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I sent an email 4 days ago to paizo customer service email address but heard nothing back. I just sent a new email with two pictures. The cloth piece of binding is loose from the pages. I would show you a picture here but I don't know how to put one on this forum. I'm awaiting to see how they are going to take care of their loyal customers like me who dished out the extra cash for the limited edition which should be of the utmost quality of their products. We will see.

I did notice seperation. How do we go about repairing the binding to the spine?

Is this shirt made of pre shrunk cotton? Or should I expect it to shrink? Thanks!

Sweet, that is a really great idea! Are we sure that window markers will not damage the map? I mean, has anyone actually tried it?

I received my limited edition in the mail a few days ago and it was so beautiful I almost cried. I love it and no one else that I know has the limited edition. I am wondering though how I should treat the leather cover. does anyone recommend any type of conditioner?

I mean no disrespect but I'll be passing this up in wait for the dead Suns map pack, which will have an awesome cantina.

I doubt a wet erase marker would show up on the black map. Perhaps a silver sharpie would but will permanent marker come off? If so, how would one remove permanent marker from a flip mat?

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I just subscribed for the adventure path series dead Suns. I would love to purchase the corresponding flip mats in advance. PLEASE make them in advance. My group will be running through dead Suns immediately. If you release the maps at the end of the adventure path we will no longer be interested in them.

I purchased emerald spire super dungeon for this very reason, because it had a corresponding map pack available.

So make them now not later. PLEASE!!!

Anyone looking for a STARFINDER game in Louisville?

Marco Massoudi wrote:
Agent-D20 wrote:
Hmm.. so there are 90 images in this pawn set and almost 160 images in the corresponding book. Can some of the missing images be found in the core rulebook pawn set?

No, Alien Archive has 160 pages, but over 80 creatures (with images).

There should be almost every creature (up to huge size, but not the gargantuan or colossal ones - planet-killing "novaspawn" are a good bet) in this pawn set.
Huge ones (like the "Ksarik") will most probably be in it once, while small ones (like the "space goblins") will probably be in it multiple times.

It was stated in the alien archive discussion that almost every creature will get two illustrations.

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I'm not too interested in Starfinder society. Besides, Chad (Louisville VC) only hosts games in lexington even though he is Louisville's VC. At least that was the situation the last couple of times I checked with him.

Jacob W. Michaels wrote:
Agent-D20 wrote:
Can any of you veteran writers direct me to a thread where I can get some direction or advice on creating rpg superstar content?

I don't think there's a single thread; I think your best bet is simply looking through the entire Superstar forum. There's incredible advice in there, though there's so much to go through that it can take time.

The annual Blazing 9 threads will have a lot of discussion about creating magic items, while every year the reviews of finalists' monsters and other entries offer good knowledge that can be applied to everyday RPG Design.

Thanks for that info, Jacob. Much appreciated!

Anyone out there?

How big is this pad?

Hmm.. so there are 90 images in this pawn set and almost 160 images in the corresponding book. Can some of the missing images be found in the core rulebook pawn set?

mussary wrote:
One of the things that caught my eye, and will be sure to trip me up is that charge no longer gives a bonus to hit now its -2 attack and ac.

Are you still required to move in a straight line? Do you still get to move twice your speed?

I always thought charging was a fun tactical threat to put against players, like a charging minotaur. It makes that five foot side step important. Don't let the minotaur have a clear path to you or you are in trouble! It makes that particular combat more tactical, unique, and memorable. So yeah I'm a bit taken back by the negative to hit.

However, if there are charging feats it would present the opportunity for us "chargers" to invest feats and become something more unique! Please tell me there are charging feats...
*Fingers crossed*

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Mayb the next contest will be a "new" type of project. Hopefully it will include aspiring Starfinder writers such as myself.

Can any of you veteran writers direct me to a thread where I can get some direction or advice on creating rpg superstar content?


Let's hit the ground running. I plan to get into every campaign possible the very minute Starfinder is available. I will be purchasing the books if they are available at Gencon. If you live in or can drive to Louisville to play, let's make it happen.

Players and Gamemasters alike, post here to get involved. Be there from the beginning! Let's get the hype going and start scheduling.

I am more than willing to meet at a local gamestore for Starfinder discussion. No matter how old this thread is, message me for some big time Starfinder action in Louisville!

Pulse check... Anyone in Louisville looking for a game in 2017?

Pulse check... Anyone in Louisville looking for a game?

Sounds awesome man! As you can tell, I do love dinosaurs. I think we have a potential player for you. We should all have a little meetup at a local gamestore.

For anyone who is stumbling across this post in the future, don't hesitate to contact me if your looking for a game. I love to connect gamers here in Louisville.

I know of a few groups starting up soon. New players are welcome. Don't be afraid to post!

Something To Do has moved into its own building. 215 South Hurstborne. It doesn't have a sign up yet so it's easy to miss.

It amazes me how well Pathfinder sells but every gamestore in Louisville hosts DnD games. Seriously, last week I checked every gamestore that Im aware of and not one Pathfinder group. We Pathfinders have to get together.

Here in Louisville we have many, many game stores that sell and host rpgs. Book Music Exchange, Something To Do, Books A Million, just to name a few. It really depends on what part of town you are in. Feel free to contact me if you are ever looking for a game. I'd love to show you and your peeps around the rpg community here in "Tha Ville."

Sweet! I'll definitely get with you on that.

I'd still like to keep this thread alive. Anyone who might be reading this, no matter how old this conversation might be, please comment.

Pathfinder players here in Louisville seem to be rather dispersed. Louisville is a big place. I jump at the chance to meet new players and I'll do my best to get you connected.

Pathfinder! I love it. You love it. When can you play? Do you have transportation? Can you host? What's your situation?

I can GM and host if need be. I'm ready when you are. Lets make it happen!