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Die, Monster!:

Male/Female Elf
Gestalt Cavalier(Luring Archetype)/Fighter(Crossbowman) 15

Hit Dice: 15d10 (Average HP: 94 )
BaB +15/+10/+5, CMB +15, CMB 29
Fortitude: +10 , Reflex: +9 , Will: +7
Initiative: +6

Armor Class: 14 =10(base)+4(Dex)
Touch: 14, Flat-Footed: 10
Speed: 30ft

Strength 10
Dexterity 19(14+2+1+1+1)
Constitution 10(12-2)
Intelligence 18(16+2)
Wisdom 14
Charisma 8

Unarmed Strike +15/+10/+5(1d3, x2) B

Heavy Crossbow +22/+17/+12 (1d10+7, 17-20/x2) P, 180ft

Knowledge(Arcana): +19 =4(Int)+15(rank)
Knowledge(Dungeoneering): +22 =4(Int)+15(rank)+3(class skills)
Knowledge(Nature): +19 =4(Int)+15(rank)
Knowledge(Planes): +19 =4(Int)+15(rank)
Knowledge(Religion): +19 =4(Int)+15(rank)
Climb +18 =0(Str)+15(rank)+3(class skills)
Swim +18 =0(Str)+15(rank)+3(class skills)
Perception +20 =2(Wis)+15(rank)+3(class skills)
Stealth +22 =4(Dex)+15(rank)+3(class skills)
>>>Sniping: +29

Asmodean Demon Hunter

Lv1: Improved Unarmed Strike
Lv3: Weapon Focus(Heavy Crossbow)
Lv5: Rapid Reload
Lv7: Crossbow Mastery
Lv9: Kirin Style
Lv11: Kirin Strike
Lv13: Kirin Path
Lv15: Deadly Aim(-4 Attack, +8 Damage)

Fighter Bonus Feats
Lv1: Point Blank Shot
Lv2: Precise Shot
Lv4: Weapon Specialization(Heavy Crossbow)
Lv6: Greater Weapon Focus(Heavy Crossbow)
Lv8: Greater Weapon Specialization(Heavy Crossbow)
Lv10: Clustered Shots
Lv12: Focused Shot
Lv14: Improved Critical(Heavy Crossbow)

Cavalier Bonus Feats

Racial Features: +2 Dex -2 Con +2 Int, Medium, Humanoid(Elf), 30ft base speed, Elvem Immunities, Keen Sense, Silent Hunter, Fleet-Footed, Low-Light Vision

Fighter Class Features: Bonus Feats, Bravery(+4 Will vs Fear Effects), Deadshot, Crossbow Expert, Improved Deadshot, Quick Sniper, Greater Deadshot, Safe Shot, Pinpoint Targeting

Cavalier Class Features: Far Challenge 5/day, Mount, Order(Knight Errant), Tactician, Order Ability(Self Reliant), Careful Aim, Expert Trainer, Banner, Bonus Feats, Order Ability(Without Master), Greater Tactician, Infuriating Aim, Demanding Challenge, Versatile Challenge, Greater Banner, Order Ability(Chosen Destiny)