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I play a paladin in this AP, the demons would get beat up, realize the didn't have a chance and port away, this was really frickin annoying.

I saw oath against fiends and thought it would be perfect.

the GM said that would be shooting myself in the foot later on and advised against it, but didn't say hell no or anything like that.
I realized that as cool as it seemed that if he thought it was a bad idea I shouldn't get so i didn't.
end of the day it should be that easy

@Alex.R.: I think you underestimate the number of people who want to play the "zero tolerance, no exeptions" kind of PC. :p We have a pretty active thread from such a one player going on at the moment. ^^

I get that, that can be a fun change from RP
kill um all and let the gods judge um.

I've used smite as a guide weather to kill stuff, and that attitude works for the first uhhhh, 2.5 books then, if you fallow the adventure path you have to compromise a lot later on and learn about gray areas of the greater good.
which I believe is how real life works,,,,,, my coworker is probably NE I'd love to kill him but that would be breaking the law so I'm forced to work with him.
I'm a player in this, not a gm so i don't know if its possible to do the rest of the path without letting go of the zero tolerance.

oh and if you roll a butload of crits on mythic encounters the gm will hate you and think the baddies are to weak. :)
most of the damage was from non mythic feats and being a Paladin and having hot dice when it counted.

I play the paladin in seannoss'es campaign.
I really like the story, but the whole section with the succubus seemed pointless unless we were total tools and killed her or abandoned her she was gonna end up redeemed.
I would have like to have had her be on the bad side of the demon army and have Desna guide the PC's to the idea that she could be redeemed and brought to the light, assisting them over time to her flipping rather then here you go, a Uber powerful Allie you have to want to hose up not to get.
there is a lot of the adventure path were you deal with demons for the greater good.
I think i would have been epic if we could have found her, saw we had a mutual foes, and found out through Desna's guidance that despite all logic this one succubus could be redeemed, and through time, RP, and skill checks we turn her to the light.