intimidate as long as you are wearing at least 150gp of jewels and not otherwise marred in appearance.
Two -World Magic - Adds Prestidigitation to first level spells.
Racial Traits
Toothy - Gain a 1d4 bite attack. Trades out Orc Ferocity
Shaman’s Apprentice - Gain Endurance as a bonus feat. Trades out Intimidating.
Darkvision (60ft) - See 60ft in total, non-magical darkness.
Skills Climb +10, Swim +10, Perception +19, Diplomacy +18, Bluff +15, Intimidate +9, Survival +8, Craft (Food) +10, Handle Animal +7, Knowledge (Arcana) +4, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +4, Knowledge (Engineering) +4, Stealth +12, Use Magic Device +11, Spellcraft +6, Ride +8, Acrobatics +8,
Languages Common, Orc
Combat Gear Belt of Physical Perfection +4, Amulet of Mighty Fists +3 (Furious, Rusting, Mimetic), +3 Glamered Mithral Fullplate (20lbs), Headband of Alluring Charisma +2
Other Gear 400gp worth of jewelry, Smuggler's Wayfinder with Clear Spindle Ioun Stone (1lbs), Handy Haversack (5lbs).
Collapsable Bathtub (20 lbs), Tent, Large (40 lbs), Bedroll (5 lbs), Blanket (3 lbs), Silk Rope, 150ft (15 lbs),
Chalk, 10 pieces, Charcoak, 10 pieces, Paper, 100 sheets, Rice Paper, 20 sheets, Ink Pen, Black Ink, Sealing Wax (1 lbs)
Cold Weather Outfit (7 lbs), 3 x Explorerer's Outfit (12lbs), Signet Ring, Pocket Watch (1 lbs)
Rations, Dwarf x 10 (15 lbs), Rations, Halfling x 10 (10 lbs), Rations, Gnome (10 lbs) Wandermeal (10lbs), Water Skins (28lbs),
Cooking Kits (15 lbs), Coffee Pot (4lbs), Honey (1 lbs), Cheese (3lbs), Chocolate (1 lbs), Powdered Milk (3 lbs), Cardamon (1 lbs), Basil (1 lbs), Beans (5 lbs), Coffe Beans (6 lbs)Flour (5 lbs), Garlic (1 lbs), Nuts (1 lbs), Oregeno (1 lbs), Rosemary (1 lbs), Sugar (1 lbs)
Potion of Cure Serious Wounds (Wayfinder), Wand of Cure Light Wounds (Wayfinder).
Money, 672gp 5sp 7cp
Special Abilities

Mutagen - Gain a
Mutagen as an Alchemist would.
Familiar - Gain a
Familiar as a wizard would.
Share Training - The Familiar gains the ability to use any Combat feats it’s owner knows, so long as it can physically use them.

Bloodline Familiar - By trading their first-level Bloodline ability, and getting bonus spells 1 level later, a Bloodrager may gain a familiar.
Grotesque Apendage - Thank to Aizel’s Abyssal Bloodline, any familiar’s natural attacks count as one size larger.
Abyssal Bloodline Aizel’s powers are drawn from the dark realms of the Abyss that taints his blood. He gains the feats and abilities of that Bloodline.
Demonic Bulk - When raging, Aizel can choose to grow larger.
Bloodrage - Entering frenzied state, Aizel gains +4 to strength and constiution, and +2 bonus to will, but a -2 to AC.
Greater Bloodrage - Enhances bloodrage to +6 for strength and constitution, and +3 to will, as well as allowing a 1st or 2nd level spell to be cast on the Rager when they enter Bloodrage.
Armoured Swiftness - When not overburdened a Bloodrager moves 10 feet faster than usual.
Indominatable Stance - Gain Bonuses against CMB attacks.
Armour Training - As the fighter ability, reduces Armour Check Penalties and increases the amount of Dex to AC..
Blood Sanctuary - A Bloodrager gains a +2 bonus against the effect of his own spells or those of their allies.
Blood Deflection - Sacrafice a Spell to gain an equal bonus to AC.
Primalist - A primalist can trade out Bloodline powers for two Rage Powers.
- Beast Totem, Lesser - Grow Claws that deal 1d6 damage during rage.
- Beast Totem - Gain a total of +2 to Natural Armour.
- Beast Totem, Greater - Gain a Pounce attack.

Aizel looks like a tall, well built man in rich clothing. He doesn’t appear to be armed or armoured at first glance. In fact, he is both at all times - the rich clothing is in fact a full suit of Mithral Fullplate under the effects of being Glamered, and he can sprout claws and teeth capable of rending most opponents within seconds. But he looks reasonably harmless despite his bulk, and that’s how he likes it.

As part of his elaborate deception, Aizel also wears a significant amount of silver and sapphire jewelry, including his Belt of Physical Perfection and Headband of Alluring Charisma. His ‘clothes’ are always spotless, thanks to their ability to magically shift, and he will keep himself clean despite his brutal, primitive fighting style. He even uses magic if he must.

Aizel himself is the same. Tall, broad shouldered, with a strong jaw Aizel is often considered handsome. His skin is darker than the usual Half-Orc, suggesting the human part of his heritage hailed from Garundi. Equally, his eyes are very dark brown. His hair tends to be pulled back in a neat top bun and a short, heavily trimmed beard and mustache surround his mouth. What accent he has suggest a certain level of class, and he usually smells of soap and cosmetics.

It should also be noted he almost always has Khatul, his Familiar, perched on one shoulder or somewhere nearby. The creature looks like a cat with dark blue fur and odd silver swirls, but most write this off as simply being a spellcaster’s Familiar.

There is a certain truth to Aizel’s appearance. He has learned a lot, has a surprising variety of skills, and is worryingly good in a conversation. He is generally kind and will often try to talk his way past a fight rather than risk the possibility of being harmed or losing a teammate.

However, this simply makes Aizel a smart animal. Underneath all the camouflage he’s a vicious person, willing and sometimes eager to shred people into ribbons. It’s why he makes himself look more like a noble or wizard than a typical front line combatant. He likes to trick people into attacking him, thinking they’re attacking a wizard or healer, before showing them he can actually pull off their limbs.

Aizel is aware that he is almost incapable of tactics once he flies into a Bloodrage, and so he puts them in place before the fight even begins. He works well with Khatul, as they have been together a long time, and the pair often work to quickly destroy any major threats. It is often a shock to people that a pleasant seeming young man and his pet cat are both capable of such savage ferocity, and they use that.

However, Aizel is a loyal friend and a ferocious ally. He rarely gives his promise, but also won’t break one if it’s physically possible to avoid it. Not surprisingly given his semi-feral thought process he is fond of animals, and often carries treats for them. Aizel himself is a fan of food, and a surprisingly good cook. He relies on constant physical activity to stay fit rather than a sensible diet.

Born into an Orc Tribe, Aizel was to be the Shaman. His Half-Orc status didn’t matter much - even as a child he tough for his age, and training as a Shaman didn’t exactly encourage weakness. But Aizel had only very limited skills with magic, and discovered he wasn’t powerful enough to truly be a spellcaster.

The tribe Aizel belonged to was destroyed before his master realized the issue, however. Aizel survived, spared as a child, but refused to go with them. He escaped into the wilds, but scrounged enough from nearby villages and his own pitiful hunting skills to survive, if not well. He stayed away from people, however - humans had not been gentle when destroying the Orcs, and the Orcs were never gentle. Ever.

As he struggled to remember if a certain mushroom was edible (it wasn’t) Aizel found what appeared to be a oddly coloured, slightly misshapen kitten. It seemed to have been abandoned and was starving. There was no reason to save it...but not reason not to, since it could live on scraps even he couldn’t eat. And Aizel was lonely. So he raised the creature, naming it Khatul. It was a long time before they discovered Khatul’s real nature.

In the meantime, the cat’s instincts as a hunter showed Aizel how to hunt for himself. As the little creature grew and caught more prey, so did Aizel. Soon, a connection was established between the two - Khatul became Aizel’s familiar.

Eventually the pair were found by a group of adventurers, thanks to their decision that the party really didn’t need that much food. It was rude of them not share it, really. Rather than pound the boy black and blue, however, they adopted him, and chose to allow him to follow along. He did so, in return for food.

There he learned the ways of magic and rage from the Sorceress and Barbarian. He also learned to wear armour from the Fighter, and to talk from the Rogue. As he watched he realized that no one of them were able to do everything. And Aizel had not intention of being forced to rely on anyone. If someone was better, all well and good. But he wasn’t to be able to do as much as he could as well. He had no intention of getting into trouble because his skill with an axe was useless when fending off would be suitors, or unable to talk his way out a problem when magic wasn’t enough.

Eventually, the party retired. Aizel had grown too. He could infuse Khatul with much of his own training, and increase the cat’s size. He even learned a certain, but limited, magic. Mostly he learned how to fight, how to harness his rage and the feral skills that he had developed as a child.

The group gifted Aizel with some of the loot they had gathered, to give him a little boost over other starting adventurers, and he and Khatul went to find out their own fame and fortune. Khatul turned out to be a Dweomer Cat, connected to the First World via chains of magic, but for some reason chose to remain with Aizel. He never spoke, however, prefered to occasionally maul enemies to death instead. Aizel found out that his own blood was somehow connected to the Abyss, but had no idea of how.


Female Dweomercat Cub Mauler Familiar
Initiative; +2 Perception +15

AC 24 touch 14 flat-footed 21
hp 79
Fort +10, Ref +6, Will +3

Speed 20 ft.
Including Arcane Strike
Bite + 15 (1d3+5 damage, x2 Crit)
Claw 1 + 15 (1d2+5 damage, x3 Crit)
Claw 2 + 15 (1d2+5 damage, x3 Crit)

Battle Form, Arcane Strike
Bite + 25 (1d6+8 damage, x2 Crit)
Claw 1 + 25 (1d4+8 damage, x3 Crit)
Claw 2 + 25 (1d4+8 damage, x3 Crit)


Str 14 Dex 15, Con 12, Int 6, Wis 12, Cha, 14
Base Atk +13; CMB +15; CMD 27

Bonus Feats
Arcane Strike - Enfuse an attack with arcane energy. Adds +3 to damage.
Power Attack - Trade the chance to hit for additional damage.
Broken Wing Gambit - Grants a bonus to an attacker. If they take it, they provoke an attack of opportunity from allies with this feat.
Outflank - Increases the bonus for Flanking to +4 if a partner has the same feat.

Dodge - Add 1 to AC.
Light Armour Proficiency - Wear Light Armour.

Racial Traits
Dweomer Leap - Teleport and attack anyone who casts a spell that affects the target.
Scent - Can detect objects and track by smell.
Darkvision (60ft) - See 60ft in total, non-magical darkness.
Combat Gear Glamered (Collar) +1 Mithral Chainshirt, Amulet of Mighty Fists
Special Abilities

Bond Forge In Blood - When Khatul or Aizel kills an opponent worth half there HD, they gain a +2 bonus to hit for the next round.
Share Training - Khatul gains any Combat Feats Aizel knows.
Natural Armour - Khatul gains a bonus to natural armour as he levels, currently +7.
Battle Form - Khatul can grow from Tiny to Small, gaining a bonus +6 to strength.
Damage Reduction - Khatul has DR/5 - Magic.