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Pathfinder RPG (1)

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LEGENDS OF THE SHINING JEWEL is an ongoing living-style city of AMTHYDOR, a city set in the player-created World of RAIA. The LSJ Campaign uses the PATHFINDER RPG game system and is for mature, serious-minded role-players. Players will create their own Player Characters (PCs) that will advance and grow in LSJ Campaign tournaments. The campaign contains elements of High Fantasy, High Magic, High Intrigue, and High Role-playing.

    Features included in this book:
  • Updated Races: All remaining races not in the Pathfinder RPG have been updated and made available. XP advancement is determined by what race you play as some races tend to be more powerful than others.
  • Updated Deity-related Cleric Abilities: Not all clerics are alike, and which deity you worship determines how you can use your channel energy ability to influence undead, lycanthropes, outsiders, or elementals. Also clerics get one additional ability to make them differ from each other from deity to deity.
  • 19 new and updated domains for divine-based characters.
  • New Noble and Aristocrat classes. Ever wanted to play a Noble? Now you can! Also, those wanting to play the Aristocrat can chomp their teeth into something better than the NPC class that has been offered. Two similar classes you might say? Indeed not!
  • Sorcerers have a new bloodline option.
  • Almost all races have the Paragon class option now.
  • Class variants have been updated and included in this product.
  • New feats options have been added for play.
  • Ten brand new Prestige Classes.
  • ...and more!

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5.00/5 (based on 2 ratings)

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Great RPG world!


I enjoyed LSJ in another game version, and its even better using Pathfinder RPG. I have played adventures and solved the hapless NPCs problems in ways I would have never imagined!

Roleplaying Intensive not Dicerolling


LSJ is roleplaying in the ancient style.

I had just about written off playing this style of game, until I found out that LSJ had converted to Pathfinder and we could play again.

This is a system where there is a story and characters can go in many different directions.

Liberty's Edge

Anyone know anything about the Sorcerer bloodline?

I have to confess I'm skeptical about the reviews as they don't say much and one of them has only one review and no posts. Never seen this before. Looked interesting at first ... but ...

Wonder if anyone else has acquired this to offer an opinion.

Dark Archive

This is a new listing from what I'm seeing. They've had a similar listing a couple of months back. The reviews are from players of the campaign from what I understand which is ran like PFS. They decided to convert to PF instead of 4e or remaining with 3.x and losing players. They have a website, but since I'm at work I can't post a link, but I found it via Google. It gives a history of their organization as well as listing all the modules they have available for the setting.

We've been offering tables of this campaign as part of our weekly PFS night here in NYC for those who would otherwise have nothing to play given what scenarios we are offering that week. It's a high-fantasy, high-power campaign with some fun scenarios. I haven't played any of them yet, as I'm usually GMing PFS for new players trying to catch up on older scenarios, but everyone who has seems to enjoy the campaign immensely.

Thanks for the responses.

Here's their Facebook page. And here is their website. Looks like the PDF is 184 pages. In that case, the price seems fair. Will have to read up a bit.

The Legend of the Shining Jewel is a campaing setting that allows players to play for free. Some of the core rules are found in this PDF and they are conveting old 3.5 mods into Pathfinder mods. This has been a slow process, but you can still play the mods with Pathfinder PC's, just you are hella overpowered. You can also play this setting at various Cons around the country and it has recieved high reviews from those who played in it. It is a living campaign, so you can take the character that you played at home with to the cons and be on equal footing with even the staff. I, as a player, highly recommend it.

It wasn't a difficult decision to choose between Pathfinder and 4th Ed. One look at the Beta and we were hooked. The Legends of the Shining Jewel Campaign Guide was written primarily using information from the Pathfinder Beta, so there *are* some critical changes in the upcoming revision, which we hope to have posted soon. Some of the feats have similar versions in the new PF Advanced Players Guide, so we are taking yet another look at our book to avoid any further contradictions or confusions. The LSJ website is

The new Sorcerer bloodline is Lycanthrope

Catie Straiton
LSJ Campaign Director

Dark Archive

What separates LotSJ campaign from other settings like Golarion, Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk, etc.?

Grand Lodge

is there somewhere that details the newest rules for LSJ? I see this printing is being 2012 and there being many new pathfinder books released, I'm wondering about updates.

I was looking at this because I didn't know it existed before. I was trying to get access to the website so I could perhaps start some of these modules up in my local area or be involved in the campaign. I do not know how to do so now as it looks like the campaign website is being taken down. Anyone have any advice for this?

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