Saturday afternoon, 2019


Scarred Lands: Vigilants First Mission

Saturday afternoon, 1:30–5:30 pm, 2019 • Evergreen 2

Pathfinder game in the Scarred Lands setting by the authors of the Scarred Lands tie-in novel, Vigilant: Book One of Through Shadows and Dreams. Players are new recruits to the Veshian Vigil on their first mission.

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Event # 2693636
When PaizoCon 2019:
Where PaizoCon 2019
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel
Evergreen 2
18740 International Blvd.
Seattle, WA 98188
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Category Pathfinder Game (First Edition)
Game Master Sarah L. Stewart, Frances Stewart
Age Rating 13+
Complexity Average
Materials Required Dice, Pencil, Character
Character Players will use pre-generated characters provided by Game Master

Game Master Ketina here (aka Sarah Stewart).

The Vigilants are expert soldiers who guard the egalitarian nation of Vesh against titanspawn and invasion. You're a young cadet on your final training mission to join one of the Vigils of Vesh. Note: these training missions are a formality. After all, who'd send trainees to do something dangerous?

For those of you interested in the game, it ties into our novel, Vigilant (book one of Through Shadows and Dreams), a Scarred Lands novel. You can find more about the Scarred Lands setting here:

To purchase our book go here:

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Looking forward to it. I haven't done any Scarred Lands stuff since 3e.

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