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Female Aasimar (Angelkin) Inquisitor (Sanctified Slayer) 5 / HP 43 / 43 / AC 26 /T 15 /FF 22 /F +5 /R +4 /W +6 /Init+9 /Perc+10 /CMB+6 /CMD 20


/(+1) Cold iron bastard sword +7 (1d10+4/19-20) / (MW) Repeating light crossbow +7 (1d8/19-20)

About Saphera Moonglade

Player: Nightfiend
Character Name: Saphera Moonglade
Chronicles Completed: 13
Fame: 24 / PP: 22
XP: 13
GP: 3,911
Society ID: 23083-08
Faction: Silver Crusade
Day Job: Heal +8

Saphera Moonglade
Angel-Blooded Aasimar (Angelkin) Inquisitor (Sanctified Slayer) 5
LG Medium outsider (native)
Init +9; Senses Darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +10
God: Ragathiel
AC 26, touch 15, flat-footed 22 (+7 armor, +3 Dex, +1 Dodge, +3 Shield, +1 Trait, +1 Amulet of NA)
hp 43
Fort +5, Ref +4, Will +6
Resist acid 5, cold 5, electricity 5
Speed 20 ft.
Melee Dagger +6 (1d4+3/19-20)
Melee +1 Cold-iron Bastard-sword +7 (1d10+4/19-20)
Ranged Masterwork repeating light crossbow +7 (1d8/19-20)

Special Attacks
Bane: +2 and +(2d6) for 5 rounds a day.
Merciful: +(1d6) damage and all damage is treated as non-lethal unless suppressed.
Precise strike: +(1d6) precision damage when target is flanked.
Sneak attack: +(1d6) precision damage when target is flat footed or flanked.
Studied target: +2 Attack and Damage on 2 targets.

Special Qualities
Discern Lies: 5 rounds/Day
Monster lore: +2
Patient sensibility: +2
Stern gaze: +2
Track +2

Str 16, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 10
Base Atk +3; CMB +6; CMD 20

Feats and Traits:

Feats: Dodge, Improved Initiative, Precise Strike (Teamwork), Toughness
Traits: Defender of the society, Friend in every town

Skills and Languages:

Acrobatics (Untrained) -1
Appraise (Untrained) +1
Bluff (Untrained) +0
Climb +4
Diplomacy +10
Disguise (Untrained) +0
Escape Artist (Untrained) -1
Fly (Untrained) -1
Heal +8
Intimidate +7
Knowledge (Arcana) +7
Knowledge (Dungeon) +8
Knowledge (Local) +8
Knowledge (Nature) +6
Knowledge (Planes) +8
Knowledge (Religion) +7
Perception +10,
Ride (Untrained) -1
Sense Motive +10
Stealth (Untrained) -1,
Survival +7
Swim +4

Languages Celestial, Common, Hallit

Gear and Encumbrance:

Combat Gear Alchemist's fire (2), Alkali flask (2), oil (3), Scroll of lessor restoration (2), Tanglefoot bag (1), Vermin repellent (1);

Other Gear Amulet of Natural Armor (+1), (MW) Repeating light crossbow, Cold iron bolts (W/ Silver blanch) (20), Cold iron bolts (30), (+1) breastplate, (+1) heavy steel shield, dagger, (+1) Cold-iron Bastard-sword, (MW) backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, blanket, cold weather outfit, grappling hook, iron holy symbol (Ragathiel), piton (6), silk rope (50 ft.), sack, scroll case, small hammer, spell component pouch, trail rations (8), Wand of cure light wounds (12 charges), waterskin (2), weapon cord, Hot weather outfit, 1,606 gp, 6 sp.

Light Load Up to 86 Lbs. Medium Load Up to 173 Lbs. Heavy Load Up to 260 Lbs.
Current Encumbrance 131.5 Lbs.

Tracked Resources:

Spells (CL 5th; Concentration +7)
1st Level (4/day) -0/5
2nd Level (2/day) -0/2

Alter self (1/day) -0/1
Bane (5/day) -0/5
Discern Lie (5/day) -0/5
Teamwork Feat (Change 2/day) -0/2

Alchemist's fire -0/2
Alkali flask -0/2
Oil -0/3
Repeating crossbow bolts (Cold iron) -0/30
Repeating crossbow bolts (Cold iron / Silver blanch) -0/20
Vermin repellent -0/1
Tanglefoot bag -0/1
Trail Rations -0/8
Wand of CLW -0/10
Scroll of lesser restoration -0/2

Spells and Abilities:

Spell-Like Abilities
. . 1/day— Alter self
. . At will- Detect alignment
. . 5 rds/day Discern Lies

Inquisitor (Sanctified Slayer) Spells Known
. . 0 (at will)—
Create water, Detect magic, Detect Poison, Disrupt undead,
Guidance, Stabilize
. . 1st (5/day)—
Comprehend Language, Cure light wounds, Magic weapon, Shield of faith
. . 2nd (3/day)-
Cure Moderate Wounds, Restoration Lesser, See Invisibility

Domain Redemption Inquisition

Special Abilities:

Bane (SU) At 5th level, an inquisitor can imbue one of her weapons with the bane weapon special ability as a swift action. She must select one creature type when she uses this ability (and a sub-type if the creature type selected is humanoid or outsider). Once selected, the type can be changed as a swift action. This ability only functions while the inquisitor wields the weapon. If dropped or taken, the weapon resumes granting this ability if it is returned to the inquisitor before the duration expires. This ability lasts for a number of rounds per day equal to the inquisitor's level. These rounds do not need to be consecutive.
Darkvision (60 feet) You can see in the dark (black and white vision only).
Defender of the Society +1 trait bonus to Armor Class when wearing medium or heavy armor.
Detect Alignment (Sp) Detect chaos, evil, good, or law at will.
Discern Lies (SP) At 5th level, an inquisitor can discern lies, as per the spell, for a number of rounds per day equal to her inquisitor level. These rounds do not need to be consecutive. Activating this ability is an immediate action.
Energy Resistance, Acid (5) You have the specified Energy Resistance against Acid attacks.
Energy Resistance, Cold (5) You have the specified Energy Resistance against Cold attacks.
Energy Resistance, Electricity (5) You have the specified Energy Resistance against Electricity attacks.
Monster Lore +2 (Ex) +2 to Knowledge checks when identifying the weaknesses of creatures.
Patient Sensibility (Su) (Domain Redemption Inquisition) You gain a +2 bonus on Diplomacy, Perception, and Sense Motive checks.
Precise Strike (Feat) Whenever you and an ally who also has this feat are flanking the same the creature, you deal an additional 1d6 points of precision damage with each successful melee attack. This bonus damage stacks with other sources of precision damage, such as sneak attack. This bonus damage is not multiplied on a critical hit.
Redeemer's Mercy (Su) Any weapon you wield gains the merciful magic weapon power. (Merciful) The weapon deals an extra 1d6 points of damage, and all damage it deals is nonlethal damage. On command, the weapon suppresses this ability until told to resume it (allowing it to deal lethal damage, but without any bonus damage from this ability).
Sneak Attack Attacks deal an additional (1d6) precision damage if foe is flat-footed or flanked.
Studied Target +2 (Ex) Study foe as a Move action, gain +2 to att/dam, Bluff, Knowledge, Perception, Sense Motive, and Survival when used on the target.
Solo Tactics (Ex) Count teamwork feats as if your allies had the same ones.
Stern Gaze (Ex) You gain a morale bonus on all Intimidate and Sense Motive checks equal to 1/2 your inquisitor level (minimum +1).
Teamwork Feat Swap your most recent Teamwork feat for another 2/day.
Track +2 Add the listed bonus to survival checks made to track.
Weapon cord Attached weapon can be recovered as a swift action.


It was a normal dry day in the small town of Gundrun. The sound of children running through the merchant streets brought forgotten smiles to many of the local shop keepers. In most settlements the unruly antics of children running around would be frowned upon, but in Gundrun, it was a beautiful reminder of the way things were before the Worldwound. The sound of the child's laughter stands out like a beacon of hope during a time when such things are scarcely found anymore. Almost every child in the area had joined in a game of hid and go seek, which sent children scattering in every direction. All the children but one, who sat solemnly off to the side and watched the activity with skepticism.

One of the local meat merchants watched, as the other children took turns approaching the young girl with creative offers to gain her interest, but only found themselves facing an impossible task. Each time one of the children would approach, the merchant could see the young girl shake her head no with a seriousness that sent the other children fleeing hopelessly back to the game empty handed. Eventually the merchant asked one of his clients about the girl. The woman replied. “She is one of the many Worldwound orphans who have endured tremendous loss. She was orphaned about four weeks ago when her parents vanished while escorting a supply caravan to the front line. Rumor has it, that the girl has celestial blood running through her veins, but I don’t see any sign of it. She seems distant and unwilling to adjust to her new circumstances. Hopefully after the society relocates her, she will have a better chance of adapting to a new life away from this horrible place.” The merchant nodded as the woman went back to her shopping.

After watching the girl for a while, the merchant eventual approached her and asked why she wouldn’t play with the other children. There was something different about her, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. After a moment, the young girl looked up with a sad expression. “There is no time for fun anymore. Soon the world will come to an end, and all this will be forgotten.” The merchant asked the girl why she felt the world was coming to an end. The girl didn't reply, she simply stared quietly at the merchant with a look that pierced straight through him. After a long and uncomfortable silence, she finally spoke. “My name is Saphera Moonglade. Remember that name. It will be a name of importance someday.”

Eventually a caravan, sponsored by the pathfinder society, collected up all the orphaned children and escorted them to the southern city of Absalom.

Saphera spent the first half of her life learning about the society and their role in the war with the Worldwound. After coming of age, she ran into a rare group of devoted followers of the Imperial god Ragathiel. After embracing their teachings, she found herself devoted to a lifetime of servitude to a god whose path was perfectly aligned with her own. An undying commitment to rid the world of demons and their spawn. To someday, help close the Worldwound forever.

With a newly embraced destiny, Saphera approached the pathfinder society and eventually joined the Silver Crusade. She decided to take advantage of the opportunity the society offered in order to strengthen her skill, with the hope of someday returning to the Worldwound.

Scenarios Completed:

(1) The Veterans Vault #4-18 Date 08/21/2014 Code 46,723 (GM Credit)

(2) Trial by Machine #6-01 Date 10/16/2014 Code 47589

(3) Before The Dawn, Part 1 (The Bloodcove Disguise) #2-01 Date 10/17/2014 Code 52637

(4) The Cyphermage Dilemma #4-15 Date 12/29/2014 Code 51231

(5) Tide of Morning #23 Date 02/01/2015 Code 51231-143

(6) The Ice Bound Outpost #2-19 Date 06/09/2015 Code 58931

(7) We Be Goblins (Module) Date 08/10/2015 Code 64332

(8) Siege of Serpents #6-97 Date 12/20/2015 Code 65492

(9) Before The Dawn Part 2, (Rescue At Azlant Ridge) Date 03/27/2016 Code 74432 (GM Credit)

(10) Scions of the Sky Key, Part 1 (On Sharrowsmith's Trail) #6-12 Date 08/10/2016 Code 133462

(11) Scions of the Sky Key, Part 2 (Kaava Quarry) #6-14 Date 12/23/2016 Code 81754

(12) Scions of the Sky Key, Part 3: (The Golden Guardian) #6-16 Date: 02/15/2017 Code: 81754

(13) Among the Gods #3-08 Date: 05/27/2023 Code: 2701465

Boon from (2) Trial By Machine
Envoy of Peace (Silver Crusade): Redeeming a few wayward souls makes the task easier in the future. You gain a +1 bonus on Diplomacy checks made against creatures with a hostile starting attitude toward you, and you reduce the penalty to use a weapon to deal nonlethal damage by 1. You can cross this boon of your Chronicle sheet to re-roll such a Diplomacy check or nonlethal attack roll and use the higher result.

Boon from (3) Before The Dawn, Part 1 (The Bloodcove Disguise)
The Favor of Cartahegn: While in a settlement of 5,000 people or more anywhere on the continent of Garund, you may purchase mundane equipment (but not weapons or armor) through your favorable connections with House Cartahegn at a 10% discount.

Boon from (4) The Cyphermage Dilemma
Debt of Cyphers: You rescued ex-Pathfinder and Cyphergate scholar Hirako Gurukaza from the hands of pirate kidnappers. In thanks, he has spread your name among the Order of the Cyphers. When in Riddleport, you gain a +2 bonus on Knowledge (arcana) and Linguistics checks when you consult Gurukaza before making the check. In addition, the Order’s connection to some of Riddleport’s more powerful criminal elements also provides you a future benefit in the form of a +2 bonus on Diplomacy checks made in the city to gather information.

Boon from (4) The Cyphermage Dilemma
Riddleport Respect: Word of your defeat of pirate captain Alejia Netrav has spread throughout Riddleport, and you’ve earned the respect of the criminals and thugs that call the city home. When you flex your muscle, folks in the City of Cyphers pay attention. You receive a +2 bonus on Intimidate checks made in Riddleport as a result.

Boon from (7) We Be Goblins
You Be Goblin!: You have special insight into the distractible and sadistic mind of a goblin. You gain a +2 bonus on all Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Sense Motive checks made against goblins.

Boon from (8) Siege of Serpents
[ ][ ]Pathfinder Exellence (Combat): Before making an attack, you may check one of the boxes preceding this boon in order to roll the attack twice and taking the better result. If the attack is against a member of the Aspis Consortium or someone directly in the Consortium’s employ, the critical threat range of the attack doubles: this benefit doesn’t stack with any other effect that expands the threat range of a weapon (such as the Improved Critical feat). Once you check the last box, cross this boon off your Chronicle sheet.

Boon from (11) Scions of the Sky Key, Part 2 (Kaava Quarry)
Gripplis’ Favor: You have earned the recognition of the Krihirik tribe in the Kaava Lands, granting you a +2 bonus on Charisma-based checks made to influence gripplis. In addition, this boon may be used in conjunction with other boons to grant one or more of your characters access to grippli-related options.

Boon from (12) Scions of the Sky Key, Part 3 (The Golden Guardian)
Stinkeye’s Friend: Playing with a domesticated basilisk has taught you to be careful around creatures with gaze attacks. When you are subjected to a gaze attack, you can cross this boon off your Chronicle sheet to gain a +4 insight bonus on a saving throw to avoid the gaze’s effects.

Boon from (12) Scions of the Sky Key, Part 3 (The Golden Guardian)
Vanei’s Friend: You have befriended Vanei Thaskin, who now works as an informant for the Pathfinder Society. Once per scenario, you can recall information Vanei provided in order to reroll a failed Bluff, Diplomacy, or Knowledge check pertaining to the Aspis Consortium. If the second check fails, cross this boon off your Chronicle sheet; your reckless use of Vanei’s information has compromised her cover and led to her capture.

Boon from (13) Among the Gods
Harvestman's Bane: Word spreads of your involvement in the elimination of the cult of Zyphus in Taldor. You gain a +2 bonus on Intimidate checks against worshipers od Zyphus.