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Here's an un-official, un-complete, un-Birthday list of the cast from Peckinpah's classic, The FaWTL Bunch:

FaWTL Horde:

Denziens of FaWTL, capital city of Paizonia
(The original party roster of Champions, Scoundrels, and Scruffy-Looking Nerf-Herders):
Moorluck: Lord President of Paizonia, Drow (Extra-Chaotic template) Pimp / Slayer PrC (favored enemies: Vermin +4, Humanoids [Stupid] +8)
Solnes: First Lady of Paizonia, Half-Elf Bard - Her Majesty of Education, Keeper of the Sacred BttH (major artifacts)
Aberzombie: Lord High Executioner, Zombie Human Sorcerer (Undead bloodline) - Royal Brewer, able to summon Advanced Vomit Golem at will.
Ashe Ravenheart: Human / Half-Elf Ranger, Practitioner of the Deadly Art of Karaoke and Master of Disguise. Bears an uncanny resemblance to famous (and handsome) Chelaxian actor.
Celestial Healer: Aasimaar Bard with Perform (Opera) - "Pizza Rolls" Taster for the Crown, Head of Travel & Foreign Relations
Crimson Jester: Fey (Red Cap) Rogue, hates pet shops
Emperor7/Jack Hammer: Treant Druid / escaped Numerian Construct
Flash ("Ah-ah!"): Lord Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Elf Rogue / Inquisitor (Unsleeping template) - Knight Champion of Lady Solnes
Heathensson: The MF Tormentor, Former woodsman? ("Where wolf? There wolf!" template) - possessed by ghost of insane leprechaun miner
HoustonDerek: Lord Vice President, Dashing Human Rogue - Baron of Houstonia, and Beet Farmer of BOOM!
Lynora: Elf Wizard (CON dumpstat) - High Mistress of the Dungeons of Delight
Mac Boyce: Human (1/6th Half-Orc) Expert / Rogue / Bard / Druid - Slayer of Poodles, Ring-Bearer of Blackest Night, recently bewitched and abducted by Seelie princess
Mairkurion: Lord Secretary of All Nature, Half-Elf Oracle or Cleric of Erastil - High Sage and Lorekeeper to the Crown
Patrick: Lord High Inquisitor, Awakened Monkey Ranger ("Deadly Flinger of Even Deadlier Poo") - Castle Gardener, successor to Mr. Boothby
Sebastian: Pony-at-Law, Human Werehorse (Freedom) Fighter (Skittle-Addicted template) - Law-Giver and Troll Slayer for the Crown
Sharoth: Silver Dragon - Guardian of the Tildes, Obscure Tomes, Precious Miniatures, and shiny stuff. Official Explosive Runes Defuser to the Crown.
Taig: Lord Secretary of Kicking Ass, Awakened Dire Badger Mandalorian Monk - (Hey) Abbot of the Order of the Sandy Pecan, expert hunter and tanner of Minature Not-So-Dire Bears
Urizen: Drow Bard / Rogue / Scoundrel PrC (Ravioli-Addicted template, partially Demonic on his father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate's side) - Head of Counter-Intelligence and Royal Expert in Heavy Metals
Woody: Frost Dwarf Fighter / Barbarian

Other Notorious Characters of the Realm:
Alleynbard: Disgruntled FAWTL Correspondent, Gnome Bard, Writer, Clockwork Artificer
Bitter Thorn: Dwarf Rogue / Ranger - Anarchist and founder of Alkenstar "Firearm of the Month" Club
Callous Jack: escaped Numerian Construct - (Very thorough) Beer Taster for the Crown
The Cosmo: One-eyed 8th-dimensional Imp - Demi-power of Moustachio and Finder of Things Which Cannot Be Unseen
Davi: Human Rogue (Unsleeping template)
Devlyn, The Dalesman: Human Rogue / Fighter / Shadowdancer, Were-tiger and Big Damn Hero.
Eldritch Mr. Shiny: Drow Rogue / Fighter / something slightly off-putting
Eric Swanson: Alu-demon Rogue / Summoner
Freehold: Drow Illusionist / Ranger (Favored enemy: Facebook +2) - Scholar of Humanoid-Humanoid Relations
Garydee: Human Fighter
Hugo "the Butterfrog": CG? Boggard Monk - Official Portraiturist of the Crown
IssacX: Deceased Human, would-be dictator of Paizonia - slain by Moorluck
The Jade: Enigmatic rone wolf (& cub?) from the far-away land of Kagematsu
Jeremy Mcgillan: (Former Human) Necromancer - botched lich transformation (ended up in green liquid-filled jar with tentacle grafts), slowly being corrupted by Mwangi idols of Demon Lord of Undeath (Klãrrk Pëétrssôn)
Justin Franklin: _____________?
Jyu1ch1: _____________? - mysterious sproutling of Mairkurion
Kobold Cleaver: Strange Reptilian (Youngster-on-my-lawn template) - master ingraver of Explosive Runes, Official Poodle-Walker and Dwarven Ambassador, owns summer home in Shelob Acres, Mirkwood
Lilith: Human Witch (Were-Cabbage template) - esteemed Paizonian chronicler and Master Baker of Enchanting Desserts
Moff Rimmer: Human Cleric - Admiral in FaWTL Spelljamming Navy
0gre: Half-0rc Alchemist
Orthos: Tiefling Oracle (Flame)
Paris Crenshaw: Lord Admiral of Floaty Things - Overworked Copper Dragon who frequently finds himself adrift on the Pacific Ocean
Postmonster: Imprisoned 8th-dimensional being, must be appeased by steady diet of mail and loafs, periodically escapes and destroys entire FaWTL Castle
Sara Marie: Mysterious woman, frequently tormented by The Cosmo - Royal Jailer of the Postmonster
Studpuffin: Tengu Bard - Special Assistant to Urizen, Sock Darner
Sunny Godhead: Aasimar Sorcerer/Cleric
The Thing from Beyond the Edge: _____________? - has become unstuck in Time and only fades into Paizonia for brief intervals
Toddzilla: Sahuagin Bard / Expert
Tordek Rumnaheim: Dwarf Mute Monk
Treppa: Human Uncommoner / Cleric - Purveyor of Rare & Curious Goods, knows the secret of Dim Mak: The Crotch Punch
Twin Agate Dragons: Human Bard or Cleric / Rogue
Wolfthulhu: Half-Orc Inquisitor, Ranger, or Rogue
Ambrosia Slaad: (Slaadish) Human Fighter / Barbarian - with inanimate plush animal companion (Eeyore), terrified by Paintings of Soul-Trapping

Why is it here? Mostly 'cause of my obsessive-compulsive tendencies. :)



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