Game Master Whack-a-Rogue

Current Prestige: Flint 1 | Risur 2 | Unseen Court 1 | The Family 2

City of Flint
Newspaper Headlines

RHC Office
Ground Floor
Second Floor

RHC Personnel
Lady Inspectress Margaret Saxby - director of the RHC's Flint branch
Assistant Chief Inspector Stover Delft - your immediate supervisor
Carlao - war veteran who acts as Saxby's aide
Serena - inventor and tinkerer
Tanya - half-elf druid with a hound companion
Kaea - eladrin evoker who just finished an undercover operation among the skyseers
Letmas - illusionist who can expertly mimic any accent
Dima - dwarf priest who loves paperwork
Josiah - gunsmith, expert sniper, and skilled seducer
Seven-Foot Dan - war veteran who enjoys "breaking stuff"
Gaethan - half-elf woodsman who can speak with the dead
Burton - goblin knife expert who's always fastidiously clean
(plus another dozen constables and approximately 100 support staff)

Notable non-RHC Individuals
Asrabey Varal - extremely powerful high elf warrior from the Unseen Court
Captain Rutger Smith - Coaltongue's captain
Ethelyn of Shale - king's sister who attempted to take over Axis Island
Geoff Massarde - tiefling engineer who designed the Coaltongue
Governor Roland Stanfield - aasimar governor of Flint
King Aodhan - ruler of Risur who's working toward peace with Danor
Minister of Outsiders Lya Jierre - tiefling martial scientist from Danor and King Aodhan's fiancee
Nathan Jierre - tiefling astronomer and Lya Jierre's cousin
Principal Minister Harkover Lee - king's magical advisor/bodyguard
Thames Grimsley - leads docker union and dislikes police

- Nilasa had defensive arm wounds caused by broken glass, two fence punctures to her abdomen, gunshots to back left thigh and shoulder, and an unusual scalp wound.
- Gunshot wounds occurred after she hit the fence.
- Nilasa was arrested by the Parity Lake police but released on bail paid by a "Heward Sechim."
- Nilasa had an empty potion vial on her person: invisibility.
- Prior to her death, Nilasa was attacked by a "Shadow Man."
- Witnesses saw a black figure shoot at Nilasa from the consulate window.
- Nilasa worked and lived at an alchemical factory in Parity Lake owned by Heward Sechim.
- Nilasa spent a lot of time at the Thinking Man's Tavern in Bosun Strand.
- Nilasa brought chocolates from the Thinking Man's Tavern for the consulate staff.
- Consulate staff were acting strangely upbeat considering the recent tragedy.
- Witnesses saw a man remove items from Nilasa's body after she fell before fleeing down an alley.
- Blood (not Nilasa's) and a document (deed to a canal barge marked with the Danoran consulate seal) were found in the alley.

Flint Contacts:
- Lady Beliana Fitelle: weaponsmith and reluctant socialite

Bosum Strand
- Aryanna Cormack: Bartender and daughter of the Silver Moon Tavern's proprietor
- Fanarelle Junn: Finds things ... for a price
- Finnean 'Finn' Olan: Shipwright and very vocal Docker
- Sadie Delfine: Prostitute and daughter of the Bosum Strangler's first victim

- Colin Fitzpatrick: Wealthy philosopher, author, Millerite, and Panoplist

- Dana Jameson: low-level assistant to the Mayor

Parity Lake
- Galen Zephal: Alchemical weaponsmith

Pine Island
- Daighan Young: Bayou ferryman and expert on fey

Stray River
- Andrew Kildare: Pardwight graduate and surgeon

Detect Planar Energy
The energy drifts to you like a fragrance on the breeze. You spin and locate the strongest source of the smell, then set out.
School: Divination; Level: 1
Casting Time: 5 minutes; Cost: 5 gp
Range: 1 mile
Duration: 1 hour
Description: Choose a plane you have visited, or otherwise have had contact with. For the ritual's duration, you can sense the direction to and intensity of energies from that plane, to a maximum range of one mile. These energies tend to fade after a few hours or days, but it's possible to track creatures native to other planes by following their trails. The spell can be foiled by strong sources of energy from the same or other planes. For instance, Cauldron Hill in Flint is a powerful source beacon of shadow energy, so you would be unable to pinpoint any sort of foreign energy there - not even fey or elemental energy.