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Sorry to Necro this thread, but I thought it better than starting a new one. I was looking at this trait for a character I had in mind, but I couldn't find much in the way of clarification anywhere.

Mediator Trait (Champions of Purity) : You receive a +1 trait bonus to the DC of any charm or compulsion effect that does not provide ongoing control and results in peaceful acts, such as calm emotions, sleep, or a suggestion to lay down arms.

Peacemaker Feat (from same source) : The DC to resist spells you cast to ensure peace or force aggressive creatures to become peaceful increases by +2. This affects spells that dissuade creatures from aggressive actions without exerting long-term or absolute control over them, and without leaving them defenseless. These spells include, but are not limited to, calm animals, calm emotions, command, compassionate ally, enthrall, euphoric tranquility, sanctuary, and serenity.

Ongoing Control: Since some of the suggestions listed are ongoing, I'm assuming control is the kicker here, and it looks like making someone do something is considered control, whereas making them not do anything isn't? So sleep isn't control since it causes inaction, charm person isn't control because it just makes someone friendly (and specifically states isn't control, whereas Dominate Person does), does that mean Daze, Fascinite, Forbid, and Hold Person isn't controll since they just stand there?

Peaceful Action: A peaceful action is one that doesn't result in harm or violence right? From the examples that also seems to include effects thsat result in inaction as well.

Level | Spells/Effect | Ongoing Control | Peaceful Act
0th Daze? 1 round inaction
1st Charm Person? 1 hour/level make friendly
1st Command? 1 round non-violent
1st Forbid? 1 round inaction
(Su) Fascinate? bard performance inaction
1st Sleep 1 min/level inaction
2nd Calm Emotions 1 round/level non-violent
2nd Enthral? 1 hour make friendly
2nd Hold Person? 1 round/level inaction
2nd Suggestion 1 hour/level non-violent

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Melkiador wrote:
Also not sure if that archetype actually gets you access to the vermin domain. "Animal" may not include vermin.

well if there are hundreds of the little buggers crunching underfoot maybe they consider vermin terrain, lol

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Is there any reason a sanctified slayer inquisitor of Calistia couldn't take the green faith martial archetype? I know Calistria's not exactly a nature deity, but I'm specifically looking at the vermin domain

reflavor the greensting scorpion as a wasp (with the mauler archetype and taking the wasp familiar feat for the improved version)


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Thanks for the suggestion, but doesn't quite fit what I had in mind.

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I don't suppose you could qualify for Breadth of Experience by saying you were locked in stasis for a hundred years, lol

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So I noticed the Reflexive Improvisation alternate half-elf racial trait from Inner Sea Races which grants a +2 racial bonus on untrained skill checks, and thought to myself that it would be kinda cool to stack that with the human Improvisation feats for a sorta jack of all trades skill monkey. Bard was the first thing that came to mind, but it seems a bit of a waist since bards have plenty of skills all on their own. Then I remembered cleric evangelists are pretty poor skill wise, and looking into it I ironically found pretty awesome synergy with the Evangelist PRC's Multitude of Talents special ability which grants a +4 sacred bonus to untrained skills checks.

Long story short, does anyone know of any other traits or feats that would synergize well with the concept?

[Race] Reflexive Improvisation : +2 to untrained skills
[Trait] Quick Learner? : -2 to nonproficient penalty after use
[Class] Bit of Luck (Shelyn) : roll twice, take best result
[Feat] Fast Learner (feat tax) : +1 hit point & skill rank (FCB)
[Feat] Improvisation : +4 to untrained skills
[Feat] Improved Improvisation : +6 to untrained skills, 1/2 nonproficient penalty
[Feat] Deific Obedience(Shelyn): +4 Craft & Perform skills
[Class] Multitude of Talents : +10 to untrained skills
[Class] Versatile Artist : as bards Versatile Performance

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RHMG Animator wrote:
Mutagenic Mauler gets greater mutagen at 12th level, and the more you go into Mutagenic Mauler, the more powerful the mutagen gets

there ya go...same as alchemist ;>

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RHMG Animator wrote:

Correction, the Brawler does NOT count as Alchemist for Discoveries,

ONLY the mutagen.

not in a PFS game I'm sure, but in a homebrew game it seems logical to allow levels to stack to qualify for grand/greater mutagen discoveries, that's just my opinion though, lol

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RHMG Animator wrote:
(alchemist levels stack with brawler levels for determining the effect of this ability).

cool, that would let you add alchemist, brawler, and master chymist levels together to qualify for mutagen discoveries I think (most DMS would probably allow it anyway)


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hmmm, anyone know if the Mutagenic Mauler's (presumed) mutagen ability stacks with alchemist levels?

I'm thinking Mutagenic Mauler/Beastmorph Vivisectionist/Master Chymist, lol

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I know this is an old thread, but the above post called to mind Elan and Banjo the Clown from Order of the Stick. ;>


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Um, yes, thank you.

If the inquisitor has cleric levels, one of her two domain selections must be the same domain selected as an inquisitor. Levels of cleric and inquisitor stack for the purpose of determining domain powers and abilities, but not for bonus spells.

I'll just assume that if an Inquisitor archetype replaces the Domain ability, the above is nul and void.

Thank you.

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I know that a cleric that multiclasses into a standard inquisitor doesn't gain an additional domain, he just stacks his cleric and inquisitor levels together to determine the power and effect of his chosen domain.

What if a cleric multiclasses into a inquisitor archetype that replaces the inquisitor's domain ability?

Does he:

[A] Suddenly lose access to both of his domains from being a cleric.

[B] Suddenly lose access to the domain he would have chosen as an inquisitor.

[C] Keep both domains from being a cleric, but his inquisitor levels don't stack.

Personally, I think [C] but I could be mistaken.

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I was toying with different ideas for a dragon disciple using natural attacks when I found this guide. Since the race part needs updating due to the ARG, I thought I'd share some of my notes, though bear in mind I'm sort of an amateur when it comes to this sort of thing, so please forgive any mistakes.

    Races with access to natural attacks

  • Aasimar with the "Angel-Blooded" alternate spell-like ability (Alter Self)
    Thoughts: OK, so this one is a bit of a stretch, but you can assume the shape of a humanoid creature for 1min/lvl and use it's natural attacks, the downside is since you don't have a permanent natural attack, you don't quality for feats that affect it. The upside is you get a +2 bonus to Strength AND Charisma which is good, and flavor wise playing a celestial dragon sounds kinda cool. If you really wanted to, you could also take the chain to get the Metallic Wings feat for two secondary wing attacks, but it's pretty darn expensive feat wise, though Angelic Flesh does give you the option of treating your natural attacks as Cold Iron, but I don't think the Natural Armor bonus will stack.

  • Catfolk with the "Cat's Claws" alternate racial trait (two primary claw attacks; d4/d4, +Str)
    Thoughts: Flavor wise catfolk and dragons don't seem to mix, but given thier feline curiosity, maybe they played with an ancient artifact they shouldn't have. The +2 bonus to Charisma isn't bad, and there are a number of options to enhance your claws. The Catfolk Exemplar feat increases your claw damage to d6, and the Claw Ponce feat let's you full attack on a charge with your claws, but it's a late entry and requires the Nimble Striker feat which will negate the AC penalty of the charge. If you splash 4 levels of the Rogue Scout archetype, you'll get sneak attack on the charge, and there are also some nice Rogue Talents you can take. the Deadly Scratch talent lets you apply poison to your claws, and the Vicious Claws talent increases your claw sneak attack damage to d8s.

  • Changeling "Claws" racial trait (two primary claw attacks; d4/d4, +Str) Thoughts: Flavor wise a half-hag could easily have a spiritual/bloodline connection to a swamp dragon. +2 bonus to Charisma, +1 natural armor bonus, claw attacks. Take the "Hulking Changeling" racial trait for a +1 racial bonus on melee damage, along with the "Mother's Gift" feat for a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls with your claws, and you have two claw attacks with +1 to attack and +2 to damage at level one. The penalty to Constitution hurts a little though.

  • Goblin with the "Hard Head, Big Teeth" alternate racial trait (one primary bite attack; d4, +1½ Str)
    Thoughts: Small size, -2 penalty to Strength, and a -2 penalty to Charisma...I don't really see a goblin contributing much to this sort of build.

  • Half-Orc with the "Toothy" alternate racial trait (one primary bite attack; d4, +1½ Str) or "Razortusk" feat (one primary bite attack; d4, +Str)
    Thoughts: The only standard race with access to a natural attack without finding a way to acquire one via a class ability. Take a +2 bonus to Strength as your ability bonus, and although Darkvision is nice, maybe consider the Skilled alternate racial trait. The favored class bonus for barbarian might be good for a bezerker build. And you'd have to be crazy not to consider investing in Eldrich Heritage(Orc Bloodline) for the Strength bonuses at higher levels.

  • Kitsune "Natural Weapons" racial trait (one primary bite attack; d4, +1½ Str)
    Thoughts: Flavor wise, the Kitsune's trickster nature could very well fit a fey dragon. The +2 bonus to Charisma isn't bad, but the -2 penalty to Strength hurts, though splashing a class with sneak attack could offset that, maybe at least 4 levels of Rogue/Scout and take the Vulpine Pounce feat to get a full sneak attack on a charge.

  • Tengu "Natural Weapons" racial trait (one primary bite attack; d3, +1½ Str), can also take the "Claw Attack" alternate racial trait (two primary claw attacks, d3/d3, +Str)
    Thoughts: Your natural attacks are a little weaker than others, but you can start out with 3 natural attacks at 1st level (though if you do, you only apply x1 Str to the bite attack instead of 1½). If you take the "Bloody Beak" feat your bite damage increases to d6, and does 1 point of bleed damage on a critical hit. And as an interesting note, if you do the Claw Attack alternate racial trait, you're also treated as having Improved Unarmed Strike to qualify for other feats (ie Dragon Stance, and Feral Combat Training after you take Weapon Focus). You might also be interested in the Tengu Swordmaster Rogue archetype as it's Trance ability synergies well and it can stack with the Rogue Scout archetype (Tiger Trance lets you full attack on a charge, but it requires a combat maneuver check).

  • Tiefling with the "Maw or Claw" alternate racial trait (one primary bite attack; d6, +1½ Str) or (two primary claw attacks, d4/d4, +Str)
    Thoughts: Flavor wise, I think this is pretty cool, take the "Vestigial Wings" and "Prehensile Tail" alternate racial traits, and you're already looking pretty draconic. And the Demon-Spawn subrace grants a +2 bonus to Stength AND Charisma which is all full of win. Oh, and don't forget the Eldrich Heritage feats (Abyssal Bloodline) for the additional Strength bonuses at higher levels.