Sunday afternoon, 2019


The Bridge Problem

Sunday afternoon, 1:00–5:00 pm, 2019 • Grand Ballroom

Something happened to the bridge leading to Teganshire, and the workers sent to fix it got eaten. The PCs are sent to investigate, and either they’re the next meal or come back as heroes—but there is more afoot than a simple hungry monster.

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Event # 2693739
When PaizoCon 2019:
Where PaizoCon 2019
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel
Grand Ballroom
18740 International Blvd.
Seattle, WA 98188
Contact Griffon Lore Games
Category Pathfinder Game (First Edition)
Game Master Griffon Lore Games GM
Age Rating 13+
Complexity Average
Experience Required Some/Intermediate
Materials Required Pencil, Character
Character Players will use pre-generated characters provided by Game Master
Books Core Rulebook
Also Required Any other necessary books used for character feats, archetypes, etc.

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

Mm, mm! Some dark fantasy. Excited!

Will this event be in the same space as the standard PFS tables? (Unsure how to avoid the typical PFS "muster")

I am unsure of how this room works - we have not played their yet.

However, you don't need to muster. If you've signed up already (or sign up at the Con) you can go right to the table.

Be sure to stop by our booth!

Best Regards,

Griffon Lore Games

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