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The first two episodes of Golarion Illuminated are available for humanoid consumption! Heck, you don't even have to be humanoid, even a Gelatinousness Cube can enjoy these looks into the history and culture of Golarion!

Though either of us are new to role playing, we're both (relatively) new to the setting of Golarion, so Michael thought it'd be a fun idea to explore the world via vodcast. We've got a some more going through the editing process right now, and we're hoping to bring them to you about one ever week or so.

Please feel free to give them a viewing and leave feedback if you want! Thanks!

It looks like Monte Cook is doing a Pathfinder adventure Curse of the Riven Sky

Very cool!

I was reading though the Pathfinder FAQ on d20pfsrd and I saw the following Header:

Fortification and Critical Immunity

Which I, of course read as

Fornication and Critical Immunity


According to this it looks like there may be a Neverwinter Nights MMO being developed. I do hope that Turbine and Atari get things worked out, I only got to play DDO and LOTR for a short time, but I thought they were both enjoyable games.

Go Paizo!