West Coast Masks (Inactive)

Game Master Brainiac

Team: 4

Basic Moves
Core Playbooks

The Legacy:
The Bodacious Bowler -- Active hero Maude Hatrix, amazonian angel with laser-targeting vision for her bowler strike.
The Capped Crusader -- Retired hero Bruce Hatrix is an old speedster who occasionally ages backwards.
The Crass Crown-- Upstart Daphne Hatrix is a goddesslike beaut with a magical crown and magical gown.

Other Heroes:
Cosmic Ray
Sea King, Lord of the Pearl Trident
Omnimatrix, MIA

The Nemesis:
The Curator -- Professor Algernon Braithwaite, Ph.D. The Curator has a number of artifacts that he's collected that make him far stronger than a normal person. Wool from the Golden Fleece is sewn into his clothes, giving him fast healing and resistance to damage. He can summon warriors by sowing dragon's teeth on the ground. He has the Slavik herb raskovnik that can unlock anything, and other objects of varying power. Of course, Wesley cannot bring himself to harm him directly or indirectly.

The Contacts: Magpie, Armorer, Tegan Queen

All right - the Magpie is an older villain, formerly active in the silver era before hanging up his glider and going 'legit'. He has a legitimate business as an antiques dealer and professional appraiser, but he's got a backroom business in acquiring mystical and cosmic artifacts. He's gotten some interesting items and sold a few pieces for Tumbler and the White Rabbit.

Armorer has been around since the bronze age, having made weapons and gear for criminals after being subsequently fired from AEGIS' R&D. They are unfortunately stuck in their power armor, the only thing still keeping their heart beating. But when you need a freeze ray, or a sonic cannon, or maybe even some simple robots with lasers, they're the person to go to for that.

Tegan Queen is a formerly five time Wyld Wrestling Women's Champion. She branched out after getting suspended too many times for juicing with RIP, an illegal muscle enhancer that's still used on the body-building scene despite the risk of hyper-aggression. She's often the henchwoman of choice for anyone looking to start up in Bay City, and so she's often the first in the know for a lot of insider info. She's actually worked with Tumbler more than a few times, and Tumbler has the most obligation to her right now.

Other Villains:
Doctor Paradigm, The Sea King's nemesis
Spinneret, Villainous Arachne
The Gambler
The Harrowing Haberdasher -- Leopold Hatrix
The White Rabbit, Notorious Gentleman Thief
The Pinniped Piper, Sea Lion Lover

Mark and Carlos, Diego's Friends
Esdras, Ziss's Missing Father
Coach Jeffers, Panthera High Football Coach
Gene and Amanda Andrews, Wesley's Parents
Daniela Velez, Museum Intern
Agent Yaves, A.E.G.I.S. Contact
Janet Jordenson, Genecroft CEO and Business Mogul