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All ooc in here please, no long posts of blue in the game thread.

The great pyramid of the god gamers has been seen in the word wound. On a blasted plain it stands, you and your army are making your way there but you face entry tests, how will you face the chalinges to enter the God game.

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Ok yes you have all dreamed about this so here it is, the game you have always dreamed of playing
The Gestalt Epic Level Mythic game.

Know as "Soon to be gods"

The setting -

For 50,000s years the Ziggurat of the God Games as not been seen,
Now news has come to you that once more it has arrived on your plane,
that once more the games will start and one just one, the winning being will Join the ranks of god like inside the Ziggurat. Where power unknown to any planes can be had, where truths that should never be told are said to be hidden. You also hear that others are gathering their powers to take the challenges in an around the Ziggurat of the god Gamers. You must move fast, gather what followers you can and head there by any means. Its location the say in a place called "The World Wound" even now empires are sending army's to seek it, Princes and kings, grate mages and Demons search for it. You need to get there before they, scrying gets nothing but a polite "No" Even the gods themselves seem to be keeping well away? why more to the point why is it here NOW? after all this time, something they said came before even the 1st world. You have to no, you must know, now is the time to act.

making you PC/ Soon to be GOD PC hehe.

1: 25 Point Buy
2: Race, Any this dos not go over the 21 Race Point build in race builder, that go's for monsters as well, you remake it in Race builder then go from there, if you take a core race etc like Human you can Spend the RP to again stuff in stop, what ever race you are, RP max of 21.
3: Level 20th both sides of the Gestalt + 10th Level Mythic [You can take advanced or Mighty but not both, Giant is fine to stack but you must pay levels on one side of the Gestalt, no levels in Monsters, see Race above if you wish to play a monster.]
4: Classes, Any on it has to be on there or its out, SO YES to 3PP and YES to Psionics, and YES to Godlings.
5: 5 traits and 2 Drawbacks. [that right 2]
6: Feats, you MUST take the leadership feat and have a cohort and a band of follower minimum. [This is very impotent to the game.]
7:your building with 17,000,000 gold, From this you have to arm and equip yourself your cohort and ALL you followers [NO CRAFTING TO get prices down, IT MARKET PRICES ALL THE WAY before start of game] any and every thing you own comes from that.
8: Stat and equip all cohort's and followers so I can understand them as NPS] also a cohort needs a background with description and follows need a description and band them by level.
9: Your PCs background, How did you get to where you are now, what did you do, a want to know who your PCs
10: Aliments - Any [That's right even CE, your not in a party, your the head of a army, if your good your kind to them if your bad your mean to them, But I want to know HOW you control them, this is also KEY to the Game]

NOTES: My spelling suck as I am dyslexic, sorry nothing I can do but I do try. If good spelling means more to you than fun, then this is not the game for you.

In this game there will be a kind of PvP but through the proxy's of cohort's, and followers, this game will be as much about politics as it will be about killing stuff. Take your time and work to make your little army well. Your very lives may depend on it.

I will keep this open for 4 weeks, because this is going to be a lot of work for you guys. Closing date, 10-11-2014.

Wile you build I would like players to check and help each others Builds.
I'm good with the rules but not that arrogant I think I know them all or to that point most of them with something like this, Also I will miss stuff and your help would be cool.

What I am like as a GM, I get spelling wrong, rules wrong now and then and may have to take a short brake from time to time because of RL.
But I love flavour, The RULE OF COOL and for the most part moving things along. I will be checking the game once a day and like players to post once a day on average.

HOW the game will start:

One of your followers comes to you, They have found it, the Ziggurat before any other, your going to be 1st, you will be arriving at a large plain, hot with all manner of world wound things in it. And there a mile high is the gold Ziggurat of the God Games glinting in the sun.