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GM Scary Ceiling Voice wrote:
@Anyr - To answer your question about the Lore skill and blessing, go with Angel Lore and you can stick with Guidance as a Divine Innate Spell cast at will.

Done and done!

How specific is the Lore skill to be in 2ed? I originally had Lore (cults) but that seemed to broad given how 1sted defined it. I narrowed it to Cult of the Green but is that too narrow?

@Elyana - No that should be fine. According to the background you should have a Lore Skill related to your Deity or Cult. I'd say Cult of the Green Lore fits that.

Very good, it has been adjusted.

Question... I didn't do the apprentice thing because she has just been working at her father's forge, which isn't really a class. :) I kind of want the class to grow out of how the story happens, but I was thinking maybe sorcerer, which you don't really train anyway, it just comes to you (perhaps it flares to life because of this abduction in fact).

My question is should I add on some apprentice abilities, perhaps as a ranger, to reflect her training with the bow, or are these apprentice abilities only meant to lead into a future class? Wasn't sure whether I could use them for backstory or not.

@Zaranna - As it stands, you wouldn't be able to select the bow as your one simple weapon to be proficient in as it is does not have the Elf trait to do so. Not to mention technically Ancestral and Heritage feats require you to be level 1 to take. That being said, you could take the Martial Apprentice option to gain training with one bow and since everyone is coming back years later at least level 2, you could either take the Sorcerer Multiclass Archetype or you can to full Sorcerer with the Ranger Archetype and take the Elven Weapon Proficiency to gain access to bows.

Whoops... I didn't realize that we didn't get feats to go along with our ancestry and heritage. I thought we did everything up to the point of choosing a class, but that totally makes sense that those things happen at level 1.

I totally believe you, but I don't understand the part about the elf trait. She is an elf ancestry-wise, even though her heritage is Aasimar... do I have to take an extra trait to access elf things, or do you just mean I can't take the racial feat yet? (Sorry, I'm still learning 2e, so apologies if my questions are kinda dumb... just didn't get that part).

... Cool about the Martial apprentice option. I'll revise to that, and take off the feats that happen at level one. I guess I didn't even know there *were* archetypes in 2e, so I will look through the ones that you mentioned. Thanks for your help. :)

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@Zaranna - By default, traits associated with your ancestry are Elf, Humanoid, and Aasimar. Meaning that if a spell or effect would do something to any of those tags it would affect you. The Elven Weapon Familiarity feat gives you access to Uncommon Elf Weapons (i.e. the Elven Curve Blade which has the Elf and Uncommon traits). For purposes of proficiency, weapons that have the Elf trait would be essentially treated as one step down (i.e. Martial > Simple, Advanced > Martial). Does that help?

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For everyone: This youtube playlist can also help clear up some things as well.

Yeah, makes sense. It is a tag attached to a weapon, which is the part I wasn't getting.

I think she is all updated now. Thanks again, and I'll check out some of those videos on things that I'm not clear on.

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They've helped me. One thing they helped me realize is that Surprise Rounds aren't a thing anymore.

I've reviewed, checked, double-checked and re-checked the crunch, so it should be all ready for inspection (but accept that the same pair of eyes reviewing something tends to come up with the same answer time after time!) :)

Which means I'm re-reviewing it now - and it will be ready today. I keep forgetting what's granted at Level 0 versus Level 1!

@Havran - I do have a couple of questions. Did you add your skill feat from your background? And one far less technical question, who/what is Manuk Garak?

@Everyone - Going over the rules again I have realized that I was wrong about selecting Ancestry Feats for 0 Level Characters. If you have not added an Ancestry Feat to your character, or I foolishly asked you to remove it, feel free to add it to your character.

Question... can I take the ancestry feat "Wildborn Magic"


It says it requires "Mualijae ethnicity," but since this is a homebrew, not sure if that is still required, or if elves in your world would have that sort of ethnicity.

I want it just to get the stabilize cantrip for my character (might be useful), but happy to go with a different option if it is disallowed.

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@Zaranna - Technically speaking that feat doesn't require you to be of that ethnicity, unlike Share Thoughts where it is a requirement. Access just means that if you are of the ethnicity or come from that culture. So for purposes of this Homebrew, I'll say that you can go ahead and select that feat if you wish.

@Everyone - If you have questions about feats with an Access listing, please bring it to my attention and I'll either disregard the access or change it to fit the setting.

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@GM Scary Ceiling Voice

This is the part that keeps confusing me:

Apprentice Option
Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 195
If the story you want to tell is about characters who have started training to become a particular class, you can grant them a small number of additional abilities. An apprentice character is trained in the skill or skills specified for their chosen class[/b] (such as Occultism and Performance for a bard) in addition to the skills they gain through their initial proficiencies. They also gain benefits based on the class.

The bold text is my addition.

Regardless, I am reviewing the character once more (and Manuk was the name of another of my characters - more haste and less speed when cutting and pasting a template!)

EDIT - Updated and complete (I hope). The only feat I have taken is the Background Feat, as the other state 1st Level and I'm happy to wait until she levels up to take them :)

For the Ancestry Feat, I added Cooperative Nature to Cardren’s character sheet.

Character Sheet:
Cardren Human
0-Level Merchant
Senses Perception +3
AC 14 Fort +4, Ref +4, Will +3
Hit Points 10
Speed 25 ft.
Melee Unarmed +2 1d4 B Agile, finesse, nonlethal, unarmed
Melee Dagger +2 1d4 P Agile, finesse, thrown 10’, versatile S
Str 10, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 14
Height 4’4” Weight 60 lbs. Age 8
Feats None
Skills Trained:
Athletics +2
Diplomacy +4
Lore (Mercantile) +3
Society +3
Stealth +4

Languages Common, Elven
HP 8
Size Small as 0-level child; Medium as adult
Speed 25 feet
Ability Boosts Two free ability boosts
Languages Common; Elven (additional languages equal to Intelligence modifier)
Traits Human, humanoid
Feat Cooperative Nature (+4 circumstance bonus to Aid checks)
Merchant Trained in Diplomacy, Mercantile Lore, Bargain Hunter skill feat
Trained in Perception, all saving throws, unarmed attacks, unarmored defense, and one simple weapon of their choice. Additionally they are trained in 2+Int modifier skills.
5 gp to spend on equipment.
Cardren is eight, in Swampwood with his mother Rose and some of his older siblings to attend his grandfather Chet’s funeral. They came from Freeport as soon the letter arrived stating that Chet (Rose’s father) wasn’t going to live much longer. He died one day before they reached Swampwood. The funeral and reading of the will happened last week. Rose decided to stay for two or three weeks to comfort (and be comforted by) her family.

Cardren hears the music the night before they are supposed to leave.

His slightly older sister Eagwan (aged twelve) and his cousin in Swampwood, Chet (same age as him, eight) that he just met but formed a fast friendship with.

Rose has a history with the Piper. She’s forty-one now. She answered his music’s call twenty-nine or thirty years ago, when she was eleven. At eighteen, she fell in love with a troubadour, and left for Tarth. Eventually that romance failed, but she met Dreffil, a merchant from Freeport. They married and had six children. Cardren is the youngest. The family runs an arcana supply shop; specializing in spell components, alehemical supplies, and exotic materials.

So for my ancestry feat I took Ambitious Nature which usually gives an additional class feature. I'm assuming it's effect doesn't come into play until I get that first level.

Don't worry about it; I took unconventional weaponry because I really wanted that dueling sword.

@Havran - That part is referring to the following sections regarding the Alchemist, Monk, Other Martial Classes, and Spellcasters. It's basically going off of the premise if you're training from an early age to be a class (i.e. the squire of a knight, a sorcerer's apprentice, child in a monastery, etc), these are things you may have picked up. Does that help?

If it stopped before the last sentence, it would make perfect sense. So I'm ignoring what 'benefits based on the class' might be :)

And I think the character sheet is good now :)

What are the religions practiced in this setting? Or more specifically, this town?

@Ixos - Aruuc and Indara primarily. See the Campaign Tab for the link to the Cadranite Pantheon.

Initial Backstory:
There was a summer storm the night Samantha Willow was born to Rachel Willow and her husband, Ash Willow. It was a fierce storm; it uprooted several trees. But storms can happen any day, even fierce ones. Ash never attached much significance to the storm until a few years later when Samantha began having nightmares of storms roiling across the sky.

The youngest of seven children -- Apple, Elisa, Rowan, Thad, Oak, and Marissa -- Samantha has never known for a want of love. The Willow home is a happy, prosperous home. While some might think that wetlands make for poor farming, Ash cultivates rice and mulberries. It is said in Swampwood that Rachel can charm fish into her hands from the streams and little rivers of these woods.

Neither Rachel nor Ash wanted to admit that there was something odd about their youngest. Sure, she seems to react to distant thunder before others could hear it. Sure, she suffers from terrible nightmares, but all children have bad dreams sometimes.

Samantha's dreams grew worse and worse as she grew from a toddler to a small child. They grew so bad that eventually Rachel and Ash sought help. The local priest of Indara didn't know how to help the child. Physically, there was nothing wrong with Samantha, and the priest could discern no evidence of trauma. It was Old Mother Dima who had taken one look at Samantha and told her parents that their baby girl was "touched by the gods." Old Mother Dima carved a mandrake root and had Rachel place it under Samantha's pillow and told her to send the girl to her in the afternoons to "do chores and such."

Samantha no longer remembers her dreams anymore (as long as there is a mandrake root beneath her pillow), not even fear of the Piper troubled her sleep. For the last six years, she has helped Old Mother Dimas prepare simples and care for the broken and abandoned things around the village such as Jonah who was kicked in the head by a traveller's horse a few years back. Jonah is sweet and gentle, despite being addled. Samantha has grown to love the older boy as if he were one of her own siblings.

Though Samantha didn't realize it at first, Old Mother Dima is teaching her more than just simples. She taught Samantha stories of the gods and more local spirits. She taught Samantha to harness the dubious blessing that has been bestowed on her.

Name: Samantha Willow
Ancestry: Halfing (Hillock)
Concept: Seventh Daughter of a seventh son. "Blessed" by an "unknown" spirit that sent her nightmares of cataclysmic storms.
Eventual Class: Oracle (Tempest Mystery)
Age: 12


1. Is there anything I should add to or alter about the backstory?
2. May I take the rare Blessed Background? If so which Lore should it grant? And which divine cantrip? (Samantha doesn't want to admit or acknowledge even to herself that she might be blessed by the wicked god of storms.)

@Ixos - Full disclosure, there is already a submission with the Blessed background and as I stated earlier I'm only going to allow one character with specific Rare backgrounds. I'm not saying you can't take it, I'm just laying the cards on the table as to how it may affect your chances.

That said, let's answer your questions: 1) No, it's fine just the way it is. 2) Yes you can. Since you are not sure which Deity has blessed you, go with Herbalism Lore to account for some of the training granted you by Old Mother Dima. As for the cantrip, let's go with Chill Touch.

Interest shown
Mr Nevets
joker 27

Submissions (Completed and Partial)
Elyana (Drogeney)
Havran Kuzgun (FluffSeeker)
Alric Ludwig (KingHotTrash)
Cardren (tomtesserae)
Feldrimala Seppleworth (Anyr)
Zaranna (Zanbabe)
Samantha Willow (Ixos)

Please let me know if I missed anyone's interest or submission.

Oh! I saw that restriction; I should have read the other submissions first. I think Cursed or Root Worker could also fit with her story. Do you prefer either of those for her?

@Ixos - While I do not have a preference per se, let me give you my thoughts.

Going with the Cursed background while thematically appropriate might cause some unforeseen clashes with the Oracle Curse feature there by potentially further hobbling your character. Now we could possibly go the route that the Oracle Curse is the curse from the background, the language in said background would certainly support it, but that feels like I'm trying to cop out from putting in the work.

Root Worker I feel better reflects the training you've received from Old Mother Dima.

As I said you can choose either, I'm just giving you my thoughts and concerns. I'll work with you either way.

Root Worker is a perfect fit for her training and upbringing.

I like Cursed for two reasons. First, there is a lot of rich thematic resonance between being blessed by the gods and cursed by them. From a mortal perspective positive and negative divine attention can look a lot alike. I really like that this background presages her becoming an Oracle. (I will totally admit that when I was thinking of the curse of Cursed I was thinking about her eventual Oracle curse. That being said, if Cursed augmented (read worsened) or was somehow thematically related to her oracle curse, that would be kinda cool (for me, obviously not for Samantha).)

Another issue that's floating in my mind here is nature versus nurture.

I want her background to reflect the nascent origins of her magic as justification. Would this nature be eclipsed by nurture if I went Root Worker?

I'm mostly thinking aloud, but if you have any thoughts feel free to share them. If you don't, I'll probably settle on Root Worker because it fits really well and would create less work for you.

@Ixos - After reading your response I've actually been inspired to come up with a curse effect separate from your Oracle Curse that I believe will be thematically appropriate with the Cursed Background. I don't want to go into detail now as the game has not started yet. If you are selected, we can hash out the details then. All of this is hinging of course if you select the Cursed Background or not.

I'll go with Cursed. Thank you for thinking this through with me!

@Ixos - You could always take Root Magic by itself.

I think I will! Once I have skill feats to spend.

I'm quite interested in this, very cool setup Here's my character Charlie Baker. He's leaning towards investigator, though is well set up for Rogue as well and has potential as a wizard or witch. Let me know if I need to add/change/fix anything!

@Charlie_Baker - Pretty good backstory. Don't forget your Background Skills though.

Whoops! Fixed

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Just a reminder recruitment closes on 9/26 at Midnight (UTC -8 or Pacific Time)

Interest shown
Mr Nevets
joker 27

Submissions (Completed and Partial)
Elyana (Drogeney)
Havran Kuzgun (FluffSeeker)
Alric Ludwig (KingHotTrash)
Cardren (tomtesserae)
Feldrimala Seppleworth (Anyr)
Zaranna (Zanbabe)
Samantha Willow (Ixos)
Charlie Baker (2ndGenerationCleric)

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Two days left in Recruitment. If you wish to refine your submissions now is the time.

GM - is this the same one I played twice? I did answer your PM after the last giving feedback...

@Hsoa - Same world as the first edition. You still have time for submission if you perhaps wanted to resurrect a certain smuggler.

Final day of recruitment.

Final day!

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Recruitment is now officially closed.

I should have the list of selected players at some point on 9/27/20.

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Okay, after hours of pouring over the submissions, the following characters please report to the Discussion tab.

Alric Ludwig
Samantha Willow

Pathfinder Rulebook Subscriber

Congrats to those who made it-have fun!

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