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Game Master Swordwhale

Warhammer 40k - Only War game. Tribute game to the famous 'All Guardsmen Party'.
Tactical-Map|| Shared notebook

This is a Warhammer 40k - Only War game, that may eventually evolve into a Dark Heresy game - as in the setting may change to grunts working for the inquisition, not necessarily the game system. I have other plans in that regard...

It's a tribute game to the famous 'All Guardsmen Party' - if you know them - with the blessing of the creator using parts of that awesome-borderline-mad story. And yes, we are STILL in the Prologue of it. Full snailspeed ahead.

No idea what I am talking about? Well that in fact doesn't matter at all, as you will play some guy from a backwater planet that gets recruited into the army of the mighty imperium (all you know about is that you are part of it, you have to pay them taxes and pray to some god-Emperor who is on top of the Imperium of men). It’s a militaristic game set in the far future, so space travel faster than light is there (although quite different than in most sci-fi settings), laser guns are there (although weaker than in most sci-fi settings) and lots of alien factions out there that wants to eat your face - plus the complete planet you are standing on -, wage war for fun, spill your blood for the amusements of their dark gods and to spawn demons, kill you because you are alive rather than suffering from a close-in syndrome into a machine, or for any other arbitrary reason imaginable.

Organization, QA, Chatter:

We use a text-only discord server to quickly discuss questions, have a quicker and more accessible way for passing secret info (every player has a secret channel with the GM) ND generally keep in touch. It has helped immensely in keeping the game going through all the years, despite many RL issues causing occasional breaks or severe slow-downs.

There is also a dice bot and one that is sending notifications of new gameplay posts.

Just shoot me a PM with your discord tag and I'll invite you.

Game System:

We use a heavily modified Only War system. The modifications can be found in the linked oneNote above. Just click on the link and you can view it. It works like this: "Unless noted otherwise in the OneNote, the Only War rulebook(s) apply."

We have a dedicated rule_discussion discord channel for quick question-answer - which often result in additions to the OneNote. You will find me very open to discuss and adjust things. Have an idea for a cool "class"? Ask and I'll consider making one!

General goal of the modifications is to:

- fix errors, oversights or weird balancing (one example: weapon expertise/mastery as introduced in Hammer of the Emperor is only available for some weapon classes and varies wildly in usefulness)

- Encourage teamwork. Spend fate to rescue nearby allies. Training Special skills, mechanics that greatly reward cooperation

- Replace most absolute or binary rules by gradual/numeric variants, thus allowing for more variety and combinations. (E g. Sharpshooter talent and telescopic sight both remove range penalties. But surely a sniper using a scope is superior to one using iron sights? So instead, both scope and talent now simply reduce any range penalty by a certain amount. There, now you can combine both.)

- more choices during play and combat in particular (be it by introducing new actions, new or reworked classes, allowing combinations of some actions, new talents, cooperative talents, additional effects and triggers, etc)

- changing stuff that made my brain itch ("that's not how this works - at all!"). In particular this was the case for explosives, shotguns and flamers but also shooting in general (it makes no sense whatsoever that it is harder to get an initial hit with burst/full auto compared to single shot - so it simply for "balancing" which should therefore be achieved in another way)

Serenus 1st Guard Regiment:

Agri-World Mechanized Line Infantry, Phlegmatic Commander, Iron discipline


+3 to two of {Fel, T, S}

+3 to S, -3 to Int

+3 to Int, -3 Per

+2 Wounds

Additional Aptitude: Willpower

Starting Talent: Rapid Reload

Starting Skills: Athletics, Low Gothic, Operate (Surface) trained (+10), Schol. Lore (Beasts), Common Lore (War, Imperial Guard)

One with the land: ( +10 Knowledge/Trade/Survival to interactions/identify potentially domesticated beasts & to harvest, cultivate, identify crops)

Naive: ( -10 on opposed Scrutiny tests vs deceive,

first time to gain insanity, gain double the number)

Favored Weapons: Heavy Stubber and Basic flamer. +10 to acquisition tests to acquire those weapons or the appropriate ammo.

Standard kit::

M36 Lasgun + 4 charge packs,

2 Fragmentation Grenades & 2 Krak Grenades,

1 Knife,

Flak Armor: 4 Armor Points on each location,

1 Uniform + poor-weather gear

Basic tool set

Mess kit + water canteen

Blanket + sleeping bag

Rechargeable lamp pack

Grooming kit

ID tags

Training handbook

2 weeks’ ration packs


Micro-bead (8)

Preysense Goggles (15)

Laspistol sidearm + 2 charge packs (5)

Chrono (2)

One Chimera APC per Squad