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BaB:6/1 | HP:21/57 | AC:17 T:12/14 FF:15 | Fort:4 Ref:9 Will:9/15(Compulsion/Charm) +4 vs mind affecting | Init: +2 |

6rds perform, 5 2nds, 1 1st

About Abnaki v'Cardi

Abnaki d'Cardi
Stonesinger Lotus Geisha [Heroes of the Darklands]
BaB:6/1 | HP:57 | AC:17 T:12/14 FF:15 | Fort:4 Ref:9 Will:9/15(Compulsion/Charm) +4 vs mind affecting | Init: +2 | Favored class bard [HPx9]
Str: 12-2 =+0
Dex: 14 =+2
Con: 10 =+0
Int: 11 =+0
Wis: 12+2 =+2
Cha: 16+2+1+2+1 =+6

Racial Features:
Gem-Blooded: -2 Str, +2 Cha, +2 Wis
Crystilne form: 1/day deflect a single ray spell as deflect arrows, +2 racial ac vs rays
Granite Skin: +1 natural armor bonus to AC

Mind of the Trickster Race: +4 to mind affecting effects.
Mountain-Born: +2 to saves vs altitude, +2 to acrobatics to cross narrow ledges
Darkvision 60ft
Burrow speed 10ft/dirt only
Earthglide 10ft
Made of Dreams and Dirt
Earthglide 60ft

Class Features:
Earth Magic: Add Magic Stone, Stone Shield, Stone Shape, Earth Glide, Stoneskin, Stonetell to the bard spell list + Eschew Materials when touching natural or manufactured stone
Stone song: Mostly just reduces range of performances down to 30ft
Tremor: As part of a performance, all enemies within 30ft take a -1 to AC, +1/5lvls, no effect on flying
Quake: AS part of the action to start a bardic performance, all enemies must make a DC 20 reflex save or be knocked prone
Enrapturing performance: Target 1 person with a performance to increase beneficial effects by 1, and +2 to the DC vs suggestion
Bardic performance: 26 rds/day, can start as a move action
-Inspire Courage: +2[4] to hit and damage
-Inspire competance +3[4] to skills
-Inspire Greatness
Versatile performance Oratory: Sense motive, Diplomancy
-Advanced VP, Add UMD to list of skills
Free Spel focus and Greater Spel focus

Ranks Stat Class Misc Total
Perform Oratory 9 6 Y 2 20
*Can always take 10
-Sense Motive [-4 vs fey]
-Use Magic Device
Bluff 9 7 Y 2 20
Acrobatics 3 2 Y 2 10
Spellcraft 2 0 Y 0 5
Disguise 7 6 Y 2 18
Slight of hand 9 2 Y 0 14
Climb 1 -1 Y 0 4
Swim 1 1 Y 0 5
Ride 3 2 N 0 5
Stealth 9 2 Y 0 14
Linguistics 1 0 Y 0 4

Irrepressible: Use cha to will saves vs charm and compulsion
Armor expert: -1 to ACP with all armor

Fey Boon: Deceitful with -4 sense motive vs fey.
Bard: Spell focus Enchantment
1st: Spirit Ridden
3rd: Spellsong [Ultimate Magic]
5th: Flagbearer [Inner Sea Guide]
Bard: Greater Spell Focus
7th: Feign Curse (DC 30)
9th: Fey Performance

Banner of the ancient kings 18,000 [Land of the Linnorm Kings]
Headband of Aluring Charisma +2 4000
Masterwork Longspear
Masterwork Chain Shirt
Dervish Sikke
+1 Cloak of Resistance
Wand of CLW(45)
Gloves of recon
Traveler's anytool
Soul SoapX5
Ring of Airbubble
441 gold


Target Words: All
Meta Word: 4/day: (Boost)
* = interesting boost spells
Spells marked with a & have +2 DC

0's: Beacon, Cramp, Decipher*, Echo, Lift, Sense Magic

1st: 6/day DC:16 Friendship&, Glide, Lesser Cure, Simple Order&*, Wrack

2nd: 6/day (Or 0/0) DC:17 Accelerate*, Disappear*, Discordant Note, Enhance form

3rd: 4/day (Or 1/1, 2/0, 0/0/0) DC:18 stoneshape, Complex Order&, Torture, Farsight*

Decide between:

Future Feats:
Level 10, grab manifestation meta word
Three Reasons to Live
11th: Discordant Voice
[Eldritch Heritage line?]
Fey obediance: Shyka? Ineffable count of the clock?
Stuff: Get as much fire resist/protection as possible Shoes of firewalker, elixar of protection, greater talisman of protection against flames

Murder tables:
Longspear: BaB+Str+Masterwork+Flagbearer(1d8+1.5str+flagbearer)=+10(1d8+5)
Oratory Spear: BaB+Str+Masterwork+Flagbearer+oratory(1d8+1.5str+flagbearer+oratory)=+14(1d 8+8)

Notes for DM
Please read power of suggestion before signing off, I have no problem with swapping it out
Banner of the Ancient Kings


Step 1:
Born to an Oread Mother and an Ifrit father, has an affinity for stone, and a lesser one for fire. His lineage manifested as Oread blood, however his rocky exterior runs only skin deep, and his flesh has a glossy sheen to it, reminicient of amathyst. (Geodes tend to form in igneous rock, so I thought this seemed fitting) He lacks the sturdiness of a typical oread, but looks at least to the casual observer, almost identical, although less well built. Illusions come naturally to him as well. He is no martial master, but has the capacity to be a decent enough fighter.
Abnaki joined the happy swords at first to support his parents, and still routinely sends back money to them so that they can be comfortable. However, he discovered he had a real knack for bringing the best out in others, either through his recitation of Epics of Volcano in combat, or out of combat just being a friendly face to take comfort in. To fight against the dark is taxing on the mind and body, and Abnaki is adept at taking people's minds off of their problems. The Earth sings to him, and he sings back.
Abnaki is slim for an Oread, although he is strong, he gets winded easily. When he is cut, his flesh seems almost faceted, and glints in the light. He keeps his hair short, and wears only light armor, prefering to stay only lightly encumbered. He carries a simple spear, with the banner of the Happy Swords attatched to it. Many have found that banner a comforting rallying point in the past. His ifrit blood manifests in his temperment, he tends towards making impulsive decisions, and is quick to both anger and forgive.
Step 2:
Goal 1: Be able to purchase a comfortable lifestyle for his family, so that he can continue to adventure guilt-free
Goal 2: His mother used to tell him a tale of an oread born of ifrit that could swim through both ground and lava like it was water, he hopes to one day learn the secret of earth gliding, and gain enough fire resistance to explore the interior of the volcano
Step 3:
The flag that he bears did not always have the Happy Sword's emblem upon it. When he first came upon it, it was in the possession of a cultist of the dark, and bore a mysterious symbol. When he took it from them, it changed to it's current appearance. He has his concerns that it may harbor dark magics, but it has proven useful so far.
Secret he does not know: His father was a member of a wealthy but dying ifrit family, before he was disowned for marrying an oread. He has never met any of his family on his father's side, but none of his uncles or aunts have any children. As such, he could conceivalbly have a claim to the actual family name (which his father changed when he was disowned) Other ifrit may want him dead, as to avoid bringing shame to the family.
Step 4:
Gethis Cheme: A sylph alchemist that Abnaki has worked with in the past, and a member of the Happy Swords as well. Abnaki has an interest in a romantic relationship with her, but finds her very intimidating. They have worked well together in the past.
Rost v'Dtrani: An ifrit paladin that was childhood friends with Abnaki. They swore a blood pact together to be brothers to each other. Rost joined the army proper, and Abnaki has not seen him for a couple of years now, but he assumes that their blood-bond ties them fast
Kyla Bloorb: A rival undine bard in the Happy Swords that Abnaki has worked with in the past. They may have a respect for each other's capabilities, but no further. Kyla sees Abnaki as being brash, and irreverent, as well as being a product of a breach in tradition. Abnaki for his part, sees Kyla as a stick in the mud who takes too long before jumping into the action.
Step 5:
A happy memory that Abnaki thinks on when adventuring gets tough is his mother telling him a story, while he sits on his fathers lap. He can't remember the words, but he remembers the feeling of being protected, and the wonder of what the world could still hold.
A humiliting memory Abnaki has is when a cultist of the dark got the jump on him. He was captured and slated to be turned into a spawn, but was rescued by the rest of his group. It brings him shame when he thinks of it, and so he tries to avoid it.
A mysterious memory that Abnaki ponders on is the time that he looked up into the sky and saw what he beleived to be a great creature, soaring overhead. He could not identify it, but he could have sworn that it looked directly at him. No one else reported seeing the entity, and so he kept it to himself. Still, he wonders what it could have been.

Newly arisen appearance:

Abanki no longer walks directy upon the surface of the ground, instead sinking slightly into it. If he concentrates very hard, he can emulate normal walking, but finds it difficult. He no longer has a normal appearance, instead being almost completely comprised of fey materials. Dispite this lack of Elenity, his unearthly charisma stil shines through, perhaps even more brightly than before.

New Goal:

Abnaki used to worry about lots of things. But the bookshelves of Abnaki's mind have been toppled, and most of the knowledge that he had accumulated in his life has been lost, replaced with unique esoteric arts. He no longer worries about if it is his words that influence people, or his magic. After all, now he understands that they are basically the same thing, and has no qualms about using enchantments to further his aims.
Abnaki still hopes to one day explore the interior of Volcano himself, equipped with his ability to earthglide, and seeking a way to gain immunity to fire. However, he no longer worships Volcano, at least not in the same way that he used to. Mostly he wants to go because it's a small piece of his old life that he still remembers clearly; a "childhood" dream to be accomplished if possible.
Abnaki still seeks to destroy the Dark, and allow Elenity freedom from this eternal torment. This is mostly a matter of principle at this point, but it's something that he would like to persue. He no longer remembers to send letters to his parents updating them about his situation.
On a personal level, Abnaki is curious how much power he could accumulate to himself. Having undergone at least two different physical apotheosis's at this point, and at least three different mental ones, he has collected a few different unique perspectives. He wonders if he can trancend physicality in it's entirity to become an entity of pure word/thoughts. Perhaps somewhere in the land of dreams, or the realm of time, that goal is acheivable. Having been dead once, he would like to avoid that occuring again if at all possible.
Being as scattered as he is now, Abnaki seeks to find the missing parts of himself, and wrest them back from whatever has them. In the meantime, he will continue to support Gabriel and Samen in their endeavors. They are friends of his, plus they may come in handy if he ever finds where his missing essence has gone off to.