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little long, but the release of the new cards makes em want to share my work in a completely related discussion. The lost suit:

I will have to remake my home-made lost 7th suit for the deluxe edition.
(which is mentioned in the book that pairs with these cards and has harrow-related traits for all classes)

anyway, enough raving about the products. I created my own 7th suit cards and the first draft is as such: (based off the old 7th statistic from @nd Edition) Commliness. beauty, ugliness and first-glance reactions

my first run of the lost suit (my first edit will change as i learn more about Kyle's design intentions, short stories [that he wrote for each card] and feedback from my players over the last year)

LG the Grove (untouched wilderness and place of rest) [was the heart warden, but thats from a different game world]
LN the wizened crone (youthful beauty lost but gained wisdom)
LE the Eye Tyrant (the beholder, perception can be misleading)
NG the Canvas (blank and full of potential) [was the artist, same meaning]
N the mirror (i drew the mirro of erised, what you want is either good or bad for you)
NE The siron song (temptation lulling you to disaster)
CG the kiss (and elven man kissing a maiden, the kiss is brief but could be remembered for a long time)
CN the minstrel (a satyr, capricious or kind)
CE the seductress (a succubus, too similar to the siren song, one of them is getting cut in the future)

bear with me this is not for people to deconstruct and tear this apart, what ideas do you have? changes your own take? (instead of criticism: more cards!). i intend to start a discussion about the lost suit, and my idea so far. for the old cards i got card protectors so when my lost suit came up it was hard to see until flipped over. with the new tarot-like cards im going to have to make the lost suit more carefully for it to fit

What I'm getting from this is half of fly speed underwater..

manuverability and skill checks change but 3d combat is hard for some so that likely wont come into play.

i found this thread trying to find out if my party's wizard could move more easily than jsut swimming with his fly spell.

combine that with freedom of movement and the house rule is that he is no longer impeded by being underwater at all. (reminds me of the helm of underwater action in 2E)

and if the language of this post is more commentary i leave this behind for future pathfinders that also find this topic on google. Half speed and i hope you have water breathing as well

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Mentors: Members of T7V with all the lore and knowledge can counsel others on the Way (Sivanah) or merely be teachers in esoteric and rare lore.

that includes my character, one of the earlier, not-founding, members of T7V. my generalist in this game that looks like it could have rewards and things for people who hug the middle

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OOC: I also reccomend phpBB. I am more computer artist than programmer and would be willing to offer art made for the guild website. I could work on a logo with sivanah's symbol as inpriation (whether or not she is a patron).
I am at student skill lvl in digital art, but I know enough at this point to prepare for web publishing. I would just need a site. And would be very happyto make things inspired by exploring the game and put them on the forum or gallery on the site. And could be produced by my character in-game as well, (if that makes a difference)

the character concept is based off of what the blogs are saying and what I agree with the Seventh Veil: (dependant on final game mechanics)

Abigail, NG female Gnome of Shelyn (art, go figure), Explorer and crafter (generalist, with some crafting or building. very dependant on game mechaics).

"Just give me a room to work and a world to watch, life is the best inspriation"

i have an idea i have not seen in the books (all the books, i play 3.0, 3.5, 2.0 and pathfinder, in that order. long story). and i cut-out over 100 words just by re-checking the corerulebook. "oh wait, those item effects are EXACTLY the spells i want in the core rulebook. if the judges cant read the spells themselves. atleast it's 8 words under max, and clear."

i knew what i wanted to make a week ago and got a brainwave when i remembered a spell-name i glanced over earlier. and it's opposite is there too. perfect. if i get to stage 2 i better thank my 2.0 dm for the inspiration for the item. it's scary how exact the item i made is like the spells, as in reference the spells and the item does what i want. which i never read before except to find out i could cut the word count.

-wow, i keep rambling i gotta fix this. later