BR Dinketry's Season of the Plundered Tombs

Game Master dinketry

Available Traders:
Hadden Hoppert, Smiths of Wati, Sunburst Market, Auction House, Falsin Deek, Ghoul Market, Udjebet, Shardizhad, Agymah

Grand Lodge

Oh, hello there! Are you looking for some ACG goodness? Well, you've come to the right place. We are looking for a few hearty souls to join us for Season 3 of the ACG., but there is one rule that you must follow in order to submit a character for consideration to my table. I will be a bit authoritarian with adherence to my lone rule.

Pick a single character to play. The ACG world is your oyster and you have access to many different decks, each with at least one unique character to play. Here's where you place your bet: you must choose one ACG character to play. Please remind me which class or add-on deck that your character is from when you submit them. As your tomb guide, I will put together a party for the ages. We have three possible seats available to claim at this table - a few seats have already been spoken for. I'm specifically providing no information on what characters the others will be playing.

And that's really it. Good luck with your choice and thanks for reading in advance!

-BR Dinketry

Hi, I would like to play if there's still space. Thinking of Mavaro from Occult Adventures 2.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Card Game Subscriber

I'd be interest in joining with Athnul (Monk+UC).

Grand Lodge

I forgot to set a deadline to indicate interest! We will set the deadline at 12:01AM GST (i.e. London time) this Thursday, April 25th.

I would be interested in playing Adowyn, human Hunter. As far as add-on deck, I would later add organically and it may be an excuse to pick up ultimate wilderness. As far as role, currently leaning towards divine Hunter as I can certainly see lots of mummies to vanquish in some plundered tombs.

Hey! I'd like to join the fun too! I'll bring salim, from the inquisitor class deck.

Grand Lodge

I’ve added a link to the Deck Handler as well as an explanation of how to use it for those new to all this - it’s under the main header at the top of the page!

Scarab Sages

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

I've played a lot at home, but not yet PBP. I would bring the canny and personable Olenjack (Rogue + Ultimate Intrigue).

Grand Lodge

Ok everyone. Thanks for the interest here and on Reddit. I’ve tried to make a group that includes people who’ve never played ACG on PbP (play-by-post) before, or who haven’t done so much.

Here’s the final cut. Thank you everyone for submitting.

1.) ajpopp - Olenjack (Rogue)
2.) kuey - Mavaro (Occultist)
3.) Mhuirich - Athnul (Monk)
4.) ScorchedOne - Angban (Gunslinger)
5.) Sonor - Salim (Inquisitor)
6.) ThomasPDX - Raz (Paladin)

Would all the chosen players please check in at the Discussion thread (above)?

-BR Dink

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