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Full Name

Adol Cristin




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usually Akiton, the red planet.


Pathfinder, temporary thurok of Arl, accidentally worshipped by some.

Strength 22
Dexterity 16
Constitution 14
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 9
Charisma 27

About Adol Cristin

Adol is a youngish Adult male human with fiery red hair and blue eyes. He carries both well-toned muscles and the subtle grace of a master swordsman. Years of service as a knight protector have left him with a large number of scars all over his body - trophies from both hard won duels and results of prologned Shield Other use on allies. He normally radiates a presence of hope, as if being around him instinctively makes you think that everything, no matter how dire things get, will be okay. In contrast, to his enemies, he can appear as an unrelenting force of justice who will stop at nothing until he is sure everyone who needs his protection is safe.

Some of the more distinctive features of his gear include an armor that sometimes seems to sprout translucent ribbon-like wings of light (though they are currently faded from what you expected they once were), a vicous looking Falcata that rends through even anything short of adamantium, and a beautiful circlet seemingly made out of... large teeth (?), adorned with some simple red agate gems.

Brief personality:
Adol was once a jovial youth who constantly and enthousiastically asked others about their local customs and traditions, and whom could be tricked into believing whatever you claimed simply by insisting it was true. Many amusing stories are told about these events if you know where to ask, and sometimes offered even when you're not asking and prefer to be left alone with your drink. If present at these occurances, Adol simply blushes and looks away.

However, since being semi-forced into a position of rulership and even one of worship, the responsibility of the crown as Thurok of Arl forced him to grow out of his more extreme gullibility and also some of his cheer. The same was true for when he fought in a number of skirmishes in the Taldan Civil war shortly before this, on the side of the princess. Here, he was witness to the harsh reality of war and what it does to those who fight in it. After both of these bloody revolutions and being exiled from the knight order of Iomedae on charges of heresy (for insisting Estivas was real), he couldn't completely remain the same person he once was.

Nowadays, he is more jaded and more likely to take command of a given situation on his own. Unless provoked, he still holds to his former knightly bearing of being honorable, friendly and polite, even more so to commoners. At peaceful times like these, moments of his gullibility and love for his former hobby of travelling still shine through. Perhaps he could return to that life , if he was ever free from his tasks. He often wonders which of his versions is the better one.

When provoked, he tends to be hasty and impatient in removing the perceived problems. If faced with overt abuse of power or danger to civilians, he has a tendency to rush into action despite what the consequences might be, which has gotten him into trouble in the past. He has often been called a fool, but does not let that stop him from doing what is right.

Paladin code of Estivas:

-I will bring hope where there is none.

-I will fight to protect the weak and innocent to the best of my ability.

-I will act now rather than later if I believe the lives of my companions or the innocent are at risk.

-In battle, I am the sword of my allies. I will never abandon the front while a battle is raging.

-A sword can be used to not only slash, but also parry, stab, throw or bash. It is a versatile tool that can defeat enemies in many different ways.

-I show no mercy to my enemies until they are incapacitated. Should they inflict preventable harm after surrendering, the blame lies with me as their guard.

-I am not above showing mercy to the truly penitent. However, criminals must still answer for their crimes.

-If I am faced with an evil too great to risk showing mercy to, I will end it. I will not take such a decision lightly.

-I will do my best to act in accordance with the customs of the local populace, so long as they are legitimate and I feel they are not designed to protect the evil at the expense of their citizens.

-I will freely offer my aid if I believe it is needed, and will never ask a personal reward for any of my services. If I ask something at all, it must not endanger anyone and must directly benefit the local populace instead of myself.

-Should I be placed in a position of leadership, I will take responsibility for the safety of my subjects, and rule in accordance to my code, conscience, local customs and the teachings of Estivas.

-Should a conflict arise between any of the other commendments, my loyalty ultimately lies with the weak and innocent. My actions are then those I judge to be best for the common good, to the best of my conscience. I will never engineer such an occurence to deliberately ignore any of the other teachings.

Adol Cristin
Paladin 12 (oath of vengeance, sacred servant), Id bloodrager (dedication) 1, Falcata Swashbuckler 1. Dual path Champion/Marshall, mythic tier 6. VMC Bard.

LG native humanoid (male human, adult).
Initiative: +15 (8 chamod, 3 circlet, 3 half mythic tier, 1 Ioun stone).

Senses: perception +17. Special senses: see invisibility (permanent), blind-fight.

Aura: overwhelming good, overwhelming law.

AC: 29 (10 Base + 12 armor (+3 mythil fullplate), +3 dex, + 2 natural, +2 deflection)
Flat footed: 26. Touch: 15.
During rage: all AC -2.
CMD: 35, 37 vs trip, sunder and disarm.
-Smite evil adds +6 to all ac and CMD vs active target.

HP: 210 (rage: 238)
(140 (classes) + 12 (paladin favored class) + 28 (con), 30 (mythic tiers, champion) = 210. Rage: +14x2.

Saves :
Fort +27, ref +24, will +23
Rage: Fort +29, ref +24, will +27.

Special defense :
-Lay on hands grants sanctuary effect with a willsave DC of 24. (targeted mercy). Adol will usually LoH himself after finishing his full attack, unless his swift action was otherwise used.

-Has Evasion from the ring of evasion.

-Immune to fear and disease, grants allies within 10 ft a +4 morale bonus vs fear.

-While using the inspired defense mythic ability, grants all allies a (inspire courage bonus + mythic tier) morale bonus to all saving throws (= +8).

-Rally (Su)
As a standard/move/swift action for 1/2/3 points of mythic power respectively, you can rally your allies. This gives you and each of your allies within 30 feet the option to reroll any one d20 roll after the roll is made. The granted reroll must be used before the beginning of your next turn, and the creature must take the result of the reroll, even if it is lower.


Attack bonus (keen furious +3 falcata):
14 BAB + 6 str +3 enhancement bonus = +23/+18/+13 vs AC. PA: reduced by 4 to (+19/+14/+9). Crit: 17-20 x3.

Adding rage when using PA: Str bonus to +8, furious weapon increases weapon enhancement to +5, -4 penalty PA = +23.

Damage (no rage): 1d8 +9 (2h str) + 12 (2h PA) +3 magic weapon + 1 martial focus falcata = 1d8 + 25.

(Rage + PA): 1d8 + 12 (2h str) + 12 (2h PA) +1 weapon focus falcata +5 magic weapon = 1d8+30.

CMB: +20 rage: +22. (22/24 for sunder, trip and disarm). Assumes no active buffs.

+1 composite longbow max str+6 : +18 vs ac, 1d8+7 damage, crit 20/x3.

CI dagger: With PA: +16/11/+6 vs ac, damage 1d4 + 14/+21 (1h/2h). Rage +PA: 18/13/8 vs ac, 1d4 + 16/24.

Conditional bonusses:
-Smite evil grants +8 to hit/+12 or 24 to damage when active and ignores enemy DR.
-Divine favor grants +4 luck bonus to attack/damage when active.
-Good hope increases attack/damage by +2 when active (morale).
-Inspire courage grants +2 competence to attack/damage when active.
-Ever ready grants a +6 bonus to attack and damage of all AoO’s.
-+1d6 damage to evil enemies during rage.

Special offensive abilities:

-Sudden Attack (Ex)
As a standard/move/swift action for 1/2/3 points of mythic power respectively, you can make a melee attack at your highest attack bonus. This is in addition to any other attacks you make this round. When making a sudden attack, you roll twice and take the better result, adding your tier to the attack roll. Damage from this attack bypasses all damage reduction.

–Can spend one use of smite evil as a free action to grant all allies within 10 ft the ability to cast a weaker version of smite evil. This version grants a +8 deflection bonus to ac vs the target and a +12 bonus to damage rolls (doubled to +24 for first attack vs undead, evil outsider, dragon) , but no attack bonus or ability to ignore DR. Using this ability is a swift action that must be used before the end of the allies' next turn.
-Rage 12 rounds/day
-Smite evil 2x/day.
-Bardic performance 22 rounds/day, can start as a standard or move action.

*This ability is very poorly written, I believe this is the intended way for it to work. The oath of vengeance entry doesn't explicitely state it works as aura of justice, which it replaces. This would make it a standard action to use instead of free, but also it doesn't have any of the limitations aura of justice has. This would mean that using it once would give all allies the ability to use this smite evil without a time limit for a number of times per day equal to their charisma modifier with my charisma modifier as the bonus, which would refresh daily, effectively making them semi-paladins forever. This is incredibly overpowered so I'm assuming it is intended to work as Aura of Justice.

basic AoO tactics (offense and defense):

Adol has any number of AoO’s per turn since he has mythic combat reflexes. Therefore this number doesn’t have to be tracked.
He was built to have some reach capacity
When sanctuary is *not* up (Adol’s most common defensive buff on himself)

-Adol will usually have power attack active at all times since the damage during his own turn greatly depends on it. Even if he trips something without attacking first, it will be with the power attack penalty.

-He parries every incoming ranged weapon or ranged spell attack against himself or an adjacent ally with cut/smash from the air. This excludes supernatural abilities since they are fluffy. For these ranged parries to be possible, he has to be aware of the incoming attack. Since it has effectively no other cost, he can technically parry an infinite number of incoming projectiles. (Can I have a scene like that? please? :) )

-He takes a normal melee attack as an AoO against most targets.

-If a melee target is moving towards the group and provokes, instead of a normal attack Adol will use improved trip, then an AoO when the melee target stands up (if it does).

-If Adol is getting swarmed with many upcoming targets or they are already around him in range, he spends 1 MP as a swift (if he has both and doesn't need to heal) for the mythic Combat Reflexes effect.

When sanctuary *IS* up.
-This usually means Adol has taken serious damage during his previous turns. It can only be put up by him healing himself or another with lay on hands. If possible, he fullattacks first and then heals himself with LoH after the attack, so putting it up doesn't interfere with attacking in his own turn. The willsave DC is 10 + 0.5xpaladin level + cha mod. Currently that is 24. Adol might want to heal himself any time he drops below +/-75% hp and definitely wants to below 50%.

-He will probably want to partially take advantage of the defensive sanctuary effect while it is there. As a generic rule of thumb Adol would only break it if roughly half the enemies have already had their turn since it was used and then an AoO is provoked, or a spell attack that can be parried comes through sanctuary. If he choses to break sanctuary, he uses the tactics above.

Divine Source
(Effective mythic (tier 6), Domains: Law, Good (archon), travel (exploration)

6th (1/1) – planar ally (archon), blade barrier, hold monster, find the path
5th (0/1) – dispel evil, dispel chaos, teleport,
4th (0/1) – holy smite, order’s wrath, dimension door, locate creature
3rd (1/1) - prayer, magic circle against evil or chaos, fly
2nd (1/1) - align weapon (good or law), locate object
1st (1/1) – divine favor, protection from chaos, longstrider, expeditious retreat, protection from evil

Paladin spells memorized (CL = 9)

Level 1: hero’s defiance x 2, divine favor x 2, longstrider x1 (domain).
Level 2: shield other x 3, ironskin x1, locate object x1 (domain)
Level 3: Good hope x 2, Blessing of fervor x1, fly x1 (domain).

Bard spells memorized (CL =4)

Level 1 (4 known, total of 3 casts /day) comprehend languages, clarion call, heightened awareness, liberating command. (left: 2/3)

Level 2 (2 known, total of 1 casts/day): alter self, calm emotions.

Base stats:
22 str, 16 dex, 14 con, 13 int, 9 wis, 27 cha.

1 Noble scion (of war) 1 Improved maneuvers (improved trip, improved sunder, improved disarm), 3 combat reflexes, 5 Martial focus (heavy blades), 7 Leadership, 9 Cut from the air, 11 Smash from the air
13 Extra rage.
-Bonus feat: skill focus: diplomacy (Id rager bonus feat, dedication emotional focus)

Mythic feats:
1 Extra path ability: mythic leadership.
3 Extra path ability: mythic paragon.
5 Extra path ability: legendary armor (intelligent, animate, flight) > grants an intelligent armor with a fly speed of 30 ft, average maneuverability.

Mythic path abilities:
1. Dual path (champion/marshall), mythic leadership.
2. Inspired defense
3. Ever Ready, mythic combat reflexes.
4. Fleet Warrior
5. Divine Source (Good, Law), legendary Item (armor, see above)
6. Divine Source (Archon, travel, exploration)

Magic items along with budget:

- Ring of evasion (12.5 k)
- Bracers of the merciful knight (7.8k)
- Permanency (See invisibility, 5.6k)
- Icandescent blue sphere Ioun stone socketed in wayfinder (4.25k)
+3 keen furious falcata (4k, +2 enchancement bonus)
Lucky Behir Toe (3.4k) (lucky horse shoe)
+ 1 composite longbow max str +6 (1.5k)
- Circlet of persuasion (2.25 k)
- +3 mythril fullplate (5.25k)
- Lesser rod of reach (1.5k)
- +1 initiative Ioun stone (0.1k).
- Griffonmane shirt (0.1k).

= 49.5 k

+ Legendary item: Zeal, signet ring of the eternal protector.

"Whenever a spell or effect causes you to regain hit points, you regain an additional 2 hit points per die of the spell or effect used. If the spell or effect does not use dice to determine the amount of hit points regained, you instead regain 25% additional hit points. If the wearer is a mythic character, the ring grants the benefit of the Die Hard feat for the wearer for a number of rounds per day equal to his or her mythic tier, activated automatically when the wearer falls below 0 hit points."

Skills: 6 ranks per level. Background skills: linguistics, perform (oratory)

Diplomacy: +32. Athletics: +18, Knowledge: culture +27, Survival +14, perception +17, UMD +27, Perform dance +15. Perform oratory +28. Linguistics +18. knowledge planes +11, knowledge nature +11, knowledge local +11, knowledge dungeoneering +11, knowledge arcana +11 , knowledge religion+ 11. Acrobatics: +12, + 14 for fly (hover).

Languages: Common, Azlanti, Celestial, Infernal, Sylvan, Tien, Abyssal, Azlanti, Elven, Orc, Ignan, Ancient Thalassian, Ancient Orisiani, Draconic, Dwarven, Cyclopean (I’m aware this last one isn’t the official name, cannot find it atm).

Combat gear: Adol wears everything described under his magic items on his person. He has a normal backpack to carry his stuff around in, along with his armor and rations.

Consumables: 10 x rations, 4 x potion of enlarge person, 1 x scroll of obscuring mist, 1 x scroll of displacement, 6 x ring spell component for Shield other, 50 GP spare.

Other gear: Well-travalled pathfinder chronicle jutted full of notes on the most varying subjects, basic compact camping kit including bedroll, lamp with lamp oil, one length of rope etc.

-LoH 16x/day, heals for 8d6+16 (9d6+18 for hero's defiance)

-LoH removes fatigue, magic effects reducing an ability score and 1d4 ability damage (mercies: fatigued, targeted, enfeebled, restorative).

-Can exchange two uses of LoH for one smite evil as a standard action.

-Holy Symbol bond: twice per day, can activate as standard to either increase caster level of paladin spells by up to 3 for 12 minutes or gain up to 3 additional uses of LoH for the day (can pick a combination of either up to a max of 3). Adol's legendary ring is his holy symbol.

-Once per week, can summon special version of Planar ally (6th level spell):

Call Celestial Ally (Sp)
At 8th level, a sacred servant can call upon her deity for aid, in the form of a powerful servant. This allows the sacred servant to cast lesser planar ally once per week as a spell-like ability without having to pay the material component cost or the servant (for reasonable tasks). At 12th level, this improves to planar ally and at 16th level, this improves to greater planar ally. The sacred servant’s caster level for this effect is equal to her paladin level.

Background, religion and cult information:

1. What is your character? Where are they from?
Adol is a paladin formerly in the service of Iomedae, hailing from Galt in Golarion and a former venture captain for the pathfinder society. He is known for being a gullible buffoon, which has gotten him into trouble on numerous occasions. For one, he was tricked by a rogue into worshipping a false god, which eventually let to his expulsion from the order of the sword when he was tried for heresy. The twist - as it turned out, he himself had unknowingly assumed the identity of this god, and became stronger the more influence his new cult gave to this 'false god'. He himself is unaware that he is now a god and simply believes it is a natural result of progressing his martial training, along with the power he gains from divine worship of his 'patron', as he once gained from Iomedae. More on his ascension and cult are described under those topics.

A brief personal character background on Adol: Adol hailed from Galt and saw part of his family murdered during the many revolationary struggles. Only he and sister were saved from the guillotine by a mysterious stranger. As he was a child back then, his memories of his rescue are hazy. However, from that point on he vowed to one day return to Galt to at least save his parents' souls and if possible restore order. He has since trained fervently to this goal both as a paladin and broadening his knowledge of the world as an agent of the pathfinder society. Eventually, throughout many adventures and facing many dangerous adversaries, he succeeded in the first goal, but did not have time to go to the second when he was suddenly in charge of a cult.

Adol is a famous adventurer in Golarion of whom many extremely far fetched stories do rounds; some say he fought a runelord one on one in a sealed tomb and lived. Others say he once literally bit a dragon to death with his teeth. Yet others insist that he released an elemental god from a supposedly unbreakable prison. These tales are mixed with amusing accounts of how he was allegedly tricked by the same certain rogue to perform a barrel dance on the Absalom markets naked, claiming this was the divine ritual of Estivas, his 'diety'. All of these stories, for better or worse, are true.

2. What is your character's portfolio?

Adol's main portfolio consist of good, law, travel and protection. In general, he does his best to care for and protect those that are less able to fend for themselves. He hates disorder and chaos as it reminds him of his homeland of Galt and how these circumstances can lead to a spiral of abuse of power, suffering of innocents and revenge. He has also seen enough to know that the huge threats that people need protection against aren't always the ones that come knocking on your door by themselves. Thus, he often actively seeks out these dangers to remove them. He believes that even in the absense of found danger, no journey is ever truly a wasted one: there is always something useful gained, whether it be new friends, strategic knowledge of the area, or simply a means to remain fit and better able to defend yourself and those close to you.

3. What does your character look like?

See the top of the page.

Adol was once a a jovial youth who constantly enthousiastically asked others about their local customs and traditions, and whom could be tricked into believeing whatever you claimed simply by insisting it was true. However, since being semi-forced into a position of rulership, the responsibility of the crown as Thurok of Arl forced him to quickly grow out of his more extreme gullibility. The same was true for when he fought in a number of skirmishes in the Taldan Civil war, fighting for the queen.

He takes his duties as a prophet of Estivas, a ruler and a protector all very seriously, and his mind tends to wander over what is and isn't required of him. Often, he feels overburdoned, and that he might be the wrong person for the tasks that were given him. However, he sees it as his duty to persevere. At times, moments of his gullibility and love for his former hobby of travelling still shine through. Perhaps he could return to that life and person, if he was ever free from his tasks.

Unless provoked, he tends to see the good in people. He might be open to enemies that they want to change their ways, since no one is beyond hope, though this depends on the serverity of their crimes. Of course, even if they want to repend, this doesn’t change that they need to be punished for crimes committed first.

In spite of what might be expected, Adol doesn't do shields. His previous experiences with all end with the shield destroyed, sundered, pilfered, or otherwise getting in the way. The two of them don't seem to mesh that well. Instead, Adol relies purely on his own skill and faith in Estivas (himself) for protection.

4. How did your character become a demigod?

Adol 'ascended' during a foray into a tomb of a forgotten crusader in Lastwall. It was hypothesized that the wards holding the ancient lich Tar-Baphon trapped were weakening due to a something there causing one of the critical wards to malfunction. During the expedition, he found a single word written on a wall in the complex: Estivas. It seemed this word only operated the level of water in a pool, but both the accompanying wizard and rogue talked him into believing this part was of critical importance, and that reciting this over and over during a flamboyant dance was they key in restoring the lost wards of the complex, as well as purifying the desecrated grave of the knight the wards were bound to. To everyone's surprise but Adol's (since he didn't know any better), this actually seemed to work.

Afterwards, the rogue, pretending to be Iomedae, wrote in his chronicle that Estivas was indeed the secret of the universe and that it was to be worshipped and sought after alongside her. Since then, he has championed the cause of 'Estivas' alongside Iomedae until he was charged with heresy and discharged from the order because of this. Despite this, he is still convinced that Iomedae herself instructed him to do so. Perhaps this is even true, and that it was Iomedae who pushed this rogue to do so, setting him on this path.

Ever since the events in the tomb, he began his string of increasingly diffcult feats that should have been impossible to mere mortals. Among the other examples named previously, he survived being shot succesfully around 60 times in under 30 seconds and constantly resisted being erased from reality by an inevitable. My personal explanation for all this madness is that Estivas was indeed the name of the forgotten legendary crusader and that restoring the wards passed a small vestige of mythic power onto Adol, who then unknowingly assumed his mantle/identity of a guardian of Golarion.

Growing stronger since then is probably the result of a combination of his own advancement, being present when these powerful entities died and their mythic power dissipated and the growing popularity of the cult of Estivas, which grew in popularity with his own reputation.

Throughout his career, he has fought and killed multiple creatures of varying levels of mythic power (multiple dragons, enemy champions with 7 mythic levels, inevitables, etc, can name specifics if wanted. Surviving these probably means he has no shortage of enemies seeking revenge). He was also present when one of his companions recently accepted a deal from Deskari, when she ate one of his hearts heart and in doing so became a demigod herself, a new demon lord of the abyss. He still blames himself for not being able to dissuade her from this course.

The final push for his own ascension came when he visited the red moon of Akiton circling Golarion in persuit of an extremely dangerous Champion. This champion had taken over the planet by force and was ruling it in typical tyrannical fashion, and was worshipped as a god, just as the people there were accustomed to worship anyone visiting them from Golarion as a god. Ironically, while Adol went there with the side goal of convincing them to drop these practices, he wound up as the resident worshipped god when he overcame the servants of this entity in a very public Arena event and consequently slew this champion himself. No amount of insisting otherwise could convince the populace to not worship Estivas/Adol afterwards, and it has since been the base of his cult.

Throughout all of this, Adol still believes he is in fact not a demigod and that it is Estivas providing for his believers, not he himself.

5. Where does your character live?
Adol relocated to the center of his cult on Akiton, a moon circling Golarion. The city has a portal connected to Golarion, specifically to locations related to some Decemverate members, the secret leaders of the society (I am assuming you know all this about the world/setting, but just in case). His connections in the pathfinder society combined with the resources at his disposal as a hero/prophet to the general populace of at least some of the cities of Akiton provide him with the means to get where he needs to be. The society also provides him with intelligence to know when he is needed (if divine instruction to do so is lacking), which is a good thing since he tends to be very busy trying to civilize the barbaric tribes of the moon. This is also what forced him to resign from the official position of venture captain, since he could no longer handle these duties alongside taking care of matters on Akiton.

6. Where in the verse is your cult centered?
-See above.

7. What sorts of people worship you?
-Adol has a reputation of a nearly legendary swordsman. He attracts followers from all walks of swordsmanship, especially swashbucklers due to the flamboyant nature of some aspects of his 'faith', and barbarians due to the ferocity with which he is known to fight (and since most of the people from Akiton are traditionally barbarians). His followers tend to be either wandering warriors supremely confident in their ability to turn fights single-handedly (with perhaps a bit of luck on their side), frontline commanders emphasizing leading by example, or shield bearers who truly believe in putting yourself in harm's way for the weaker ones behind you. Either way, they all seek to bring hope where previously there was none and prefer to act immediately rather than later.

8. Who is your Herald?
Koria Vos is Adol's Herald. She is the main priestress of Estivas, the effective religious leader below Adol himself. She gained mythical abilities directly after Adol became worshipped for killing the ursurper on Akiton. This allowed her to resurrect her dead brother Kol Voss, who had been beheaded by Skelg the ripper in a legendary Arena fight surrounding these events only an hour or so before. Ever since, she has viewed Adol as a patron saint and converted to the faith of Estivas. Along with the brother, she tries to smooth things over between Adol and the barbarian tribes where she can. She often insists on accompanying him wanting to ensure his survival, since she sees in him a chance to genuinely forge a better fate for her people.

She is a reddish skinned Savage woman from the moon tribe, standing well above a head taller than most women of other races. She wears a suitable outfit of mostly Behir leather (as a sign of status) adorned with wool, and a long bone staff made from a behir talon. It’s a point of contention between Adol and her, since Adol admires the magnificent beasts and has unknowingly selected them as his sacred animal. However, she insists is is tradition for those with high ranks to wear this as a sign of power and respect.

Unlike him, her skin is fair instead of scarred, a sign of a life of crafting and worship on the savage planet. Adol once bought her priestress robes from Golarion, which she tore up and now wears scraps of as a badge of honor. The between these scraps, she wears remnants of what looks like a barrel, giving her overall a somewhat savage but also strange and comical appearance.