Could use more biohacking? Or, maybe include a little more combat power on chassis?


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The core class feature is short-lived injections, lasting two to four rounds, eventually reaching four to nine rounds at level 20.

Every field of study gives you two injections that last a couple of rounds, and one injection that lasts a minute to an hour (with one exception to suppress diseases).

Your capstone has two "undo a condition" options, one instant damage option, and a one-hour duration option.

Biohacker theorems are where we get some options, so lets dig in!
2nd level:
- Aquatic Adaptation. (Although your old armor could let you breathe while underwater, but it probably isn't set up to let you breathe on land? The lack of amphibious really hurts this, as you have to wait right at the edge of the water for both ends of the switch.) That's definitely hacking biology, even if it's hours duration.
- Strange Anatomy. Not glamorous, but it's definitely a modification to yourself.
- Toxic Skin. (Expect arguments over armor.)
Assessment: Good! Enough to take biohacking stuff until the next batch of options. I'm kind of missing Alchemist's really out-there options, though. Grow a familiar on your body, add some arms, that kind of thing. Let's see if later levels give us more.

8th level:
Augmentation Upgrade. I missed this on a first glance- glad there's something that interacts with biotech mods. I feel like it would be nice to allow a free low-level mod if you don't already have one in there, or maybe a discount? I'm not sure how this should compare with Geneturge.
Assessment: Bad. There's only one biohacking option, and it's only useful to let you spend money on something. This is where it seems to really stop feeling like a biohacker. (As an added note, all this injections focus makes stuff like Quick Load feel mandatory and like it should be baked into the class. If you're going to make a class centered around short debuffs on low-damage weapons, I feel like you should give them the ability to use those together in combat without spending one of their options.)

14th level:
Liquid Bravery: Maybe? The flavor behind it as a side effect of everything else you've chugged rather than some sort of intentional neural tampering steals the thunder from this.
Assessment: Bad. This is as high as it goes, and the only self-modification is made to feel like an accident.

I may be holding the class to unreasonable standards for the start. You can spend half your theorems on hacking yourself, and we'll have more later. My major concern is how required you are to spend theorems to use your class features in combat. If you don't spend anything, it seems like your expected combat is six shots, 30 ft. range, with reduced damage, imposing one of six planned penalties each time.

I was disappointed that they don't really have many biohacking abilities.

Yeah, I like the debuffs and buffs, but I feel like there's some other stuff missing the more I think about it. Lots of things I'd expect them to be able to do are only very late level or via theorems with high level prereqs, stuff like damage dealing serums and the tranq shot.

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Yeah, a sci-fi biohacker should have some more permanent biological upgrades built into the class. The name is definitely misleading. Xenodruid or Geneturge Mystics feel more like "biohackers" than this class.

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