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Game Master Doug Hahn

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I am taking applications for this game here. Please see my profile regarding post expectations and overall style to ensure a good fit!

As this is the highest-tier scenario currently offered in PFS, I want to try and make it a special experience for everyone involved. To that end I am recruiting a balanced party who can proactively focus on this scenario, keep things positive in the face of challenging encounters, and collaborate successfully.

Please post with the PC you want to bring, tell me something interesting about them, and let me know how many other games you're signing up for in the special. I want people who will be engaged with the material; this means posting at least once a day and checking in on the threads multiple times a day.

I will be choosing applicants based on fit, party balance, and availability to focus on this game. To hold up my end of the bargain I will be GMing fewer scenarios this gameday to focus only on this game and (hopefully) the special. We’ll lock things in as fast as we can.

Let me know if you have any questions.

— Doug

Horizon Hunters

Hey Doug-

I'm hoping to bring my 9th-level marshal fighter.

"Tremendous" Kohl is a terrifying green dragon who loves encouraging his teammates as much as demoralizing his enemies. He's hoping to enhance the reputation of the Pathfinder Society and eventually retire to start his own hoard.

(Mechanically, focuses on damage, intimidation, and enabling with Snagging Strike.)

I'll (probably) be running a table of the PF2 special and this would be my only other Gameday game.

Marshal is one of my favorite archetypes! Looks like a fun build and a good match for this game! Hopefully this recruitment thread picks up a little steam in the coming weeks.

Dark Archive

I would like to submit as well. i have the choice of either:

Kas 'Broken Troll' Oldun Level 9 Cloistered Cleric based a lot around Age of Ashes.

Arrested for murder years and sold into slavery. Thing is he really didn't do it. Kas was into some criminal activity but was set up by a rival group that committed the murder. He had spent most of his life trying to escape and no one will ever keep in chains again. His job was to tend to the other slaves, keep them healthy enough to work as he didn't have the muscle for the hard labor. He earned the nickname Broken Troll due to his continuously taking the beatings in place of others and always coming back for more, saving more lives than he knew.

Several years into his confinement, cursing the gods until another slave (Athna) showed him the light of Sarenrae. He scoffed at the prospect until during their daring escape she gave her life so he could flee. With her dying breath she made him make one promise as she thrust her holy symbol into his hands. To trust in Sarenrae, find redemption for those who betrayed him and move on with his life.

★ -- ★ -- ★ -- ★

Greezgux Sragmiagz Level 9 Demonic Sorcerer

Cursed Goblin Shaman, completely covered in bird feathers and skulls. He rattles as he walks and eats everything within sight. Ate a portion of the Hand of Urxehl, the Demon Lord of Disaster that seems to have only increased the appetite of the cursed creature inside of him.

Collected one too many Mosquito Witch Dolls and now ones seems to not leave his side.

★ -- ★ -- ★ -- ★

I have signed up to for the following this Convention:

GM: PFS2E Special (Hopefully)
GM: Lodge of the Living God
Play: 3-02 East Hill Hauntings

Grand Archive

Yarr, Pirate Rob here.


I playtested an incomplete version of this scenario but have no other knowledge of the final product.

Orin is a survivor of Lastwall. While he can be a bit of a grumbly Dwarf at times the real lession he's learned though is that every moment is precious, when dealing with threats no half measures and no fallen companions.

Orin is a shield and pick fighter with a variety of shield feats to help protect him and his adjacent allies. Additionally he's an expert in Medicine and able to take care of medical needs out side of combat.

I am currently signed up to play 3-01, plan to GM a single scenario and play in a couple more.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber; Pathfinder Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game, Starfinder Society Subscriber

I would also be interested in joining, with Yendi Ionescu, a devil-blooded divine sorcerer that would be coming in at level 11.

Yendi fancies himself more of a diplomat (and sometimes gambler) and prefers to downplay his sorcery as dabbling until it's actually necessary to use it. He relies on his natural charisma to help his kind of oily personality come off as more endearing than offputting, and prefers to talk up other people's capabilities instead of taking direct spotlight when it isn't needed. In combat, his Plan A is usually more supportive magic, healing allies or attempting to confound and impair enemies, though he does fall back on more direct damage when in a pinch or against the sort of enemies that his divine magic has tended to prove effective against in the past.

In this convention, the only other session that I am currently signed up for is Head Shot the Rot (but I will make a follow-up post if that changes), but I do have another play by post game (Fistful of Flowers) just starting that could possibly still be going at the convention start date, depending on how fast things play out.

Seggiatore - gentleman, singer, musician - would like to join the party.

He's a typical fey-influenced gnome with green and blue hair, a cheery outlook, and a penchant for drumming and singing.
He used to talk very fast and excitedly, but has mellowed with experience. That still doesn't keep him from getting distracted mid-thought from time to time, however.


Mechanically, he's a maestro bard w/ sorcerer dedication.
He packs a surprisingly violence-oriented selection of spells over a lot of protective or preventative measures (i.e. no Calm Emotions shenanigans but he will demoralize-Phantasmal Killer as needed).


I'm playing two other PF2 society games (someone is running Mistress of the Maze, woot!) and hoping to get into the special once it's live (since I am going to gen con but have a conflict on saturday night for that).


Vigilant Seal

Chulyin is--now--a Level 9 Druid Magaambyan Attendant.

Chulyin's parents and grandparents were part of the Sarkorian diaspora. His family made it all the way to Nantambu before he was born. There he was raised to follow in his grandparents' and parents' footsteps at the Magaambya to learn all that he could and take that knowledge back to the Worldwound and fight to reclaim the ancestral lands. However, by the time he graduated, other heroes dealt with the Worldwound, which left him with a crisis of purpose.

Consequently, he joined the Pathfinder Society in an attempt to use his skills for the good of others. He returned to Sarkoris to battle the demon and troll army.

I still need to choose a new animal companion. His jaguar was slain helping to prevent a troll god from being summoned into Golarion.


GMing: I'll be volunteering for the PFS2 special
GMing: Maybe one scenario offering.
Playing: Maybe I'll play the special.

Vigilant Seal

I had intended to add that I would prefer to not play at lowest level on a high tier, high-level scenario even with level bump, so if selection was shaking out to be high tier, I would withdraw my interest.

This looks like an awesome group.

Let's lock it in! Based on what I see it looks like we will be low tier (even if Seggiatore is 12).

Party Comp

1. Tremendous Kohl: Fighter 9
2. Kas: Cloistered Cleric 9
3. Orin: Fighter 9
4. Yendi: Sorc 11
5. Seggiatore: maestro bard / sorcerer dedication
6. Chulyin: Animal Druid 9


Posting an RPG Chronicles and sign-in when I get a moment at work and closing recruitment. Please post in the discussion with any questions or changes. Looking forward to running this.

Thank you!

Whoops! Forgot to note that Seggiatore is level 9.
A solid 14 CPs.

Envoy's Alliance

Note of purchases so I can mark them on Chronicles.
Resilient Rune for Armor (340 GP)
Energy Resistant Rune for Armor (Fire) 420 GP
Wand of Shield Other (160 GP)
Scroll of Spirit Link (Heightened to 3rd) x2 60 gp

Vigilant Seal

I've got 32 days of downtime to apply, and I'm growing suspicious that Animal Companions can't keep up. So instead of spending downtime on summoning a new companion and earning income, I could spend it on retraining. Fire druid makes most sense after the prior four played scenarios. Could retrain 2 feats to lean more into his Magaambyan archtype and spend the rest of the days making headway on the subclass, leaving a bare bones Animal Companion while I earn the difference. Or I could retrain the subclass. I think the former would make more sense.

Or someone could help me understand how to better use ACs in high level play. He asks hopefully.

In the AP I played with one, I know the player had to take all of the AC feats - no real surprise there. His falcon went Nimble at 8th.

The biggest drawback I recall is that the attack stats don't keep up with most characters. Expert proficiency is 14th level. No item bonuses to hit, ever.
So you have to pack Haste, Heroism, and the like.

But also remember it's action advantage, an extra target, and can even act independently.
I have to remind myself of that about summoning spells constantly, because they seem like such a bad use of an entire round at high level.

Oh, and imo savage is not as good as nimble. I feel like the defense bonuses that the latter gets far outstrips the strength bonus. Unless you're a focused healer and just want to see your pet lay into someone from time to time. :)
(( I have always assumed that when the AC grows, it's damage dice do too, but I'm not certain about that. Would hate to see a large bear rolling d6s though. ))

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