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Greetings, yes you read that right, you will get paid for what you love to do. We currently play in two pay to play campaigns and looking for a third. We have had our share of subpar GM's, we are done testing out the rest, now we are looking for the best. We are open to any campaign (paizo official) except Savage Tide, Curse of the Crimson Throne and Giantslayer, as we have played or are currently playing in those. As you can tell my companions and I love Pathfinder. We aren't hardcore role players, we like dungeon crawls more with a touch of roleplay at most. Looking for a GM who can adjust to our pace of play, that is fast paced combats with minimal time conversing in taverns. We play on both Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds, so whatever you prefer that's fine with us. We are easy to get along with and play mostly RAW. We play 4hr sessions and pay $30 for that. We are a group of 3. For more information just leave a message and I will happily get back to you. Thanks for reading.

I am definitely interested.
I've been GMing a few years now, both with my face-to-face group and on Roll20, and I tend to run Paizo APs for my players, so that would work fine for me. Just a few questions. Feel free to PM me for contact info.

What day(s) & time(s) would you guys be available/desiring to play?
How long have you guys been playing together?

Also, I'm thinking perhaps running a one-shot together (free of charge) may work best to see if we're a fit before we go forward? And then if we we feel like we can have some fun together, I have a good number of the APs that we could go forward with.

Famfrit wrote:
What day(s) & time(s) would you guys be available/desiring to play?

I would also be interested, though this question is really the determining factor. Feel free to send me a PM.

My answer to that is any day you like if you have a specific day in mind thats fine. But we wouldn't always be playing on a weekly basis. May be two weeks in a row followed by two weeks off, followed by two weeks on etc.

Are you still looking for someone? I might be interested if you still need someone. My schedule is pretty free and I can do my best to be accommodating to you all in terms of when/what we play.

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