Rob the Dragon's Trove, Week 3

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Two have now taken from the Riddling Dragon's hoard. Such disturbances might wake him, and his riddles grow more troubling as a result. Dragon's Trove—the next set in the GameMastery Item Card line—is due to release soon, and in anticipation we are showing off the set and giving you a chance to score a free deck of cards.

Each week, the Riddling Dragon will ask one question. Answer it correctly and get entered into a drawing to win a free deck of Dragon's Trove Item Cards, shipped to you when the set releases. Answer incorrectly and your entry will be burned to a crisp. Just send an email with your answer, your name, and your screen name to Make sure to put the phrase "Dragon's Trove Contest 3" in the subject line of the email.

This week, I promised we would take a look at the riches hiding in the dragon's hoard. There are a lot of cards in this set that look quite a bit more valuable than just simple magic items. When ordering these cards, we asked for a lot of them to "gem encrusted" and made from precious metals. To show off this wealthy set, take a look at the ring, scroll, lamp, and harp cards. Next week, we'll take a look at the cards that everyone has been waiting for.

Week 3 Riddle: What would a dark talon hunter need to roll in order to successfully save against Kerrdremak's burning hands spell?

Week 2 Winner: Congratulations to Franz Lunzer who correctly answered the Riddling Dragon's question with "Horses and Dogs" and scored a free deck of Dragon's Trove.

Here is a hint: The answer can be found in one of our blog posts. All answers for the Week 3 Riddle are due by 12:01 PM Pacific Standard Time on Thursday, June 21st. Good Luck!

Jason Bulmahn
GameMastery Brand Manager

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