Woodsmoke's Reign of Winter

Game Master Woodsmoke



3782 GP

Potions and Alchemicals

6 light healing potions
8 moderate healing potions
5 flasks of holy water
1 potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
2 potion of Fly
2 potion of Invisibility
1 potion of spider climb
2 liquid ice
1 potion of jump
6 potions of resist energy (cold)
2 potions of barkskin
2 potions of shield of faith
1 potion of resist energy (fire)
3 potions of feather step
2 potions of reduce person
2 potions of undetectable alignment
3 cold iron weapon blanch
2 alchemist's fire
2 acid

Scrolls and Wands

Arcane -

A bone scroll tube containing
-Arcane scroll of blink
-Arcane scroll of scorching ray
-Arcane scroll of see invisibility
2 Comprehend Languages
2 Cure Moderate Wounds
1 Dispel Magic
1 Irriseni Mirror Sight
1 Remove Disease
2 Remove Sickness
1 Threefold Aspect
1 Youthful Appearance
3 Animate Dead

Divine -

1 Goodberry
1 Resist Energy (cold)
1 Hold Person

Wand of silent image (12 charges)
Wand of true strike (5 charges)
Wand of ice spears (9 charges)

Weapons & Armor

masterwork mighty composite longbow (+2 str bonus)
Large +1 Frost Scythe

Rings & Amulets

Ring of Entropic Defense (2/day immediate action grant entropic defense spell on self until end of the current turn)
Aegis of Recovery
Hand of the Mage

Wondrous Items

Figurine of wondrous power - serpentine owl
Hyperboreal Robe
Globe of Blizzards
Alluring Golden Apple
Tree Feather Token
Bird Feather Token
Robe of Useful Items
Elixir of Fire Breath