GM ZD PFS2: #2-01: Citadel of Corruption [Game day IX] (Inactive)

Game Master Z...D...


Treasure Bundle:

▫▫ Area A6, page 7: 2 Treasure Bundles for defeating
the dragon spirit encounter
▫ Area A7, page 9: 1 Treasure Bundle for finding the
lapis lazuli
▫▫ Area B2, page 10: 2 Treasure Bundles for defeating
the abyssal fungi
▫▫ Area B3, page 10: 2 Treasure Bundles for earning at
least 20 Research Points
▫▫▫Area B4, page 12: 3 Treasure Bundles for defeating

Please provide the following. Will request more information at a later date.

Player Name:
Character Name:
PFS & Character ID:

Sovereign Court

Two players looking to sign up to play something together.

Player Name: Nick
Character Name: Jukuza
PFS & Character ID: 130411-2001

Horizon Hunters

Player Name: Britt
Character Name: Pasha Belle
PFS & Character ID: 2390699-2001

Early Sign up for GM's have begun. Any one signed up prior to August 5 are not guaranteed a seat.

Horizon Hunters

Player Name: Marjim Marc Arafiles
Character Name: Mindartis Nightbreeze
PFS & Character ID: 259680-2002

Sovereign Court

Yeah sorry, I read the Gameday recruitment rules after I had posted. Tomorrow is the day for regular signups, yes? :)

Dark Archive

Player Name: Florent
Character Name: TBD
PFS & Character ID: 754-TBD

Player name: Watery Soup
Charactee name: TBD
PFS: 2358909-2006

The character will be a forensic investigator. I'm still building him but he should be in the system by the weekend.

Maar the Volcano Monk wrote:
Yeah sorry, I read the Gameday recruitment rules after I had posted. Tomorrow is the day for regular signups, yes? :)


Horizon Hunters

Player name: Enchanter Tim
Character name: Raznik
PFS: 1142-2001

Sovereign Court

Since a bunch of people are signing up here I went ahead and had both of us sign up over at the other Paizo PbP for this scenario which was totally empty. Don't worry about us! Good luck all!

So far I got

Mindartis Nightbreeze
Watery Soup

Two spots left.

Envoy's Alliance

Hello! Would love to join in. Hag sorcerer 3 here!

Player Name: Joey Martin
Character Name: Zallarra
PFS & Character ID: 73425-2001

Vigilant Seal

Signing up

Player Name: Arrowhawk on Mythweavers
Character Name: Anjo Aroh : Ranger lvl 2
PFS ID 43870-2001


Envoy's Alliance

Hey Anjo! How's it going! You did a quest or two with my other PFS2 character, Grog!

Vigilant Seal

Good. Still trying to figure out the Ranger. I am wanting to do some retraining with the release of the APG. How are you liking PF2?

And we are full.

Envoy's Alliance

Still doing the usual, some PFS2, some SFS, occasional Savage Worlds or Shadowrun or other games. Play enough to forget what I'm doing for a while. :) But overall, i think i've gotten used to it, starting to see more options and depth to the system. This character is into 3rd level, Grog is one game from 2nd. I'm considering starting a third...

Vigilant Seal

This is Watery Soup, checking in with Aktuh, Forensic Investigator.

Don't stereotype him, he's an exceedingly gentle creature who only wants to find the love of his life, a human woman named Melota.

Envoy's Alliance

After hearing Aktuh's story, "Aw. That's so sweet! How can I help you find your true love?"

Horizon Hunters

My IRL GM decided to give out PFS chronicles for our Age of Ashes game, so Raznik will now be a Ranger 3.

GM, if your #2-02 game doesn't go, I may shuffle my characters - I'll bring Emdi Emmay (Champion 3 / Party Bro 6) here, and Aktuh will spend another few weeks scouring Melota's old house before showing up at the Grand Lodge in tears.

Discussion tab is now open. If you have not done so already, feel free to dot and delete on the gameplay tab. Or if you want to make character introductions, that is fine too.

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