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just get dread striker and double throw

do they keep all the piercing when transform into humanoid ancestry

there are going to be many fan art

should feat like animal skin and giant stature be class feat or feature come with subclass like gunlinger deed

this is a problem pretty much every core class have

there are certainly a shift in this part of the class design during 2e development so far

gang up was always too good to not take for any team with melee martial

which is most team

that would be a terrible idea for 2e

make reckless abandon level 8 feat instead

and fury barbarian can use it at any hp level

again pillar of eternity did champion best

just give level 1 champion a big list of oath and let them choose 1 or 2

school change hit wizard hard

but wizard still only need access to good focus spell to be better than witch

unless someone really hate to play cleric or druid or really want to play prepared occult caster

witch are not very attractive option

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weird how monk didn't have access to feat like sidestep nimble roll

and general lack of defensive feat outside of some stance focus on defence

or any extra reaction feat

there are a lot of martial art trope not being used yet

rage damage have very weird progression

maybe it should be 3 4 5 per damage die instead of just increase twice by weapon specialization

for the most shield focused class doesn't have access to paragon guard is ridiculous

getting free raise shield at level 20 are not good enough

oath and aura are too weak

focus spell dc are extremely low

but if ranger and monk didn't get focus spell changed champion wouldn't get any

maybe homebrew that special effect of specific weapon or armor count as 1 property rune

that would make them far more competitive

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not sure how paizo plan to fix monk

make fob only count as one map might work

still wouldn't fix the high level feat pool problem

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wellspring mage for caster

maybe search fortune trait on aon


The Raven Black wrote:
amalgamemnon wrote:
I really hope Paizo just shows us what they're planning to do with Alchemist (or even a few options) and is open to feedback on it before sending this stuff off to be printed. June isn't that far off and Alchemist desperately needs some love to not feel like garbage.
They did not do this for Witch or Warpriest, yet the fans were not disappointed.

still not sure witch are decent as a class

the cauldron change are amazing but that is only 2 feat

even less than 3 of gadget feat

it was funny spell trickster turn fireball into a super spell

sadly no expansion for the archetype so far

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master weapon come way too late

slightly better feat than before

still rely heavily on true strike

somewhat better than inventor worse than thaumaturge

state of animal companion and wildshape are always pretty sad in 2e

entire wildshape feat pool should have their own archetype so player can finally use them effectively through 1 to 20 as martial

maybe even throw in those few good summoner feat that allow pc to use creature action like grab knockdown and push

martial still have a lot once per day hour or 10 minute feat

per day power can be counterpart of per day innate spell

but the per hour or 10 minute one look suspiciously like focus spell but lack the focus point recovery feat to triple their per fight use

thought it was misprint while reading

if so errata should come out by now

ElementalofCuteness wrote:

The more I read the more I don't think there is an easy solution. One of the biggest issues is bombs need to be more powerful or rather items need to get item buffs when used by the Alchemist but that would ruin the idea of passing out alchemical items but maybe that is 100% what the Alchemist needs? Make it more like a spell caster where the party isn't given items at the start of the day or if they do they are weaker (Standard) effects but if an Alchemist uses them they get a moderate buff. Like longer duration, more damage, less negatives, so forth.

But Master weapons is a must for any damage support Alchemist.

alchemist are so weak level 20 feat like mega bomb and perfect mutagen need to be subclass feature at level 1 to make the class work even remotely

with the damage cap of energy mutagen they run out any decent chance of dps within the class

it is difficult to imagine fix for alchemist

but good news is the new version of witch cauldron feat combine with new potion of treasure vault offer new option for similar type of role play

SuperBidi wrote:
Karmagator wrote:
I wish they'd finally give the ranged martial side some love. Extremely limited to no feat choices, most impactful choices are level 8+, builds are usually very one-note (Strike a million times for archers and once for Eldritch Archer/reload weapons) and most builds are of middling effectiveness at best. With even just the little bits we have from SF2, you really notice how heavily PF2 favours melee in almost every respect.

Ranged martials are a bit of an oddball to me. They deal damage, like everyone, and that's all they do. Spellcasters are fragile but they have a lot of utility. Melee martials are tanking on top of dealing damage. But archers... no, they just deal damage and that's all.

In my opinion, it's a failed design right from the start. They should have a role that is not covered by exactly everyone.

it can feel a little lacking

fighter have debilitating shot

the one good trick they can pull with range weapon

gunslinger have a few fancy trick at range but most are weak or far too high level like twin shot knockdown

Karmagator wrote:
SuperBidi wrote:
Also, it completely overshadows any kind of archer which are just in the dust dealing not even half of the Magus damage. This is also a balance concern (but maybe this time the solution would be to improve the other archers).

I wish they'd finally give the ranged martial side some love. Extremely limited to no feat choices, most impactful choices are level 8+, builds are usually very one-note (Strike a million times for archers and once for Eldritch Archer/reload weapons) and most builds are of middling effectiveness at best. With even just the little bits we have from SF2, you really notice how heavily PF2 favours melee in almost every respect.

Starlit Span at least gets the numbers and native access to spellcasting, which makes it ironically one of the more engaging ranged options. Which unfortunately isn't saying much.

does double throw count as range martial they are pretty strong and versatile especially after thrower bandolier was added

get both fire ray and winter bolt can keep things a little less stale with a aoo focused teammate

and more potential friendly fire

there are already too many attempt to make reload work

from swashbuckler magus to gunslinger

it always feel awful unless there are option to reload as reaction

feat like redirecting shot and inspired stratagem exist

they pretty much do the true strike job

but come in only at mid level

another problem with fighter or gunslinger get eldritch archer or bestgunner is their lack of focus point feat at level 12

still think paizo made a mistake with how talisman work with bandolier

now starlit span can use striker scroll multiple time per fight

at high level this make them even more powerful than other magus and eldritch archer than before

Deriven Firelion wrote:

Level 14 Starlit Span Magus with a Longbow, Archer Archetype, and Point Blank Stance. +2 greater striking longbow with no runes surprisingly, though I did have a fire rune active when I fired this shot using Runic Impression.

I have Scroll Striker, so he has plentiful True Strikes. Every time I get downtime, I make a bunch of True Strike scrolls and attach them to the bow. One True Strike per combat most the time at least.

I did pick up crafting and quick attachment feat. Since attaching scrolls works like a Talisman, DM allows scrolls to be attached quickly with the Rapid Affixture feat. Not sure if this is RAW or RAI, but it is what we allow.

The Magus is baseline a very well designed, efficient class. The ability to poach the best attack cantrip in the game makes it better.

not sure that is how striker scroll work

wouldn't shift spellstriker staff into a thrown weapon work better

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choice other than raffian and thief can feel like trap

and too many mental immunity was a problem

instead of stuck with a pc player doesn't enjoy just ask gm for some special retraining or switch to a better character

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until paizo figure out how to make swashbuckler less of discount rogue the class might as well already been deleted

at least paizo already released a better investigator with the name thaumaturge slap on it

why is chilling darkness still limited to just divine list while searing light are still on both divine and primal list

it really doesn't make sense

competitive edge if there are no bard in the team

is that harsk tea house earn income example

pretty sure that picture is not in core rulebook

other than ridiculous look and ridiculous bulk

player can just pretend slide pistol are revolver

there are too few capacity and repeating weapon right now

isn't power of magus and eldritch archer can be mostly bought with spellstrike ammunition and scroll

problem is alchemical item rarely worth their price and have power reflect their level

if alchemist can make 60 to 80 same level potion per day their powerlevel would greatly increase

or even just add elixir patch that does the same thing as potion patch would greatly improve alchemist

PossibleCabbage wrote:

Really, the only sense in which the Gunslinger is squishy is that they get 8 HP instead of 10 and they get expert light armor at 13 instead of 11 like a normal martial.

I don't see people talk about classes like the Ranger, Rogue, Thaumaturge, Swashbuckler, and Inventor as "people you want to keep away from the front line." That's the assumption for a class built around ranged combat, but you *can* do something else.

gunslinger magus and thaumaturge certainly have more trigger aoo problem

gunslinger doesn't even have mobile shot stance instead have to rely on awkward feat like sword and pistol

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mandatory math fixer like coffee are pretty bad fix for a entire class

a lot of effort would be required to fix apg class

base on core 1 paizo really doesn't have time do that while change all those old name for the worse

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the entire sdciwc system are awful

half of the attribute doesn't contribute to save at all and can be dump by most class

what pillar of eternity did with attribute make far more sense

playstyle of many alchemist support and encourage are bad as long as alchemist are multiple attribute dependent

either alchemist get dex as key attribute or change all bomb to class dc instead of attack roll

base on the degree of change other class have in core 1

this level of change are unlikely

if spellstrike recharge on a crit or 3 hit after spellstrike are used

and add half spell level to damage for cantrip and spell level to damage for non cantrip to regular strike for 1 round after spellstrike

that may encourage magus behave more like regular martial instead of spellstrike machine

arcane cascade feel more like a limitation than feature

just action tax for the feat that require in arcane cascade to function

would be best just delete it and let magus use other stance more easily

magus does have terrible feat pool but doesn't suffer because of it as much as other non core class

they get more option with each new attack spell

which is how psychic focus spell benefit magus even more than psychic

not sure if they are mistake or not

but the way every master save now get different name are annoying and difficult to tell what class get what save in one glance

unstable check are too high for anyone to attempt third or forth unstable action per fight

while there are many way to recover focus point in fight

this may force most inventor to get a support focus spell instead of using their own support unstable ability

8d6 is necessary

but a little higher damage are not enough for swashbuckler or investigator to compete with rogue

they also need some debuff ability that can compete with debilitation

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univeralist just feel so much better than any non elemental school now

still need archetype feat to fix focus spell problem

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sad spellguard shield still have such terrible scaling with the new shield rune

but a lot of other shield are becoming useful for blocking and no longer get left behind as player level

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Raiztt wrote:
PossibleCabbage wrote:
It's messed up that Capitalism has made "a computer can do your job now, so you have more free time to do whatever you want" into a bad thing.
Anyone who thought technology was going to bring liberation is naive beyond saving.

people believe all kind of stuff can bring utopia

and some of them certainly can

if people didn't get in the way

WatersLethe wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:
The algorithms aren't doing anything that artists haven't already been doing for centuries. All art is, to some extent or another, derivative of someone else's art or idea.

The timescales are massively different. In order for an artist to take inspiration from prior art, they must interact with art and contribute to the massively complex web of relations around it.

Artists go to art school, go to museums, purchase art, share ideas in artist spaces, buy art supplies and programs, provide views and likes on forums and places like twitter, and generally do all kinds of things that contribute to the complicated intellectual and commercial sphere of the field of art.

A generative AI that steals art to incorporate into its model does none of that, and can churn out an endless stream of any combination of the input data nearly instantly. It's extractive, and can easily undercut the ability of artists to continue commercially if allowed to copy styles and compete against the original artists.

isn't that already happened with printing press

machine and mass production already won

as if people don't download random picture online all the time to use in their own game

ai picture are not a problem

ai generated storyline item and npc will be a problem

kineticist doesn't need high str

but they do suck at pretty much all skill

that can be a problem

shield is great for champion but everstand suck

get a agile weapon and double slice

always start with at least plus 4 str or dex

no need for charisma to be higher than plus 1

plus 2 if champion want bard or some other charisma archetype

champion will always have terrible spell dc

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wizard focus spell are hardly improved

school give very limited spell

their focus feat still 2 level late but at least it recover 3 point like everyone else

at least elementalist school are still a choice but cost at least a level 2 feat

wizard are the only class seem to be weaker in reprint

removal of the old spell school system hit them hard

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