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Here is my application, any hiccups please let me know.

Datrus Sarinni


Human, Versatile
Wizard, Universalist, Improved Familiar attunement
Control, with some blasting, possibly multiclass into another casting class for more spells.


Datrus was a very smart the son of a noble family in the city. His entire family worshipped Asmodeus fervently and with the realization that the heir of the Sarinni family and his younger brother was doted on to served Cheliax. But while at school learning about Asmodeus and working to gain a hold in the clergy he asked one too many questions. He was kicked from the school and labeled a heretic. The shame he brought on his family ensured that he was removed as the heir of the estate. The last couple years after have been hard working as a tutor to young noble children and for the school for girls in Kintargo. With Brazallai taking control of the city, an anger has welled up, and with the closure of opera house he has become an avid critic of Thrune. He heads to the protest to try and voice his concern hoping the people can finally get their voice heard.

Here is my application! I've always enjoyed the idea of playing this AP.Let me know if I've missed anything, please! Name: Poppy Cotton (Born Ida Papaver Kschessinska)
Class and background: Sensate Gnome Alchemist with the Gifted Satirist Background 

Why does your character want to be an adventurer? :

Poppy NEEDS to finish her cookbook. Her publisher can only wait so long and this isn't just any book deal. This is a publishing deal with StormHearth! The PREMIERE publishing house throughout Cheliax and even a little beyond, which recently sent out a call to complete their legendary New Tourism Bookset called 'The True Chelish Adventurers Guide'. This would be the most recent reprinting of the famous Box Set since 40 years past. The rest of the volumes are completed from other (more experienced) adventurers but the cookbook section had yet to be decided on after the recent passing of it's former contributer, Archibold Winthrope the third, who had held position since the booksets inception. She hoped the recipes derived from her experiences in the serving a missionary company in would bring her the edge in being selected. BUT she felt it necessary to provide a segment with a more personal touch, to help make her more relatable. The political situation in Kintargo provided an amazing opportunity to include some selections of biting social commentary she'd applied to many recipe pamphlets previously handed out to the public. Though divisive, it would offer a distinct edge and provide insight into the political situation of the time. Her desire to achieve recognition is only rivaled by her hope to effect positive change in the city, through her art.

What will your character contribute to the party in and out of battle? :
Though combat is a necessary evil of adventuring and acquiring rare product for her recipes, Poppy would personally prefer to write or cook. And while she's become adept at launching homebrewed inflammatory shells from a distance and keeping enemies at bay with her Banner longspear, she's turned her passion of cooking cultivated beastie parts into various concoctions to aid her companions both in and out of combat in the form of delicious meals! Yellow Spore Tea! Bunyip Dumplings!
Beholder stalk kebabs! Sweet and Sour Roc with rice! Nature has a bounty, and Poppy means to collect! Additionally hermore plitical recipes include such puny titles as: Zillai Zinnia Salad! Flaky Hellknight Herring! Asmo Al a Mode! And other similarly cheeky meals! Anything to help manufacture change.


Cheery, relentless, undaunted. Eternal optimist with a can do attitude. She's not immune to discouragment but very much has the, "I can do this all day", type of attitude. This may be a result of being Deaf since birth, introducing hardship early in her life, but she accepts it now as part of who she is. She works well with others and prefers providing support rather than leading. Adventuring appeals to the entrenched curiosity of her ancestors and she carries the tradition ever since her near Bleachening On the flip side, she has a tendency to steamroll others, even if it's in an effort to help them and her energy can be a little exhausting and she gets grumpy without a project in front of her. That being said she's gotten better with boundaries and learning the value of taking a moment to slow down.

Character Description :

An enormous mane of tied back Blood Orange locks bounce constantly as Poppy twirls her pear shaped self around the tiny kitchen. Sweeping across cutting boards, mixing bowls and chemical flasks with purpose, leaving expertly prepared product in her wake. Taking notes and scratching out others with one hand in an overstuffed tome stained and slightly burned at the edges, as her other crawls across used instruments for a tool that's no longer where it should be. Her wide set, hazel eyes drink in rows of strange tools, rare spices, animals both dried and pickled, in search of her favorite tasting spoon, her thick arched eyebrows furrowing at the thought that it might be lost. But her pouting peaked cupids bow breaks into an infectious grin as her slender fingers scratching her head in confusion, suddenly grip the hidden tool nestled in the singular streak of white(left over from nearly succumbing to the Bleeching) amoungst the mass of red tresses.

While generally favoring the more pragmatic form of dress, she recognizes that stylish flair will get her more customers and recognition. Her outfit which favors a teal and gold color pallete, consists of a small kokoshnik to hold back her hair, a vyshyvanka embroidered with geometric patterns, and simple round toed leather shoes she often fit into elaborately beaded chopins to keep her dress out of the mud as well as a little boost in height.

Communicating :

There are a few ways in which Poppy has learned to communicate complicated subjects with others. While she can lip read, gestures can only convey so much but the first alternate method being a chalkboard, usually reserved for food orders, which she has less patience for in a casual conversation. The second is sign language, which few people have the patience to learn, thoughshe often offers to teach whatever party she travels with. The third option is using her innate gnomish wild magic to cast the cantrip Prestidigitation to craft temporary ethereal words in the air.

Cotton's Cookery Coach:

Poppy claims to run Kintargos' most authentic gnomish themed Food Wagon, 'Cotton's Coach Cookery'. The "Foodtruck" is themed towards satisfying the creative hunger pangs of even a gnomish customer, notorious for enjoying exotic foods. As such, the majority of their menu consisted of ingredients from various fauna/flora encountered by adventurers. Food most average folk would never taste otherwise. The restaurant also, as it tends to move around, provides typical local cuisine to ingratiate themselves with regional customers with less curious palates.

Rough Mechanics:

Str. 8
Con. 14
Dex. 14
Int. 18
Wis. 12
Cha. 12

Race 2cha 2con 2dex
Background 2Int dex2
Class 2int
Free. 4int 2wis 2con

Feats: Charming Liar

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Hello all! I'm the previously mentioned existing player for the campaign, and I'm super excited to go through it! This will be my first PbP game, though I have been playing Pathfinder for a few years now, and am currently a part of 2e games as well.

Thank you to everyone that submitted a character! The submissions have been great, I honestly wasn't expecting such a high level of interest. I'm really looking forward to the adventure ahead!

Thanks again to the GM for the longish application progress: It allowed me to catch up with some real life stuff while also considering Jessibel's ancestry feat in depth. Final submission spoilered below.

Jessibel Aulamaxa: Female Human Bard:


ANCESTRY: Human (Taldan)

  • Versatile Heritage: General Feat (Impressive Initiative)

  • Ancestry Feat: Charming Liar

  • Human Basics: HP 8; Size Medium; Speed 25 ft.; Languages Common +1 + Int; Traits Human, Humanoid

  • Two Free Ability Boosts: Dex and Int

BACKGROUND: Child of Kintargo

  • Ability Boosts: Cha and Dex

  • Trained Skills: Society, Kintargo Lore

  • Skill Feat: Courtly Graces

Initial Proficiencies
At 1st level, you gain the listed proficiency ranks in the following statistics. You are untrained in anything not listed unless you gain a better proficiency rank in some other way.

  • Perception: Expert in Perception

  • Saving Throws: Trained in Fortitude; Trained in Reflex; Expert in Will

  • Skills: Trained in Occultism; Trained in Performance; Trained in a number of additional skills equal to 4 plus your Intelligence modifier.

  • Attacks: Trained in simple weapons; Trained in the longsword, rapier, sap, shortbow, shortsword, and whip; Trained in unarmed attacks

  • Defenses: Trained in light armor; Trained in unarmored defense

  • Spells: Trained in occult spell attacks; Trained in occult spell DCs

  • Key Ability: Cha

  • Muse: Maestro (Shensen); Gain Lingering Performadd soothe to spell repertoire

  • Four Free Ability Boosts: Dex, Con, Int, Cha

ABILITY SCORES: STR 10, DEX 16, CON 12, INT 14, Wis 10, Cha 16

Intended Role: Jessibel is meant to be a jack-of-all-trades support character, offering a bit of healing magic, inspire courage to boost the power of her more martially-inclined allies, and firsthand knowledge of Kintargo’s nobility. She’s also brashly confident while interacting with others, whether sweet-talking them with Diplomacy or lying through her smiling teeth with Deception. In combat, she’ll rely on her Dexterity, using finesse and ranged weapons.

BACKGROUND: The younger of two children born to the late Markham Aulamaxa (murdered while visiting Westmarch five years ago) and Leandra Ghival, Jessibel’s the black sheep of the Kintargo branch of the Aulamaxa family tree. While her elder brother (Jonathan) is a smart and respectable fellow who’s learned the ins and outs of the family businesses, Jessi’s been something of an irresponsible, devil-may-care party girl and entitled brat. While she has grace, charisma, and smarts, Jessibel uses her assets in trivial matters; her mother is resigned to believing her daughter will never amount to anything of substance.

Her mother is likely right, at least to some degree. While Jessibel recently began performing in some local playhouses (and plans on one day starring onstage at the prestigious Kintargo Opera House), thus far she’s used the money and connections made to party extravagantly with other young nobles from the Greens.

Jessibel’s grandmother—the Archbaroness Eldonna—sees potential in the young bard, however. If she can instill a bit of discipline and responsibility in the young woman, the Archbaroness believes Jessibel may yet be an asset to the noble family.

This is Captain Collateral Damage's submission. I couldn't figure out how I wanted to do my cleric or champion idea, so I ended up scrapping most of that character concept and making a druid instead. :)
Ancestry: Human (Skilled)
Background: Ex-Asmodean
Class: Druid (Leaf order)
Role: Support caster

Hemdar was born and raised in Kintargo, but, then again, he was also born Aspexia Voralis and raised as a girl. Born into a minor noble house, Hemdar chose from a young age to follow his older brother Gellus into the Church of Asmodeus. There were many things about the Church that were off-putting, but the idea of faith and belief were fascinating, and, being raised a good Chelaxian, Hemdar knew no other deities as deserving of worship. Besides, Gellus was there, so it had to be good, right?
Under the tutelage of the Asmodean clergy, Hemdar was taught that it was natural for the weak to serve the strong, of the glorious law and order of Hell and Cheliax, and that those who dare to defy that order must be punished severely. Unbeknownst to everyone, Gellus had been doing just that, acting as an insider agent for the Bellflower Network. Although he was able to help free many slaves, Gellus couldn’t hide his work, or that he didn’t receive magic from Asmodeus, forever, and was caught, tried, and executed when Hemdar was 17.
Distraught at his brother’s death, Hemdar fled Korvosa and ran into the wilderness to hide. Being from the city, he would have perished in a matter of days had it not been for Tictic. A friendly and helpful vine leshy, Tictic taught Hemdar to survive and even thrive in the forest. The two of them lived together in the forest for quite some time, and over that time Hemdar grew to trust and have faith in nature, and, with Tictic’s help eventually learned to channel nature’s power into druidic spells. In the wild, Hemdar was free from the laws of Asmodeus and Cheliax, and even free from his birth name. He was no longer Aspexia Voralis.
After more than a year in the forest, Hemdar felt drawn back to Kintargo, although he knew he could not return to the part of Kintargo where he once lived. He managed to convince Tictic to come to Kintargo with him, if only to see what living in other parts of the city was like. Realizing he would be a stranger, he called himself Hemdar, a simple but made-up name, and presented himself as a man. Hemdar was able to get a job as a gardener in Jarvis end. When Barzillai and martial law came to Kintargo, Hemdar should have fled, but he realized why he was drawn back: Despite everything, Hemdar still mourns the loss of his brother, and he sees the unrest in the city as a way to find allies, and avenge Gellus’s death.

"Would you expect the gathering to be out this direction, or the latter?"
"I don't suppose I'd be imposing to surmise the reason you might find yourself in attendance today, because as any well-mannered Kintargan knows, it's positively irresponsible for Barzillai to not only lay claim of Thrune blood, but also to masquerade around the church of Asmodeus in such a manner as to constitute "conflict of interest" of the utmost and..."

Full Character and Backstory in Profile

"Verity and Luckbeat" and I are a packaged deal. We used to game regularly together until I moved a couple of states away, and are looking for a way to continue that fine tradition, hoping this campaign might just be such an opportunity. Best!

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Hey all, here is a summary of the submissions that I have recieved thus far. Please let me know if I missed anybody or any info. I will be splitting these up based on which are completed and which stilll need some more information.

Completed Submissions (17):

Captain Collateral Damage (Hemdar) - Human - Ex-Asmodean - Druid
Critzible (Xavier) - Human - Urban Sleuth - Rogue
CrusaderWolf (Jilvinirri) - Gnome - Charlatan - Cleric
Euan (Tucchi Hedgehopper) - Halfling - Star Struck - Champion
Fallen_Mage (Januunda Pohartii) - Human - Laborer - Fighter
Hustonj (Tilorean Vashnarstill) - Human - Child of Kintargo - Bard/Rogue
Iff (Preben Natale) - Human - Urban Sleuth - Ranger
Losonti (Enara Etcheberry) - Human - Urban Sleuth - Rogue
Magicblast (Flavia Stota) - Human - Star Struck - Sorcerer
Mythicman19 (Datrus Sarinni) - Human - Ex-Asmodean - Wizard
Polyparadigm (Dr. Orris Duftwurtz) - Human - Fed-up Citizen - Alchemist
Profession Smith 6 Ranks (Jessibel Aulamaxa) - Human - Child of Kintargo - Bard
Rainzax (Verity and Luckbeat) - Half-orc - Historian of the Rebellion - Ranger
Sancuris (Poppy Cotton) - Gnome - Gifted Satirist - Alchemist
The KGB (Lucius Baradayne) - Human - Fed-up Citizen - Champion
Ulgulanoth (Vors Ebrin) - Human - Natural Born Leader - Bard
Vrog Skyreaver (Roger Hornsby) - Human - Warrior - Rogue

Incomplete Submissions (4):

Cuàn () - - -
Sapiens () - - -
SqueezeMeNow () - - -
Zwordsman () - - -

If I did not include you or the information that I have is incorrect, please let me know. We have until 23:59 PST today (just over 16 hours after this post goes live) before submissions close. Thank you all so much for the time and effort that you have put in so far, they have been an absolute delight to read. I will be posting who I am selecting around midday (for me) tomorrow.

Super interested in this! I'm interested in either Diabolic Sorcerer or Enchantment Wizard for this gal here... I can flex as needed, though my preference is sorcerer. If there's anything I'm missing, let me know!

Lorelei Krenshaw, female Human - Diva in Training
Diabolic Sorcerer OR Wizard - assume Sorcerer by default
Role: Face, support

Background and ability scores:

Ability scores: 10/12/14/14/10/18

Lorelei is a proud native of Kintargo, having not left Ravounel in her life. Her family have long been supporters of the Thrune regime, something that Lorelei bristles at given her own free spirit. She spent her early adulthood attempting to study medicine at the Alabaster Academy, but dropped out to pursue a career in the Opera House. For years she practiced, trained, and worked to get where she got, from stagehand to bit part, but finally she got her dream role - one of her favorite operas, Huntress of Heroes!

Barzillai Thrune's arrival in Kintargo dashed those hopes, of course. Now her firey independent streak is being stoked by desires of revenge. Martial law's effect on the city was bad enough, absolutely terrible - but now it was personal. House Thrune had ruined her career and retroactively wasted her life! Who wouldn't attend a protest over that?

Good luck folks!

18 applicants or 5 spots.

Actually one of the least competitive AP recruitments I remember. Must be the PF2 conversion throwing people off.

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Hello everyone! Thank you again for all of the wonderful submissions, they have been a delight to read through during the past few weeks.

After much deliberation and the performance of some much need sacred geometry, I have come to my decision. Without further ado, the selected players are:

Captain Collateral Damage (Hemdar) - Human - Ex-Asmodean - Druid
CrusaderWolf (Jilvinirri) - Gnome - Charlatan - Cleric
Hustonj (Tilorean Vashnarstill) - Human - Child of Kintargo - Bard
Losonti (Enara Etcheberry) - Human - Urban Sleuth - Rogue
The KGB (Lucius Baradayne) - Human - Fed-up Citizen - Champion

If I did not select you that in no way means that I didn't think your submission was excellent, but unfortunately I only have room for five of you. If at any point a slot opens up I will be keeping the list of submissions as a well to draw on later.

Thanks again, everyone. For those of you who were selected, please go ahead and make your way over to the discussion thread!

Thanks for the opportunity to apply! Wish you guys a great game!

Have a great game everyone! Congratulations!

Congrats to those who were selected. I hope you all have a great adventure.

Congrats and good luck to those selected!

Good Luck, All.


Raised by his Half-Orc mother Jin, Verity never knew his father who was "disappeared" before he was born for reasons never fully explained to him by his primary (if heartbroken) caregiver. Inherited of his father's precociousness and mother's impressive memory, Verity grow up asking questions and never seemed to be satisfied by the answer, indeed keeping a mental system of bookmarks that never quite fully add up, not only as concerns the history of the father he never knew, but too the inconsistencies that hold together the mores of the society he grew up in.

The recently instituted martial law was a catalyst for his intellectual and strident curiosity. On the same day Verity brought home a wounded owl, whom he named Luckbeat, cast aside probably as collateral damage to the "first proclamation" nonsense, and whom he intended to nurse back to health, his mother was evicted from their flat in the Iudeimus Tenement, and although she now stays with relatives (uncles and cousins of his father's side), Verity has taken to the streets for reasons manifold. Not that he doesn't enjoy sleeping on the floor with his talkative if boorish kin, it's simply that curling up in his bedroll offers similar creature comforts, with the added benefit of relative silence meaning being able to collect his busy thoughts, tend to Luckbeat, and maintain a voracious reading appetite, subsisting on various illegal and piecemeal manuscripts he has collected over recent months, and keeping a journal. His current theory involves his father being a formerly active member of the Silver Ravens, and so he recently made contact with them, believing this to be his first real lead!

Verity, neck hair sprung in mild paranoia, is headed to Aria Park right now to meet a human man wearing a black leather glove on his right hand...

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