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Stats for Kiboko in hippo form using Share Shape spell.

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Kiboko is a cunning warrior. He is also a Large Raging Hippo.

Try to make use of Pack Flanking by being adjacent to Mvumbu. Always switch Mvumbu's animal focus to Bull (+2STR) in combat - this is a swift action. Switch to Bear (+2CON) if Mvumbu needs more hp to avoid dropping.

For most fights, use Animal Focus to increase Kiboko's STR by 2 (Bull). If there is time, cast Shield from Kiboko's cracked purple prism ioun stone.

Kiboko rages whenever he can make a full attack against an enemy he is sure he can damage. When Kiboko and Mvumbu can both attack and Mvumbu will start or end her turn adjacent to Kiboko, use Ferocious Beast rage power to grant Mvumbu rage. This costs 1 extra round of rage in addition to the round that Kiboko uses.

If Mvumbu drops below 0hp, Kiboko will prioritise saving her life.

Male Half Orc (Mwangi Heritage) Barbarian (Scarred Rager) 3 / Hunter 5
N Large Hippopotamus (Humanoid: Human, Orc)
Init +1; Senses lowlight vision, scent; Perception +13
AC 15, touch 11, flat-footed 14 (+x armour, +1 Dex, +1 deflection, +4 natural, -1 size)
hp 74 (3d12+6d8+18)
Fort +13, Ref +10, Will +9
Permanent endure elements, heat only; +1 sacred bonus vs fear, poison, fatigue, exhaustion; +1 untyped bonus vs fear; +2 bonus vs haunts.

Base Atk +7; CMB +14; CMD 25
Speed 40 ft. (base 40 ft.)
bite (primary) +12 (2d8+9/x2)

raging bite +14 (2d8+12/x2)
raging bite, power attack +12 (2d8+18)


Spells Known (CL 8, concentration +11):

Level 0
create water, guidance, detect magic, stabilise, know direction, purify food and drink

Level 1 (5/day)
summon nature's ally I, longstrider, magic fang, feather step, resist energy

Level 2 (3/day)
summon nature's ally II, barkskin, spider climb, gust of wind, stone discus



Str 22 Dex 12 Con 14 Int 13 Wis 16 Cha 7


Power Attack (-2/+4,+6)
Combat Expertise (-2/+2)
Pack Flanking
Boon Companion
Vital Strike
Combat Reflexes
Amplified Rage
Furious Finish


berserker of the society, magical knack (hunter)


Acrobatics 8 (armoured: 7; Jump 8); 3 ranks
Climb 8; 1 rank
Handle Animal 10 (Handle Mvumbu 16); 9 ranks
Heal 7; 1 rank
Intimidate 5 (4 vs barbarians); 1 rank
Knowledge: arcana 5; 1 rank
Knowledge: dungeoneering 5; 1 rank
Knowledge: geography 5; 1 rank
Knowledge: nature 5; 1 rank
Linguistics 6; 5 ranks
Perception 15; 9 ranks
Ride 6; 1 rank
Spellcraft 8; 4 ranks
Stealth 14 (13 in armour); 9 ranks
Survival 15 (18 for tracking); 9 ranks
Swim 8 (7 in armour); 1 rank




Gear from this scenario

Combat Gear

Other Gear

cloak of resistance +2
cracked vibrant purple prism ioun stone (stores 1 spell level: currently shield)
Talisman of Freedom, lesser
Talisman of Beneficial Winds, lesser
headband of unshakeable resolve +2
ochre rhomboid ioun stone (in wayfinder)

Left at the lodge
Groetus cultist paintings
hot weather outfit

Potions and Scrolls
scroll of speak with animals
scroll of carry companion x4
scroll of death ward
scroll of reduce animal
oil of magic weapon
oil of bless weapon
scroll of air walk
potion of remove blindness/deafness

1 CP; 14 SP; 5963GP

rage (16/16)
animal focus (6/6)

sling bullets (19)
cold iron arrows (12)

happy stick charges remaining (10/50)
wand of heightened awareness charges remaining (20/50)
wand of faerie fire (47/50)
wand of shield (41/50)
Wand of stone shape (4/50)

buffering cap (1/1)

headband (3/3)

Special Abilities

Special Qualities:

terrifying visage: add 1/2 barbarian level to intimidate checks vs non-barbarians, and to diplomacy checks vs barbarians;
toothy (primary bite attack, 1d4);
chain fighter;
rage: +4 morale bonus to STR and CON, +2 morale bonus to will saves, -2AC, 16 rounds per day (includes half orc favoured class bonus)
nature training (hunter levels count as ranger and druid levels);
wild empathy (1d20+3);
animal focus, 5min/day.
precise companion (outflank)
track (add 1/2 hunter level to survival rolls to follow tracks)
Hunter tactics (share teamwork feats with animal companion; companion does not need to meet prerequisites)
Teamwork feats: as a standard action, swap your most recent teamwork feat for any teamwork feat that you meet the prereqs for. You may do this once per day per point of WIS modifier.
Tolerance: make a second saving throw against any nausea, sickened, fatigued or exhausted effect at the start of your next turn. You only get one extra save in this way. If such an effect does not grant a save, its duration is halved (minimum one round). (Note that this grants a limited form of rage cycling; ending rage on your turn means that your 1 round of fatigue ends immediately at the start of your next turn allowing you to rage again).
Rage power: Ferocious Beast (grant your animal companion the benefits of your rage. This costs 1 round of rage if your companion starts or ends its turn adjacent to you, 2 rounds of rage otherwise).
Improved empathic link: works like a familiar's empathic link, but can also see through companion's eyes if within 1 mile (blinded whilst doing so).
Scarification: ignore 1 point of bleed damage per round.
Woodland Stride

animal focus:
At 1st level, a hunter can take on the aspect of an animal as a swift action. She must select one type of animal to emulate, gaining a bonus or special ability based on the type of animal emulated and her hunter level. The hunter can use this ability for a number of minutes per day equal to her level. This duration does not need to be consecutive, but must be spent in 1-minute increments. The hunter can emulate only one animal at a time.

The hunter can also apply one of these aspects to her animal companion. Unlike with the hunter herself, there is no duration on the animal aspect applied to her animal companion. An aspect applied in this way does not count against the hunter’s minutes of duration per day—it remains in effect until the hunter changes it. The companion’s aspect can be the same aspect the ranger has taken on or a different one. The hunter can select or change the animal foci on both herself and her animal companion as part of the same swift action.

If the hunter’s animal companion is dead, the hunter can apply her companion’s animal focus to herself instead of her animal companion. This is in addition to the normal one she can choose, and (as with a companion’s focus) remains in effect until the hunter changes it instead of counting against her minutes per day.

Bat: The creature gains darkvision to a range of 60 feet. At 8th level, the range increases by 30 feet. At 15th level, the creature also gains blindsense to a range of 10 feet.
Bear: The creature gains a +2 enhancement bonus to Constitution. This bonus increases to +4 at 8th level and +6 at 15th level.
Bull: The creature gains a +2 enhancement bonus to Strength. This bonus increases to +4 at 8th level and +6 at 15th level.
Falcon: The creature gains a +4 competence bonus on Perception checks. This bonus increases to +6 at 8th level and +8 at 15th level.
Frog: The creature gains a +4 competence bonus on Swim checks and on Acrobatics checks to jump. These bonuses increase to +6 at 8th level and +8 at 15th level.
Monkey: The creature gains a +4 competence bonus on Climb checks. This bonus increases to +6 at 8th level and +8 at 15th level.
Mouse: The creature gains evasion, as the rogue class feature. At 12th level, this increases to improved evasion, as the rogue advanced talent.
Owl: The creature gains a +4 competence bonus on Stealth checks. This bonus increases to +6 at 8th level and +8 at 15th level.
Snake: The creature gains a +2 bonus on attack rolls when making attacks of opportunity and a +2 dodge bonus to AC against attacks of opportunity. These bonuses increase to +4 at 8th level and +6 at 15th level.
Stag: The creature gains a 5-foot enhancement bonus to its base land speed. This bonus increases to 10 feet at 8th level and 20 feet at 15th level.
Tiger: The creature gains a +2 enhancement bonus to Dexterity. This bonus increases to +4 at 8th level and +6 at 15th level.
Wolf : The creature gains the scent ability with a range of 10 feet. The range of this sense increases to 20 feet at 8th level and 30 feet at 15th level. The range doubles if the opponent is upwind, and is halved if the opponent is downwind.

pfs chronicles:

XP: 25 Fame: 50 Prestige: 23

1. Dead Man's Debt; 1XP, 2PP, 506GP
2. The Goblinblood Dead; 1XP, 2PP, 504GP
3. The Confirmation; 1XP, 2PP, 450gp
4. The Wounded Wisp; 1XP, 2PP, 510gp
5. The Consortium Compact; 1XP, 2PP, 560gp
6. Library of the Lion;1XP, 2PP, 510gp
7. boon
8. Graves of Crystalmaw Pass; 1XP, 2PP; 1275gp
9. Champion's Chalice 1, Blazing Dangerous Trails; 1XP, 2PP; 1190gp
10. Champion's Chalice 2, Agents of the Eye; 1XP, 2PP; 1205gp
11. boon
12. Prince of Augustana; 1XP, 2PP; 1329gp
13. Devil we Know 1: Shipyard Rats; 1XP, 2PP; 1334gp
14. Devil we Know 2: Cassomir's Locker; 1XP, 2PP; 2269gp
15. Devil we Know 3: Crypt of Fools; 1XP, 2PP; 2268.5gp
16. Devil we Know 4: Rules of the Swift; 1XP, 2PP; 2226gp
17. Blakros Matrimony; 1XP, 2PP; 2218.5gp
18. Race for the Runecarved Key; 1XP, 2PP; 2505gp
19. We be 5upergoblins; 1XP, 1PP; 2904gp
20. A Case of Missing Persons: 1XP, 2PP; 3306gp
21. Fury of the Final Blade: 1XP, 2PP; 4410gp
22. The Rebel's Ransom: 1XP, 2PP; 4003.5gp
23. Beyond the Halflight Path (shining deep): 1XP, 2PP; 3207gp
24. Where Mammoths Dare Not Tread: 1XP, 2PP; 4370gp
25. Siege of the Diamond City: 1XP, 2PP; 5409gp
26. Refuge of Time: 1XP, 2PP; 4367gp
27. Fragments of Antiquity: 1XP, 2PP; 5536gp

pfs boons:

Ekujae's blessing: permanent endure elements, heat only, up to 110F.
Kaghaze redeemed: when you adventure in the Mwangi Expanse, Sargava, The Shackles or the Sodden Lands, you gain a care package from the Ekujae. The package consists of a vial of antiplague, 1 x +1 animal bane ammunition, a potion of clw (the potion scales with level). What you do not use you must return at the end of the adventure.
Explore, Report, Cooperate: get a hint from the GM relating to secondary success conditions.
Friend of Janira Gavix: +1 bonus to knowledge checks in the Grand Lodge.
Prized Find: 1 only, when you would only get 1 Prestige Point on an adventure, instead get 2.
Inside Knowledge: +2 to know: local regarding Aspis Consortium, and can make these checks untrained. Cross off the boon to take 20 on a knowledge: local check about the aspis.
Lord Avid's recommendation: +2 circumstance bonus to all CHA-based skill checks against nobility on the Isle of Kortos. Cross off this boon to get a +4 bonus instead, against anyone on the Isle of Kortos.
Loci Spirit Ritual (Spirit of Bounty): a powerful positive emotional spirit blesses you. At the beginning of an adventure, spend 10 minutes performing a special ritual. The spirit blesses a simple meal that grants you a +1 sacred bonus on saves against fatigue, exhaustion, fear and poison for 24 hours. Evil acts offend the spirit, and if you ever perform 3 such acts you lose this boon and the spirit perpetually haunts you, imposing a -2 on all saving throws. 2PP can be spent to perform the necessary rituals to destroy the corrupted spirit and end the saving throw penalty.
Clockwork insight: 2 times only, get +1d6 to AC or a save vs a trap.
Earth Affinity 1.
Grave Treader's Inspiration: 3 times only, use Inspiration as an investigator. [used twice]
Chalice Champion: cross off this boon to get +2 to all checks made in a chase or pursuit.
Infused extracts: 1 x clw (caster level 1), 1 x shield (cl1)
Sight of the Cyclops: 1 time only, reroll a d20.
Horror resistance: +1 bonus to saves vs fear, +2 to saves against haunts. You may choose to suffer the effects of a haunt when you save successfully against it, and gain a clue about how to put the haunt to rest. Your animal companion also gains these bonuses but never chooses to suffer the effects of a haunt.
Freedom Fighter: +1 to attack rolls and weapon damage rolls vs slavers.
Bond Breaker: 1/day either cast Shatter as an SLA (DC14) or deal +1d10 damage against a creature or object with hardness (+2d10 or +3d10 if your crit modifier is x3 or x4).
Orator: 1/adventure before rolling a skill check to convince an NPC to cooperate with you, you can add 4 to the die roll. Double this bonus if the check involves convincing the NPC to participate in an uprising.
Impressive influence: Nigel Aldain, Hamria Blakros, Tancred Desimire, Jeon Raeng-Woo, Alexander Bedard, Rubaani Shafar.
Five Kings Negotiator: +2 diplo vs dwarves
Magnimarian debt: half price resurrection or raise, 1 only
Formidable Reknown: +2 intimidate vs Lissalans to demoralise them, and 1/encounter do so as a move action not a standard.
Into the Baglands: 3 only, if you own a bag of holding you can use it as a Tiny Hut
Pig-Dragon Polymorph Potion: 1 only, as a standard action feed this elixir to an animal. The animal gains a +4 natural armour bonus to AC, a fly speed of 30 (average) or +10 to fly speed if it flies already, for 1 minute. It also gains a 30' cone breath weapon that does 3d6 acid damage and reduces all movement speeds of targets by 1d6 x 5'. The breath weapon can be used once per 1d4 rounds, and a DC19 Ref save halves damage and avoids the speed reduction.
Eliza's Insight: 1 only, roll twice and take highest result on a skill check to notice or decipher a clue during an investigation.
Ready to Act: 1 only, get +3 (+6 in Andoran or Galt) on an initiative check.
The Real Lofton's Aid: 1 only, negate the cost in gold or prestige for escaping or securing release from imprisonment.
Maldris's Saviour (reluctantly): you can check two boxes on Liberty's Edge faction cards per adventure. 3 times only, reduce the cost of any purchase by 4PP per box (ie up to 12PP).
People's Council: gain access to Oath of the People's Council.
Duskwarden's favour: 1/only, gain Favoured Terrain: underground (+2) for rest of scenario.
Siege Hardened: +1 weapon damage vs demons; burn this boon to get +3 to overcome a demon's SR.
Defender of Nerosyan: when in Mendev or the Worldwound, reduce cost of Prestige Purchases outside of a large settlement by 4PP. You may buy magic items that have a Good spell as a crafting requirement at a 10% discount.
Master Archivist: whenever you spend at least 1 hour studying in a library during a scenario (must actually contain books or research material) choose one knowledge skill: gain a +2 competence bonus on trained checks in that skill and a +1 competence bonus on all other trained knowledge checks for the rest of the day.
Paranoid Observer: 2 only, gain a +2 competence bonus on all Perception and Sense Motive checks for the duration of a scenario.