[Retrocon GM Jeff cooks Siege of diamond city] (Inactive)

Game Master Merisal The Risen

Seeker aid token:
You may use this token to:
Benefit from aid another
Increase an attack’s damage by 1d8 points
Heal all PCs of 1d6 points of damage.
Increase a spell’s save DC by 1

Welcome to this multi table special. In PBP (and in real life) they crack on at a pace and unless your GM keeps the game moving you can easily end up halfway through an encounter when the overseer moves you on to the next encounter. I have been in pbp specials here the gm has let things slide a little and it has been very frustrating as a player so I am trying to keep the pace moving. So I will bot and I will post regularly (more regularly than I am used to to be honest) and hopefully you get the full special experience rather than a series of snipped episodes.