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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Darkmoon Vale is a dangerous place (indeed, it hosts the modules D0, D1, D1.5, E1, and LB1). Probably the most dangerous place in Andoran. But it does not exist in a vacuum. To give you a sense of place regarding the vale and what's around it, we present you with this sneak peek at the forthcoming Guide to Darkmoon Vale.


While civilization seems to actively avoid Darkmoon Vale, it has little problem developing in the areas surrounding the insular vale. The following descriptions offer a brief look at the largest or most influential civilized locations of interest near Darkmoon Vale. The interaction of these locations with Valers varies greatly.

Highhelm: An ancient and expansive dwarven Sky Citadel within and beneath lofty Emperor's Peak, Highhelm remains the center of dwarven culture on Avistan, as it has for millennia. Northeast of Highhelm, dwarves control the Five Kings Mountains with unquestioned authority, and passage among the many high peaks remains relatively safe from living dangers. Dwarven caravans from Highhelm seldom come to Darkmoon Vale, as most of them head west into Isger or Molthune. Roughly two or three times a decade, though, a group of Highhelm merchants gathers together and sends a caravan along the treacherous scree-covered trails that wind perilously through the mountains. The dwarves prefer to hire dozens of mercenaries to augment their tough dwarven guards and to act as arrow-fodder and spear-catchers during the inevitable attacks on these wealthy caravans.

Oregent: This large city several miles south of Darkmoon Vale houses the main office of the Lumber Consortium as well as its massive factory-like forges and sawmills. The government and people of Oregent consider themselves friends and allies of Darkmoon Vale, and particularly of Falcon's Hollow. Most newcomers to the vale originate in Oregent, either as citizens of that city or as travelers passing through from points south and east. In addition to company policies and replacement lumberjacks, Oregent also provides Darkmoon Vale with its main connection to the greater world beyond. Information flows into Olfden and Falcon's Hollow through Oregent, and many Valers suspect the news provided to them also flows through a Lumber Consortium filter, painting the company in the best possible light.

Inn of the Wood: Situated a short day's walk south of Olfden, Inn of the Wood is a popular place to relax for those traveling to or from Darkmoon Vale. The inn is the easiest place to find the sheriff of the Shire of Elberwick, Cage Blunnde. It is also the only safe place to spend a night between Olfden and Oregent, so it is frequently crowded. (For more information on the inn, see TC1: Into the Haunted Forest.)

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