Voice in the Void PFS PbP

Game Master Beckett

Began 21Feb2013 -

The players are summon to a late day meeting with Venture-Captain Adril Hestram, who asks them to explore the Blakros Museum, as a favor to the Society, who will be rewarded if they can help.

Imrizade Blakros, a half-Osirion daughter of the wealthy family, and a self-made adventurer and explorer has recently returned from a distant land, going into the museums lower levels for research. However, she has not been seen since, and two attempts to check on her have failed, with no one returning.

Now some of the staff are claiming strange sounds and odd feelings within the museum. . .

The Pathfinders have reached the museum, and contacted Nigal Aldain, a Blakros and curator to the museum, who is to lad them to the underbelly of the museum, once a mighty magical fortress to one of Golarion's greatest mages and student of the planes in ancient times.

Going into the depths of the museum's underground levels, the Pathfinders have crossed paths with an assortment of odd beings, seemingly from other planes and realities entirely. Having finally made it to the Blakros Families private library, the last known place that Imrizade was suppossed to be, they find a secret path leading to yet another level below, as well as other doors yet to explore. . .