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Smurfity, smurfity, smurf!

"...So you are allowing him free passage through your realm?" chuckles Kardum. Taking Endalla by her waist and pulling her closer Kardum whispers into her ear, His tongue soon motions too. "You were always my favorite."

Unswayed by Kardum's blunt sexual advances, Endalla merely watches. "No. Those fools from the Board will find their slave and all the hopeless memories I funneled into his mid soon enough. Our rather what is left of him."

Endalla watched with sadism as the plane's century devised time field ages the mortal fool into an old frail man in a matter of seconds. Then chaotic process of chronology continues as the spy withers into a dry corpse, then a brittle skeleton, and finally dust covered skull in a matter of minutes. That too fades from sight and the remnants of the spy are removed to another plane.

On a wind swept plane of the Abyss rests a large malevolent structure of black granite and fire stained glass. Out of place with the nature of the Abyss, the grounds were kept clear of refuse and other condemned souls. The Hall of Tomorrow's Tears was a neutral ground for the Lords and Queens of the Abyss. A place where they can exchange treaties and pacts, make alliances, or swap coveted artifacts without fear of reprisals. This too, was in part do to the Hall's warden and lady. A demon queen by the name of Endlla. Her title, the Demon Queen of Sorrow. No power in the Abyss dared cross her here in her seat of power for she knew their secrets, their private thoughts, their impulses, and their vice. With that knowledge, she and she alone could inflict untold suffering and collect their tears for her own nefarious machinations.

As she walked the central chamber of the Hall, she brushed her fingers across the surface of the negotiation table, she could help but admire the craftsmanship of it. Chiseled and polished by the finest artisans of the plane it represented the very chaotic nature of it. Although balanced, it was not an even measured circle. Portions jutted out like a prong from a trident. The table was tiered in several portions. The table was set to seat six arriving Lords.

Endalla sensed the six coming.

- Kardum, Prince of Balors,
- Decca, Queen of Ruin,
- Vallashan, Prince of Discord, Schisms, and Rivalries
- Shaktari - Quuen of Mariliths and War
- Skekolah - Prince of Desolation and Cold
- Khalmathadoran - War Marshall of Icerao

They would plot and seal a pact. Soon, something in the future, someone was going to suffer. They were coming soon.