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Full Name

Andree Diekmann


Green Fey


Healer 13th / Geek 6th




My gf knows... :)



Special Abilities

Heal 16 ranks, Profession: Healthcare 12 ranks, Knowledge: Trivial 16 ranks, negative modifier on Sense Motive


Lawful chaotic


Hamburg, Germany, Earth


German, English


Registered nurse

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Strength 9
Dexterity 11
Constitution 15
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 9
Charisma 12

About Absinth

Absinth started his career as a part-time geek when his mother bought him the red box in the early eighties. This and an unhealthy interest in everything that is somehow related to fantasy, horror or SF led him to spent his youth nearly constantly buried under piles of gaming books, comics, weird literature in front of the TV.
His first character, a dwarf named Skordam, was killed in his very first adventure in a certain keep in the borderlands by his very own father who didn't realize, that the adventure was intended for four characters instead of one.
This somehow failed entry into the world of roleplaying didn't prevent him from (finally) learning the rules and becoming a Dungeon Master himself; trapping groups of friends in the families basement to wreak havoc on their innocent characters. He developed an interest in designing worlds and adventures himself and does so until the present day. His current homebrew (since 1998), a setting called Angraenor, is considered his masterpiece and took the best ideas from his geeky life to combine them into something uniquely deadly and fun. The list of PCs that lost their lives in the harsh lands of Angraenor is as long as the list of highly pleased players that come back to explore this world again and again.

In real life he learned that healing takes more than a good nights rest, potions and successful saving throws and he studied to become a nurse. Nowadays he works as a clinical nurse leader in a local hospital and is specialised in anaesthesia and intensive care.

Absinth is divorced and has a seven year old daughter he sees on weekends. He lives in a nice appartement in central Hamburg with his girlfriend, who is a psychologist but refuses to take care of his sometimes silly behaviour.

Btw, Absinth isn't a drunkard in any way and doesnt even like the drink of the same name. He tasted it once when he was on vacation in spain and found it to be awful. He took this screen name just because he likes the sound of the word. Yes, it's true.

Update: You can now take a look at Absinth's homebrew by visiting the Angraenor-Wiki; though it's all in german! :-)