[Outpost III] BR Dinketry's Legendary Night at Bloodthorne Manor (Inactive)

Game Master dinketry

Legendary PACS game as part of the Outpost III: Puttin' on the Ritz PbP Convention!

Current Characters

Gourd Leshy
Grand Lodge BR Dinketry

played by dinketry (1,493 posts)
Grand Lodge Hayato - Dinketry

Hayato Deck Handler

played by dinketry (46 posts)
Kyra - Iceman

Cleric | Str d8 (Melee +2); Dex d4; Con d6 (Fortitude +2); Int d6; Wis d10 +1 (Divine +3, Perception +2); Cha d8 (Diplomacy +1) | Deck Handler

played by Iceman (74 posts)
Seoni Core-EmpTyger

Female Human Sorcerer Deck Handler

played by EmpTyger (69 posts)