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Necromancer 20








Lawful Neurtal




The Bonechill farm just outside of Egorian when not working for The Pathfinder Society.


Taskmaster of the Bonechill Farm

Strength 8
Dexterity 18
Constitution 14
Intelligence 36
Wisdom 12
Charisma 12

About Adari

Adari has been called a varity of things. Devil worshipper, Necromancer,teamate, Sir, villan, heritic, and even savior. Born to an elven pair in Egorian of Cheliax Adari was always an oddity. Growing up an elf in a human ruled city lead Adari to be limited to the scope of his family home. His father was a wizard with a facination for devils and their innerworkings. Adari's mother was instead a Cleric of Asmodeus thus affording the elven family respect they normally wouldn't have received in Cheliax.

Much of Adari's childhood was locked away in either his father's library or being taken to the Temple of Asmodeus for his lessons. When Adari could manage free time from these tasks he would often bury himself in books of the tales of old. While his mother wished for him to join her in the clergy, and he certainly had as much faith as she did in their firey lord, Adari was interested in his father's line of study. He would read tales of the fall of Azlanti and the Rise of the now long dead Thassilonan emprie ruled by the Runelords of magic. He also looked into more recent mages like the Wispering Tyrant and the Nation of Geb and it's necromancer king. Even in his youth Adari realized even though elven blood flowed in his veins and he would live to see many generations of humans come and go in the end he would be a speck in the history books.

So at the young age of 50 Adari decided he would find a way to shrug off the wages of time and defy Pharasma's inevitable call. This promise however needed an oppertunity to present it's self. Ten years would pass before this moment came when in a fit of fury having realized her son was leaning toward his father's path attacked her husband. While not epic in scale this was the first real battle Adari had ever seen as he watched from above in the stair well as his family's common room became a battlefield. In the end Adari's father lay dead with negative energy burns across his body and his skull caved in from his wife's mace. Adari's mother sank to her knees being burned from the inside by her Husband's last spell. As she called out for Asmodeus to save her the acid now in her viens ate away her wrist and her silver holy symbol clattered to the ground as she lay dying on the floor next to the man she had once loved.

Adari sat at the top of the stairs for a long time as he heard his mother's breathing slowly fade away. The young elf knew his chance had come and if he didn't take it now it might never come again. Over the course of an hour Adari arranged his parents corpses so that it appeared his father had been the agressor. He then took from their bodies his father's sliver ring that he used to channel his magics and his mother's holy symbol. He hid these items away in his room before reteriving his mother's wodden holy symbol and splintering it on the ground near her body. Adari then ran though the streets of Egorian to the Temple of Asmodeus claiming his father had in a fit of madness attacked his mother and that she had fought him off long enough to lock Adari in his room till she could contend with her husband. The priests investigated and everything matched up to what the child had said. The only question was as to why she didn't heal herself and that was answered by the apprently smashed holy symbol on the floor.

Being the child of a now murdered Asmodian priest it was the temple's duty to care for her orpaned son untill he reached maturity. Given there were no realitives of the young elf the temple set aside for him a weekly wadge to live off and daily meals served along side the temples priests. Given now 50 years of solitude with his father's works and the saved funds from the temple Adari apprenticed himself in the art of necromancy. Taking his father's item famliar for his own and pouring over his spell books for years on end eventually Adari learned the language of magic.

Five years ago Adari while visiting the Temple for one of it's services encountered a woman named Zarta Dralneen. The high priest of the temple knew Adar was coming of age and while he had taught himself the basics of arcane magic he still didn't have anywhere to go. The priest made Zarta an offer of a new candidate for the Pathfinder Society as he knew the need of Chelish Pathfinders and it didn't hurt if he gained some influance of his own. Zarta was intrested in the elf's story after hearing it from his own words but decided to test the elf one last time to prove his worth of her attention. She would consider sponsering him in the Pathfinder Society only if he met her in the Chelish embassy in Absolom.

Adari jumpped at the chance to join the Socity and finally see new lore for himself. He auctioned off his family home and sold his father's personal collection to a college of devil binding conjurers in exchange for 150 pieces of gold and a one way teleportation to Absolom. In doing this he actually managed to beat Zarta back to the Embassy and was waiting for her when she arrived. Thus Adari, having cast off his family name 70 years ago joined the Pathfinder Society...

Thus far it has been a profitable venture...