Silver Rose Sidequests

Game Master Patrick Curtin

This thread is to explore the individual stories of the PCs of the Silver Rose game. There are a lot of plot threads, side quests, interactions that get skipped because of time Or bogging down concerns. Here we can explore these individual ‘adventures’ freely without time constraints.

There is not time enough to tell every story in Sigil, or is there ...

The City of a Million Smokes, The Cage, The Ring, The City of Doors, The Big Donut, the Rainy City, Smoggybottom. Sigil has many names, and many stories. Between the main threads of derring do, are the smaller tales of places visited, lives lived, loves lost. Whether spending a night in Caritas, the Fallen Angel, the Idol’s Eye, or the Ubiquitous Wayfarer, there are many tales to be told over a frothing pint of Dwarven stout or a flute of elven champagne.

Here are a few of the lesser-known tales, oft not spoken of in the main narrative of the Silver Rose. Faction discussions, tavern visits, shopping expeditions. Not much fighting, but the everyday lives of the characters as they head towards their destinies.

Things DM should not forget

The party makes it to the central collection of actual buildings known as the Bazaar’s Heart. There is the fantastically-frescoed Merman’s Fish market, renowned for several dozen permanent gates to water-based locals. The Sigillian Arms, the tallest inn (and the swankiest) of Sigil shoots into the clouds, it’s glassy Blue obsidian hexagonal shape thronged with merchants from around the Wheel booking rooms. The Indep Bourse squats long and massive, seemingly carved of a solid chunk of purplish flecked granite. Indep traders are flocking in, ready to buy and sell any commodity one could think of.
The 30-meter plus cylindrical green building with ‘Tivvun’s Antiquities’ carved into its side in a huge wraparound scroll rears in front of them. A much more humble sign hangs by the massive double doors

The Spider Gate is a large spider-motif entrance to the subterranean neighborhood of Little Web, the ethnic drow enclave in Sigil. It is situated in the Lower Ward in Doomguard territory

Justin flashes back to a passage he read during one of his many idle perusals through the book carts and stores of Ragpicker’s Square. The book had been called On the Shore of the Radiant Sea , and had been a fascinating travelogue of an adventurer named Storik who traveled extensively in the Quasielemental Plane of Mineral. Knicknamed “The Treasure Trove” it is a place where many exotic gemstones can be found. He wrote of a crystalline cave that was home to a huge alien crystal forest that was actually one being. The forest/entity, which called itself ‘Pando’ , was known to bestow potent ioun stones to those who found favor with it. Storik had mentioned a group of Orc/dao hybrids called the Earthborn that occupied the nearby tunnels and had an embassy in Sigil in Gurincraag. Storik got his portal through them

.. in the Gurincraag district, deep in the lower levels is a neighborhood called Crystalholm. I was able to procure a guide, a Derro named Mad Marligan. Interestingly enough, he was the sanest derro I ever met. Perhaps sanity is insanity to them?
Marl, as he is nicknamed, showed me the cellar entrance in the Gem Glitter Inn , a drinking establishment catering to deep dwellers who have business “Topside”. The cellar entrance is a sloping ramp that two man-sized creatures can walk abreast. The ramp slowly spirals down to a wide road paralleling a sewer. Through a winding maze of tunnels and various neighborhoods of dwarves and gnomes of all sizes and shapes we came to Crystalholm.
The neighborhood was a very tidy spot of carven stone buildings with a pool of clear water in the center. Several earth elementals of various sizes performed cleaning tasks as Marl brought me to the home of Borik Amethyst, an Earthborn shaman. Although of orcish gensai decent, I found the Earthborn quite cultured and friendly...

After several scenes, Storik arrives at Pando’s dwelling. Described as a giant cave with gleaming gems lighting the interior with rainbow light, the crystalline entity asked Storik for a boon. Irritatingly, Storik doesn’t reveal what it was. The next part is vague, and Storik mentions traveling along the border or Radiance and Mineral, a place he described as some beautiful it is painful’. He returns with a ‘gift’ for Pando, and is given a stone he calls The Heart of the Blue Star. After that he retraces his steps and returns to Sigil and resumes his scholarly studies


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