The Meridian Parallel - Cursebreakers

Game Master Uret Jet

The Meridian Parallel | Setting Document
Wind's Edge
In-game Date: 1/21/320 7Ag (1 days passed)

Current Map: N/A

Initiative Order: Out of Combat

Feat Tax rules: Link

Story Prompt:
The land of Ulnswhere has been under a curse since nearly a century into the Seventh Age, one which has banished all hints of natural weather patterns. While they have adapted, they have also suffered. Recently, there are rumors that the curse has begun to spread it's influence further into Elinlitroi, sparking panic in a populace already rocked by recent hardship and the loss of their queen. A call has gone out, asking for brave adventurers to seek out the source of this curse and put an end to it once and for all. Within the first month of the year, it is within the Elish city of Laria situated just over a hundred miles from your destination that you formed your group, before gearing up to travel up the Alivari in a small river-boat. It’s destination, the border-town of Wind’s Edge, where your journey to uncover the mystery surrounding this curse begins.


Sandstone Sculpture of Kitsune Nobles (DC 15 Nobility) (DC ? Appraise) (? GP) (Unclaimed)
Raw Hematite (Dew in the Dawnlight)
Oil of Magic Weapon (Unclaimed)
Silver Flask of Hard Whiskey (Unclaimed)

Wind's Edge:
Wind’s Edge
LN Small Town
Corruption +0; Crime +0; Economy +0; Law +1; Lore +1; Society +1
Qualities Broad Minded, Bordertown
Danger 0
Government Autocracy
Population 1032 (Generally human)
Base Value 1000; Purchase Limit 5000; Spellcasting 4th
Minor Items 3d6; Medium Items 1d4; Major Items —
1. Party’s Starting Location
2. Ferry Service (to North)
3. Ferry Service (To South)
4. Market Square
5. Grillford’s Tavern (The Grillford)
6. Smithy
7. Library
8. Residence
9. The Weathersmith’s Guild Compound
- Central Tower
- Dorms
- Waterwheel
- Temple of Avis
10. Residence
11. Roadside Inn
12. General Store
13. Stablehouse
14. Bar
15. ?
16. Residence