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I just subscribed for the adventure path series dead Suns. I would love to purchase the corresponding flip mats in advance. PLEASE make them in advance. My group will be running through dead Suns immediately. If you release the maps at the end of the adventure path we will no longer be interested in them.

I purchased emerald spire super dungeon for this very reason, because it had a corresponding map pack available.

So make them now not later. PLEASE!!!

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I'm not too interested in Starfinder society. Besides, Chad (Louisville VC) only hosts games in lexington even though he is Louisville's VC. At least that was the situation the last couple of times I checked with him.

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Mayb the next contest will be a "new" type of project. Hopefully it will include aspiring Starfinder writers such as myself.

Can any of you veteran writers direct me to a thread where I can get some direction or advice on creating rpg superstar content?