Fell Kingdom (PF1 Kingmaker)

Game Master karlprosek

Kingdom and former adventure background
Varnhold Pass | Fort Varn
Combat map

This game is set in the duchy of Veteris, starting after the events of Kingmaker adventure 1 Stolen Land. Kingdom roles are filled with NPCs and the PC party will not interact with the kingdom building mechanics; those decisions will happen off-screen. The PCs will take on the role of problem solvers for the existing NPC decision makers.

This setting is influenced by 2 prior campaigns, in which the kingdom was established and pivotal events happened. In addition to the events of Stolen Land, the previous parties adventured through: Into the Haunted Forest, parts of Tales of the Old Margreve, Flight of the Red Raven, and Carnival of Tears. This party will likely also face the challenges of adventures outside the Kingmaker adventure path.

The kingdom was established 5 years ago, in game. In that time the kingdom's 2 primary cities have swelled to several thousand residents, becoming small cities in a short time, and has become a power surpassing both Mivon and Pitax in a very short time. This has upended the historical balance of power in both Brevoy and the eastern River Kingdoms.

Veteris aligned itself with House Lebeda and Restov, creating a belt of resistance along Brevoy's southern flank. Togther they fought and survived a short lived war against House Surtova with support from Houses Orlovsky and Lodovka. Surtova is not broken, however, and while all parties have left the field everyone anticipates further hostilities.